Well I’m Back

I just consumed far too much coffee and chocolate in smoothie form, and my stomach is doing things…


Welcome back.

To both me, and you.

And I actually have no idea what I’m doing, other then writing this to you that, welcome back buddy. To both you and me. To Start this week off, I’m going to make this post to say,


And tomorrow’s post to say;


So yes, hello!



I’m backkkkkkkkk

To be said in the most creepy of creepy ways.

So, as I said, I’m back, with quality blog content.

With content quality so great, you’ll have to wear sunglasses at night, while your in bed, reading this, when you should probably be asleep.

Like me, writing this, at night, not wearing sunglasses (because I’m the great quality-content writer), probably should be asleep, but I’m definitely not, because I have dedication.

For real-i-o, tho-i-ogh, (I’m so sorry), Hazi is back, and at it again, better then before, because I’m closer to evolving into my FINAL FORM (by probably five months).

But besides that, I’m hoping to do more, so I can start a blog post by saying…

Have I got a Story For You.


Have I got a story for you.

Okay, so a lovely four years ago my brother got a sweet little Guinea pig named Shaggy for Christmas.

(Shaggy was an opinionated brat who had attitude issues and hogged chairs).

And for whatever reason, had the strangest adventures with our current pets at the moment.

From experiencing a dog almost eating him and a green pepper(he lived three years later, don’t freak out), to my brother seeing if ZuZu pet armor fit (it did, he was into it, ticked however, when it messed his fur up), and having a very extra crush on my dad’s dog, Shaggy was quite a Guinea.

He really meant the world to us, like all animals.

Unfortunately, Detective Shaggamuffin has gone into a crazy battle against the Back Alley Cats, left us with his stories, and sends us more to this day.

And with these stories piling up, we think it’s only fair that we share them with the public, thus meaning, I am going under the epic task of publishing his stories.

So join me, as my brother and I try to publish (I have to edit it first, when translating, I had some problems making things clear) this story, and I try to publish another story.

A personal story written by yours truly, that will confuse the life out of you and your exsistence-it’s on my Wattpad, you should check it out, if you’re into some chill-comedy, kids who get into confusing situations, and even some how become Royals with a dog and Komodo dragon.

Besides those great endeavours, I’m also going to go back to my roots of Writing Tips (which I left off when I lost steam), and book reviews. Of course, I will continue to the life style aspect, it’s just a matter of…I have a weird life style right now, and it’s really just…life, if that makes since.

So, all updates aside, I’m back, I hope ya’ll missed me, because I’m going to be here for a very, very good while.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to hear me complain about how tired I am.

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that is!



I am so sorry…

For the lack of Haziness in your life.

Seriously, I swear my lack of presence is credited for.

Starting in June, things started to go downhill, events and emotionally. I had some extended family problems, and adjusting to changes that were hard to accept.

Not to mention I’m a very High strung person, and for a while I lost control of events happening, and that caused anxiety, which gave me even more anxiety because I was anxious and embarrassed about my original anxiety, and needless to say, I was really freaking out.

Of course, being the type of person that I am, I didn’t address or acknowledge it, and until I broke down after my mother was giving me some advice about something (unrelated to my fears completely, and not even insulting), it was actually just saying that I could use some shoe powder or something like that.

The general point is, I have actual reasons for my repeated hiatuses, I’m trying SO hard for post, I’m just stressed, between finishing school, starting college, and my trying to get over some sugar cooking memories, I’ve been a bit…AWOL.

Hopefully, after this weekend (SATs) Hazi WILL be back, and better then ever, because she likes to talk in third person now.

Not really, but I’m working on new content, new ideas, and, a little bit more honesty from yours truly. (I don’t mean that I’m lying, I mean that I try to avoid things).

So until next week, STAY EPIC, and remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!