When your Friends a Writer

I feel like I’ve written this before…but I don’t actually remember…

So anyway, I feel totally blessed to have e some awesome friends some of them I only ever talk to online, while others I see on a regular basis, but the point is, their great. Except when they’re the writer ones, because while they to possess a greatness that is incomprehensible, I aslo feel intimated, and somehow, my friends will always and forever make me question if I’m going places with my writing.

So here’s what happens when your friends a writer.

1. They’re grammar police.

It hurts.

It hurts so bad-thats suppose to my job.

But really though, their grammar is just, so impressive-in a terrifying way. As in, her can make Emily Dickerson sound like she’s an inexperienced dork.

2. They have a tendency to make anything sound really interesting.

“Ya’ll, something really crazy happened today.”

*Friend launches unto crazy story about clothes.*

*Friend gets laughs*

*Friend gets applause.*

*Friend gets spot on one-man Broadway show, staring, writing and producing in*

*Friend goes global*

And that, my friends, is how a star is born.

3. They have a tendency to get distracted.

Because they’re writers and daydreamers

They get distracted, very easily, and well, good luck pulling their attention back in.

“Fred? Hey Fred? No seriously, FRED! Oh my gosh, FRED!”

*Throws baseball at friend*

*Throws cantaloupe at friend*

*Throws Lego at friend*

*Throws Lincoln log at friend*

“You know what forget it!”

“What? Sorry, was totally distracted for a second.”

———Really Fred, I was talking to you.——-

4. Reading their stories is a pain…and an honor.

Now as a writer, I get it. You don’t want other people to read your writing

At the same time, I’m still waiting to find out what happened to Carter, Fred. You can’t give me the first three chapters, and then leave me hanging, that’s not how this friendship works.

5. Writing stories with them sucks.

Let’s face it, your part is child’s work, while theirs is like Kerri Maniscalco. You’re doomed.

And yet, you still love it, because you’re secretly crazy about putting yourself in awkward situations, like dancing, and writing stories with the Masters.

Really that’s all I can think of, so stay tuned for more blog posts. Sorry for the delay, guys. I went through a foggy faze, but I’m all good now.

Stay Ginchy!


When your Friends a Fandomer

Clearly people underestimate the painful realities of having friends in a fandom. On occassion, it’s akin to stepping on legos covered in hot wax, nails, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and cat claws.
It’s painful, dangerous, and one rough road to travel-now I’m not saying it’s all flaws, but what I’m saying, is here’s what it’s like to have fangirl/fanboy friends.
1. Their’s no off button. Non stop. All Day. Every day. Like your love for breathing, is their love for Percy Jackson. Stopping them is lethal, and impossible. Fatallities have been reported. No one has lived to tell the tale of trying to stop someone part of a fandom.
2. Having a normal conversation with them is IMPOSSIBLE.
“Hey, you know, I’m just feeling kinda cruddy today. My pet died and-”
“I can’t believe he’s dead.”
“I know, it just happened so fast.”
“I was in love with him.”
“I-I’m sorry?”
3. Crushing is not normal.
At all.
For whatever reason, if you’re friend has a crush on one of their favorite characters, you’re going to have to be a good friend, and help them through this lengthy mourning process. Because, let’s face it, their favorite character is either taken, or dies. From there on out, they will never be able to lead a normal life.
4. Shipping.
It’s not matchmaking-it’s creepier.
And if your friend is part of a fandom, then it’s in their DNA.
And unfortunately, this does not resort only in their world, but rather, in everyone’s world. Including you and the person you hate.
5. The Referances.
I’m not going to ellaborate.
You’ll know.
6. Buying Presents is easier.
Because they may or may not have the Huffle Puff Mug, but you don’t know, because when you enter their room, you can’t find your way around. Not that they won’t love it anyway, not because of you’re their friend, or the thought that counts, but the meere factor that it goes into their collection.
7. Disagreeing is deadly.
Never disagree with a Fandom Member.
They don’t have friendly sparing matches, they attack.
They are secretly Trojan War Horses.
Be careful who you let in.
8. You are going to see the movie or show, or read the books at least one point, because you need them to stop bugging you.
Good luck with that.
Because one episode will lead to another.
And another.
And another.
And another.
And what can I say that you’ve either become intoxicated,
Welcome to the Dark Side.
Okay! So is this true? Any fandom friends? Are you a fandomer?
I’m not as hard core as some, but let’s just say…
If Stalking Jack the Ripper has a fan club, I’m in.
Stay Ginchy,