Taking a day

Hello friends! I wanted to jump on and say, that I’m going to be taking today off, and switching my schedule to uploading Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. (Last day of September and all). Basically today I took it as a rest day, and to work on other things. However, I will be returning.

As for my question of the day, though.

What would you like to see here, on HaziWords? I want to provide everybody with the content they’d enjoy!

I’m considering going back to some of my satirical posts (i.e When You’re a Writer/ What It’s Like to Be A Writer). 

Naturally, I’ll continue the lifestyle/book posts, but I did enjoy those.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Stay Ginchy, and I will see you tomorrow (On October the first, Spooky Season).

So I’ve Put Together a List of Writing Help


So I’ve done a thing…

I’ve found some very interesting ways to improve your writing.

Whether it be prompts to tips on the internet-Welcome to your go-to-guide on Writing Help.

Let’s have a look-see at what’s been found.

1) Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts are incredibly helpful, and I believe I have found the best source, would The Fake Red Head. She has writing tips and prompts that can be accessed on both her blog-and on Pinterest.

2) Grammar Advice

If your anything like yours truly, you might find that you have a hard time with certain types of grammar rules/writing. There is help for that so you don’t have to spend hours browsing the internet looking for the perfect source, I can give you the one I learned from my English Class. (My college English class, so you know – educated). Grammar Girl has been the best-found source, and personally, I do enjoy the advice it gives. It offers the information, practice activities and provides it in a way that’s short and simple.

3) Character Creation

Having a hard time figuring out how to write a character-or even creating a character? Well here’s a Character Generator website for you to check out. It offer’s fun details about a character, and gives you a chance to expand your horizons on how you usually write characters!

4) Character Profile

Dani Lee Collins offers excellent tips and layout profile templates for those in. With an array of other articles on the website- this one, in particular, offers the templates that I would highly suggest using.

5) Grammar Checking

Unsurprisingly, one of the websites that I’m here to suggest to you is commonly known- and used already. If you haven’t heard of it though; and you’re looking for an excellent grammar checking website (I’m currently using it to write this post and if you think this version is bad, you should see the errors that pop up while writing it) is Grammarly. There are a variety of ways you could use Grammarly, and I actually used it to double-check errors made in my essays.

6) Story Structures

While there are a plethora of sources for finding the perfect way to layout your story,  Kristen Kieffer, of Well-Storied offers an excellent source, providing 3 plot structures -giving you the optimal options for your storytelling.

With these websites, I hope you find some help with whatever your struggles might be. I personally have recently discovered or used these sources for a while. As someone who’s just getting back into the writing game, I find myself more excited about the idea of using these.

And don’t worry, if you’re more of a mobile device user (I started off that way), then I have a list compiled of the apps I suggest for you.

Mobile Alternatives.png

Have you used any of these sources-and if so, what are your thoughts? Do you have any source suggestions? I’d love to know!




Articles Referenced

Kieffer, Kristen. “3 Awesome Plot Structures For Building Bestsellers – Well-Storied.” Well-Storied, Well-Storied., 8 Feb. 2015, https://www.well-storied.com/blog/3-awesome-plot-structures-for-building-bestsellers

Collins, Dani Lee. “Free Character Profile Template: The Author’s Journey.” Dani Lee Collins, 27 Nov. 2018, http://www.danileecollins.com/2018/05/character-profiles/


I Haven’t Done this In While…


Hello There.

It’s me.

You’re favorite ginchy person.

I haven’t written in a while, I mean, besides yesterday, but I’ve come up with a series of ideas, and I’m trying to get my life on track. Something I haven’t done this in a while.

A To-Do list, of things I want to do before I become a legal adult.

That’s right, in roughly one month, I will be entering my final year of adolenscence. I AM HAVING FEELINGS.

I think, in particular for me, I had a rough childhood, and I was honestly scared I was going to make it without messing up. (I had supportive family members, but the usual child hormones and weird family drama really played on me).

That being said; a list of things I want to do before I become a legal adult.


  1.  I want to send a book into an Agent-and see if I can’t start down the road to a published book. I’ve been saying it for years, but now I’m really feeling the crunch time.

2. I want to hike two mountains. Why two? Because we have two major mountains where I live, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to pass them buy before I go off to college.

