Story Starter Boot Camp OverView

I took a nap yesterday and I’m just now feeling like my normal self, so if that doesn’t explain why I don’t take naps, I don’t know what will.


That was aggressive, but also completely besides the point.

It ’tis I, the great Hazi, the writing QUEEN, here to give you your dream series, the series we’ve all wanted, but never had.

All in one neat 2 month (technically it’s Seven Weeks of Tips, not Eight, but let’s roll with it), package.

Now of course, you might be wondering, what’s the series going to cover? Is this like those church series that Pastor’s have? Am I going to have to bring a notebook? Should I chug caffeine? Should I bring bandages because you’re going to say things that hurt?


Except maybe caffeine, I mean, if you need caffeine, I guess? Weirdly enough they have these caffeine chocolate bars at my college campus, and I don’t know how to feel about them.

*Sip Diet Aspartame*

Moving On.

This series is for all of you out there struggling with how to start a story, when you want to start one, but those characters won’t flow, the story line won’t mold, or those thoughts that won’t make since. It’s for the insomniacs who want something to think about besides how exhausted they are (been there). It’s for the writers who have finished novels and are working on there next, and most of all, it’s for me.

Because let me tell you, writing a book from scratch is not easy.

So, what will this series boot camp provide?



Writing Drills (It’s now a thing)

Reading and Writing Assignments

Rhetorical Questions (That you have to answer in your head)

Sarcasm (Because it wouldn’t be my type of series without it).

Are you ready?


Now, for an overview.

Now it’s occurred to me a calendar set up might work, but I’ve also come to realize that I don’t actually know how to make those, and these posts go up weekly on Tuesdays (with the exception of Today-Wednesday, because of my nap yesterday).

So, enjoy this super-aesthetic bulletin schedule I’ve put together.


What you will need:

Your Favorite Pen (If you don’t have one-get one, treasure it, yell at others for touching it, clean it, loose it, cry about loosing it, find a new favorite pen.)

A Notebook (But not a pretty one, because if you’re like me, your dedication won’t stick).

A Determined Attitude



Are you ready? Because these next few weeks are going to be quiet the journey, and I’m going to need your best work!

Stay Ginchy, Get Rest, and be ready to shine.




What Inspires Me-PART 1

Well halo there thine ginchy person.

It ’tis me, da great Hazi.

I am so, beyond sorry for that introduction to this post, let’s just roll right into what this blog post, about, well, you know, WHAT INSPIRES ME IN WRITING.

Because, you know, facts.

1. A Character Playlist

Okay, so I had this in a blog post for writing tips, but something that definitely inspires me to write, is having a playlist tailored to my what I think my main story character is into. It not only give me something to think about, pertaining to the story, but it also gives me something to relate to the character, so when I hear the music, it helps get the brains cells to slow it down (I’m all over the place, in case you couldn’t tell).

2. Creating Characters and their scenary

I’ve honestly been utilizing Minecraft and the Sims 4 in more ways then one. I usually like to create the character in the Sims, mainly because it gives me a more clear idea of what I wan’t the character to look like (If you’ve read my stories, you know that I honestly have no character description what so ever, and in some stories, it’s because I want the reader to create their own version of the character, and in the others, it’s because I have no idea what I’m going for). I also build “Scenery” as in houses that the characters might live in on the Sims 4, and Minecraft, and might I say, I have no talent.

3. Dreams

I always like to take my nightmares and dreams and turn them into a story-it’s usually a fail, but it makes for a good concept.

I feel like I haven’t changed that much from the last post, other then I’m cutting this one a tad short, because I am tired, and I’m just not feeling myself today.

So anyway!

What are some of the ways that you stay inspired to write? I’d love to hear!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!