An Introduction to a New Series

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I, more specifically have Cystic Acne.

I was going to write a list about the annoying things with acne-but, to be honest, I feel like it’s been done. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s a beautiful addition, because, for me, I don’t enjoy it. I can tell you, that something such as that should not define you as a person, and doesn’t take away from your already standing beauty and worth.

That being said, I was trying to think of a phenomenal post to take it’s place.

I thought, maybe, I could do what helped my skin, but like most things, that changed, and eventually, I found certain products to be making it worse over time.

And then I decided, maybe, just maybe, I should get a little serious about acne. So I started thinking; what would be an interesting topic?

Well, let’s start off with the basic information on acne.

-Roughly 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 25 develope acne (DermNetNZ, Medical News Today).

-Acne has varying signs and symptoms, and the reasons behind why they happen.

-Mayo Clinic lists four major reasons for acne;

*Excess oil production

*Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells


*Excess activity of a type of hormone (androgens)

-Acne appears more commonly on the upper body but is not limited to your facial area.

And with all this information, I started to realize; well, if acne’s so common, then how come all of the influencers I see don’t seem to have the same problems? Their skins remarkable, and granted, it might be make-up, but when the make-ups off, and they’re putting it on, what makes it…glow? What makes their skin so…perfect? If you will?

And then I realized, that Science literally has given us a reason for Self Care, and acne isn’t the only area.

This is where I want to start a new series-the scientific importance behind self-care, and why it’s important.

I’m excited to explore this, and see where this series takes us!

So, look forward to Friday’s, because they’re going to be very interesting, as we explore why you should be taking care of yourself; and how!

(I kid you not you’ve just experienced a written version on how I concoct an idea, because I didn’t have an idea about this until I concluded it).

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I’m not dead, and I can finally explain my lack of presence

I have a great deal of things I need to work through, emotions wise. The past two years have really been rough for me, and in response, my creativity has suffered. I’ve lost a lot of interest for things besides lying around sleeping, watching videos, and playing games (being lazy, to be honest, and even those bored me). I had to face a lot of things I’ve bottled up for years, and let beat down on me. It’s taking me a while to build up stamina, and to be honest, I’m having to start a whole new life, if that makes sense. SO, long story short, I have not left, I don’t intend to, it’s just getting back in the saddle, and trying this again. I have big plans for this blog, and definitely want to use it to sharpen my skills, and provide quality content. I’ll see you all next week, stay ginchy, folks!

LifeStylist at her Finnnnest

Well, hello there.

I just know you’ve been lurking around the corner, wondering. Will she actually make a lifestyle post?


But I will be making a schedule.

And a story time.

Like one right now!

I was sitting on my bed after a stressful day of realizing a multitude of things, right down to having a full on freak out answering the door to get my lunch. Watching a documentary, preparing for my shower, I had a defining moment in my life:


Seriously, though, when do I ever.

This led me down a series of thoughts and theories (I used the word because it rhymed, don’t judge me), coming to the sudden realization that I, did in fact need a schedule, and you, my dear readers, needed to be a scheduled. I mean, how else will you know what to bring when you read the blog post. I mean, I’m sorry but the beef jerky just isn’t going to fly for some of these weeks.

I digress.

It occurred to me that I was not a make-up blogger (like I still wish to be), and I was in fact, the type of life style blogger to do life with a different kind of style.

A challenge blogger.

Now, this may confuse you, however, I assure you what I’m doing is completely insane, and makes for one hex of a story.

More specifically, let’s just roll into the upcoming events.

March 20th, 2019- Ten Dollar Outfit Challenge (That’s right, all you ‘let’s make an outfit for under one hundred dollars’ are going to be crying, I’m doing it under ten dollars).

March 27th, 2019-  Trying everything people have suggested to me for cystic acne

April 3rd, 2019- Eating on a dollar for a day

April 10th, 2019- I ate Vegan for a week

April 17th-Misfit Story Award Winners (Wattpad Story Competition)

April 24th- No Posts (Break Week)

So what are your thoughts. I’m working to start planning the next cycle of posts, so do you have any lifestyle posts you’d like to see? What are your thoughts on these posts? I’d love to hear!

Stay Ginchy!



I am Not a Life-Stylist

Okay, it’s time to own up to the honest truth.

I am not a life style blogger (don’t think I won’t keep trying).

I’m a very strange blogger.

I’m the type of blogger that you actually have a hard time describing.

However, because I’m dedicated, I want to explain to both you and I, what I actually attend to accomplish being a lifestyle blogger.

1) Bringing awareness to the cystic acne community. You know, the community that just sits their awkwardly while their friends complain about that one zit problem. Because you get how they feel, but also…I’m just really sensitive, and sometimes, hearing them make remarks and complain about it makes me really, really self-conscious. However, this is also to address that a majority of the beauty-guru lifestylists have fairly decent skin, and there are people out there, who can’t relate. Who need better products that might help more. Which is why I’m here. To be a Guinea Pig for the masses! But also to spread positivity about this, and make it clear that it might suck, but it doesn’t make you any less ginchy looking.

2) To be completely real. Because I try my hardest too be in these posts. All to often I find myself trying to put on a persona for people-someone who’s in a very good place, and sometimes, I’m not. Sometimes things get a little bit harder then usual, and sometimes, it get’s a harder to see God’s plan for me. I want people to see that I’m a very strange, but completely honest and legit person.

