Welcome to Blogmas!

I make no promises.

But also, hello, and welcome to Blogmas!

I know I was gone last week, however, I was spending some well-needed quality time, and had just gotten over two very stressful points in my life. That being said, I’m here now, to say, let’s give Blogmas a try, shall we?

Now, I was trying to think of a way to start it off, but I decided, you know what, just a quick hello would be perfect-so I say hello today, and I shall see you tomorrow (no, seriously).


Well I’m Back

I just consumed far too much coffee and chocolate in smoothie form, and my stomach is doing things…


Welcome back.

To both me, and you.

And I actually have no idea what I’m doing, other then writing this to you that, welcome back buddy. To both you and me. To Start this week off, I’m going to make this post to say,


And tomorrow’s post to say;


So yes, hello!