3) Reach 500 followers. I want to reach five hundred followers-but when I say that, five hundred followers all active. I want to reach people, and so help me, I will.

4) Get sponsored here on WordPress. So help me, I will become a business blogger for even a short period of time.

5) Do a day trip with my mom. She’s my best friend, and before I go to college, I want to do something we’ve never done before.

6) Learn how to draw. Remotely well, I’m not pushing it.

7) Get into voice acting. Seriously, I’m just here to try things and have a good time.

8) Have a few nights out with my dad. I want to spend more time with him. Again, College starts in a year, and I’m suddenly feeling very…emotional? I don’t know, I’m not moving away, but I want to do more then what I usually do.

9) Spend more time with my brother-I want to try and do things with him. Things we’ve both wanted to do before-and some things he’s never considered.

10) Get into shape. Listen, I know I’ve been saying this for a while, but my life’s also been spinning out of control slowly, and I cope with stress by eating. Now that I’m ready to take on the world; I’ve decided that it’s about time I make sure I’ve got a few extra years on my lifespan.

11) Finally decorate my room. I’m here to make it something I want-turn it into a creative space. A place where I can sit down and do things I never thought of before.

12) Start a YouTube channel. And do fairly well too, in regards to making quality content that nobody asked for.

13) Get into my dream college. No spoilers.

14) Do one major thing out of my comfort zone. I still don’t know what yet.

15) Meet someone new.  And become friends.

This list is very…early 2000’s. In those teen movies, where there like, guys-let’s make a list.

For me, and I’ve probably said this a gajillion times, I really don’t want to wait to do things. I want to make a difference in the world-I want to do something crazy.  So, if you’re entering your senior year/final year of being a legal child, what are some of things you want to do? If you’ve pasted your final year of being a legal child-what did you do in your final year? Let me know!



Writing Reactions-Negative Emotions Part 1

Writing emotions is hard for me, they either turn out to flowery, and I find myself up-chucking, or else I sit back and wonder, what the SUGAR COOKIES IS GOING ON IN THIS CHAPTER.

Which made me wonder-do other people have these problems? And can we solve them together?

Well, let’s find out if my marvelous tips, are what we needed all along.

So for each character you write, it’s not going to follow this list, but the general idea is how they would respond to a sad situation. As a reader, I find far too often that a usually moody character would break down and cry, when they would most likely loose their temper, or a character who is bubbly let’s aggressive, and not to say it’s incorrect, but as someone who knows someone similar to all these characters, it’s more common for a weak smile to be ones response, and anger to be another’s. Anywhozzles, here’s the Short Description.

  • Sensitive Character- Might sob hysterically, struggle to make sentences, and might even cut one’s self off from human activities such as showering/eating
  • Moody Character- Will act steely throughout thing, might blame others, most likely in order to cover up ones shame. Shows sadness through aggression
  • Bubbly Character- Looks at the situation through a cheerful point; I.E, celebrating life, but deep down has inward turmoil, refuses to cry, but will most likely break down at something small at the end of their charade, like forgetting an apple for their lunch.
  • Edgy Character- Will make uncomfortable jokes, in general would enrage someone like Moody Character or make the Sensitive one cry. Edgy character’s emotional response, rather than crying would be silently berating themselves, most likely to be perseeved as a narcissist, or over dramatic.
  • Drama Character- This character would have a tendency to talk about the situations in blown out proportion, will either over-cry, or be over eager about telling the story.
  • Numb Character- This character probably suffers severely from past problems, so their response will seem cold to the whole situation- don’t make them too numb, though, as their response inwardly would be possible PTSD responses, or even anger responses, similar to the moody character.
  • Intellectually Driver Character- As in a character who forces intellect in more of their everyday responses, not just someone who’s intelligent. Their responses would most be akin to frustration from lack of control, but also a driving determination for the solution. While a common response of these characters, I believe they would be wise to enough to call it quits at some point, and not let it drive them insane. Speaking of wise,
  • Wise Characters- While commonly portrayed as some one who has a level head, and they will keep one, they will often understand that they too need to handle the process in their own way, and will know what it takes to keep a level head.

And this is just part one! Before I round this blog post up, let’s give some common ques that any character might use to show/or what you could write to portray the emotions of the character.