3) To address the misfit-Christians. You know, those who have differing beliefs, especially in the lifestyle community-as in, I prefer to bring attention to dressing modest, but in a way that doesn’t just have to be “cutesy” or too “stuffy”. I want to create content that basis around the different areas of the Christian communities response to how you live your life.

4) To share a wellness journey. Two years ago (roughly), I made a post. About a horrible hospital experience, in which I never got completely better, and they never knew what was wrong with me entirely, either. Recently my mom was diagnosed with osteoathritis as well as being so much closer to an actual Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis. This was big, because now we know what might be wrong with us. (Which is a story for another time). Long story short, I know I have to begin a journey to a much healthier lifestyle, which is a lot harder then I’d like it too be.

5) To Record these things. Because in ten years now, I want to look back and see how far I’ve come, how well I’ve done. I want to make my mark on history, in so many ways, and I want to do it on every platform available to me.

That concludes todays posts, and now-I must go to bed! What are your thoughts on life style? Do you write life style posts? What are your goals? I’d love to hear!

Stay Ginchy!



It’s been quiet a week, and to be honest, a weird one.

Monday…I started to feel sick. However, I did do chores, and we visited my grandparents for a decent bit, followed by dinner with them. Writing wise, I did write a post for Writers Square that day, as well as a post for my new Wattpad story, Anonymous.

Tuesday….I was very, very, sick. I was feelings worst, and I was crabby. I also spent that day at my moms work. However, I did do a voice over for a Minecraft roleplay I’m in (Ally Marie Does Gaming), where I BOMBED, because somebody was VERY, VERY tired. I also finished up the first part of my school work.

Wednesday… I don’t actually have a great recall for Wednesday, other then I was VERY, VERY, VERY sick, and ended up hanging out at my moms work (I do that a lot, it gives me a chance to volunteer, and if not that, just hang out with her). It really wasn’t a great day, because I decided the world itself was against me, and I was a boring person.

Thursday…Was just boring, nothing interesting happened, except I finished the Book Shots posts.

Friday…We went out shopping, grabbed a bite to eat, and attended a meeting for my moms work. We also ordered food, and hung out at home. I did have to go in with my mom that night to her work, because she had to go straight from their to MY work Saturday. Thankfully, they had a place for me to catch some ZZZss.

Saturday… I worked, and then went with my dad to the gun range. (I didn’t realize that the muscles in my hands could hurt the way they did). On the work note, I’m learning how to open up and close, and on the gun range note…well I have terrible aim when I’m sick. My dad and I also went shopping, and brought home dinner, and really my family and I spent the rest of the night hanging out.

Today/Sunday… Well, Today was a little bit more, chill. We went to church this morning, and to the grocery store. Other then that, we also came home, and rather then watch the Super Bowl (Didn’t care for this years game), we ended up spending the evening eating junk food watching the Hallmark Mystery channel. And now, here I am, in bed, writing the week overview.

In retrospect, I’m still a bit out of myself, I think because my mom’s going under a work change, and I’m ambitious, but also scared of the future. However, no matter how out of myself I am, we shall continue to make connections (and strengthen mine with God), and make this week the most productive that we’ve had (“we” because I’ve been watching too many Youtubers this week).

How was your week? Was it a productive week? What did ya’ll think about the links in todays posts, should I continue to do that, and on another note, did I do it right? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!



It’s just a Short Ride

Because it’s extra late, and this one is extra tired, let’s make this post suppah easay.

Here’s preview of a Wattpad Story to come “It’s Just a Short Ride”.

Everest stared dully at the TV anchored to the corner of her room. Another luxury she had never really enjoyed. Everest had vowed a long time ago to never get close to anything, or anyone. Until that moment. Suddenly, things seemed different, if only in a way that she could adapt too. Usually, Everest was quite expendable. She was passive, really. The words from the doctor echoed in her head. “We have results from the test back.” His thick, bushy eyebrows furrowed as he examined his tablet, eyes filled with wonder. Her parents sat beside the examining table, looking worn, and aged beyond there years. Her mother’s dark brown eyes, rimmed with dark circles, still showed a glimmer of hope. Her mother had always been the most hopeful in her family, not to say that her husband wasn’t, however, what mother would openly accept the loss of their child before their own passing?

Right, I want honest thoughts and opinions on this. And for those wondering about the Story Break Down, here it is:

Everest Megillan has never felt like she’s had anywhere to go, or anything to do with life itself. Why should she? After all, ever since she was a young girl she’s been destined for an impending doom that was spiraling faster to her than others: death.
Years of dealing with cancer, and life expectancy diagnostics has left her bitter-but suddenly, when the cancer itself leaves her, Everest is suddenly stuck with a factor that is earth shattering: She has to live.
Aware of Everest’s uncertainty to start, her older brother, Clark, fresh out the military, decides to take her with him on a wild road trip.
However on the road trip, with a series of concerning events, the siblings learn a key to life: That as scary and unknown as it may be, Life is just a short ride.

I want to make it clear that I don’t know too much about this mindset, however, what I hope to achieve in this story is just alot of heart and emotion.

So that concludes today’s post!

Did you like the little story preview? Do you think I should do more of these as I release stories? Do you use Wattpad? If so, do you write on there, because I’d love to check out your work!

Remember to live your life like the Ginchy story that it is!