I’m starting to use images, impressed?

How do you write your characters response to sadness, does this quick list help in anyway, should I continue this series? I want to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for reading, and don’t forget to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


Father’s Day Hang Outs

Okay, so Father’s day always fall on, or near my dad’s birthday, so a special post in honor of my dad’s grand birth will be going out, so definitely check that out (he’s one special dude).

That being said, Father’s day has always been a weird event for us. This year we went to his favorite restaurant, ate INCREDIBLE food, and had the greatest conversation.

However, not to say I won’t do something crazy or strange for Father’s Day, because let’s face it, when are my ideas conventional?

Anywho, let’s jump into some Father’s Day Celebration Ideas.

1. Put on a skit/play.

No, not for your dad-with your dad. I dare you two to sit down for 1 hour and write a script, take another hour and get the props, and the next hour? Rehearsal. Even if you don’t have anyone to put it on for, give it a shot. You’re dad’s just happy to hang with you.

2. Go hiking.

Now I can’t do this personally, unless I want to end up in bed for the next week (I’m heat/sun sensitive), but taking hikes are great ways to spend your Father’s day. It gets you in tune with nature, and you know, you gives you’re dad the perfect opportunity to make you squemish with snake skin.

*Insert rolling eyes*

3. Go to a Concert

My dad and I can have a good two hour conversation about music, and we actually share common interest in music. Pick a concert to go to with your dad, one that you know you’ll like, or enjoy cracking jokes about. It’s time well spent, and hey, if the music really rocks-its money well spent, too.

4. Volunteering

Yes, a few of these ideas are from my mother’s day post, but what can I say, I don’t think their terrible.

Do some volunteer work with your dad. Maybe volunteer at an animal shelter, or even serve a single struggling dad in your community, you know, take him out to dinner, help with lawn work.

Serving builds character, and will most certainly help with relationships.

5. Movie marathon. Pick a series/movie/movies you two might like, and Marathon it together. I.E, Fast and Furious (PG13) Avengers (PG13), or the ultimate one Gaurdians of the Galaxy (PG13, and yes, this is kinda-Avengers, but the fact that the second one is a definite dad-one).

6. Video Gaming

Okay, you’ll have to have tight relationship with your dad, and you know, he’s gotta be chill, because no matter how cool the dad, come time when you pull out Need For Speed, there are some major family feuds (also note that I advice avoiding Monoply or Uno at this time, as you don’t want to ruin your relationship with your dad on Father’s day), that being said, sometimes it can be fun to play a nice, therapudic, game.

You heard me, Father’s and children.

I said no silent glares or raging out.

Instead, treat the winner to ice cream, and get them the kind they don’t like.

*I might be kidding.

*I’m realizing that for someone who’s actually too stupid to realize when someone is threatening someone in the shows, I’m actually really Savage.

*Don’t buy the dad ice cream he hates. That’s just mean. And unethical.

7. Play some sports.

My dad and brother are more into Kayaking and Fishing, but hey, same-difference. Just play some sports with your dad, take the time to get to know him.

Take him out and by him the ice cream he likes.

Because you’re not a jerk.

All in all, this one was more relaxed than the mother’s day, because my dad and I have a close relationship, but have a tendency to be less sentimental, and more teasing, or joking. But really, dad’s are special, whether biological, adoptive, step, or stand in, Father’s day is their day, and it’s you’re turn to show them your appreciation.

Stay Ginchy,


Mothers Day To-Do Ideas

To kick start a series of mother’s day posts (because I admire mom’s, and don’t think they get nearly all the respect they deserve), I’ve decided I’m going to give ya’ll some tips and ideas on how to spend mother’s day-and these ideas aren’t original, they’re just ideas in general, so let’s just get into helping you have a Misfit Style Mother’s Day (My brother and I are in the process of launching a channel, so be stoked for video games and stories).

1. Have a Dance Party, with just you, your mom, and any intermediate family.

I know, I know a wacked idea, but when I was younger, back when we had a TV, we would either play music on Pandora, or play it on our Xbox (not to be mistaken with the 360, we have the legit original Xbox), and just dance around the living room, have a dance party, that sort of jazz-and that was our Saturday/Sunday afternoon, acting like fools in our living room.

And hey, if your a dude (or even if your a duddete and your into the idea), maybe try a slow dance with your mom. Not a gross-up close one, but you’re going to have to get your practice for a formal event somehow. (Also cite the three-week long course my mom and I gave my brother before his first dance, on the box-step/waltz).

Bonus Tip- Amazon sells party/disco lights that work with music for only twelve dollars. Grab some of her favorite snacks and tunes, grab a speaker (Amazon has a Portable Blue Tooth Speaker for 12 dollars-not a bad deal).

2. Tea for a Few

You can’t seriously tell me that once you turn a certain age, you suddenly hate pinkies sticking out and Koolaide/Chocolate milk tea parties. Throw a tea party, get goofy, or go serious, but either way have fun. I think the best part of this idea is you don’t actually have to spend to much on this idea (much like the dance-party), because let’s face it, you don’t have to drink from fancy tea-cups, but the dollar store does have some nice glasses, and try to find a way to pick out your mom’s favorite drinks and snacks to have-set it up where you please, and just enjoy spending time together.

*Bonus idea-Buy some tiaras and some lovely boas, embrace the younger you-and/or-your-mom.

3. Volunteer Work

Why not? Granted mother’s day is suppose to celebrate mom’s, but what’s two hours where you can drop by a local women’s shelter or place that helps women/single ladies (homeless shelter or not, that’s up to you). Another idea would be to spoil a less fortunate mother. Not only are you an your mom doing something good (which is a therapy in itself), but it helps others, and theirs nothing better than showing love all around on mothers day.

4. Movie Day

I think this is a pretty common idea, but seriously, either hit the theatre, or just chill out at home and binge watch all your mom’s favorites, simple, easy, and pajama worthy.

Bonus Tip: Snacks, and cozy blankets are must, and the best part is you can usually pick up great snacks at the local grocery market, or even hit the dollar store, so while your there you can spice things up by grabbing some movie-themed stuff, or cute bowls/platters for the snacks.

5. Restaruant Rave

Dude, no need to go out in the crowds on mothers day, wait for a seat and then be rushed out. Really, the simple is to make a Restaruant at home, it’s fun, takes a little elebow grease, but that’s the point (hey, get take out from your mom’s favorite place if your not digging slaving in the kitchen, or even grab foods from various restaruants she loves), create a menu (Either break out your fancy handwriting, or opt for some computer work), grab some lovely candles, play some music, set the table, and there, a fancy dinner, all for mom.

Bonus Tip: Not all mom’s are the same, some might like something a little wild, while others like it sedated. Some fun styles might be to go 50’s themed, or do a lovely boho/twinklie light garden feel.

And you know, in my family, we just chill on the couch, eat the food, and watch movies, so maybe she’s casual, like we are, and that works too.

6. Laser Tag

I’d suggest rollerblading, but not to many mom’s I know have climbed back into their skates after their kids got older, so that limits wacky ideas, however…

Laser Tag should never be out the option. Granted it seems childish, and a little strange, but when my parents talk about laser tag, it has a taste of nostalgia, and maybe it’s something your mom’s into, either way, how to have a corky mother’s day.

7. Take a Mini trip.

To a hotel, near by if you want.

A nice one, five stars, all the gizmos and gadgets, bells and whistles. Breakfast, with a hot tub, and just let her chill.

Hey, I never said giving mom a mother’s day to remember would be cheap.

Bonus Tip: When booking hotels don’t just book directly from the website. It’s actually suggested you check with other websites like Trivago Trip Advisor, because it’s known for having cheaper prices for rooms (not my words, just some research I’ve found).

8. Have a mini-trip in your house.

Anyone remember in Gilmore Girls when Rory couldn’t go to Asia, so Lorelia brought it to her?

Why not do that for your mom?

Pick cultural items (food, movies, music, drink), from the place she wants to visit, and get to work, turning the place into the vacation she never had to leave home for (thus limiting packing problems).

And that’s all I have for Mother’s Day To-Do. Now remember, I’m a noob at this, and I can’t totally take credit for these, because you could totally find them floating around online. What are your plans for mother’s day? What did you think of my ideas?

Be on the look out for gift ideas!

Stay Ginchy!