Motivated Writing

Alright, so, I have no doubt that you’ve. heard about Covid 19 by now (to that I attach, stay safe, but also be considerate of others; it’s a crazy world we live in). I’m not sure how things are working for you right now, whether you’re required to stay inside, or you’ve chosen to-or maybe you’re like my family, and because of my parent’s jobs, life has to go on. But even with all that said, I think we can agree comfortably that almost all places have either closed/ or just aren’t the most ideal place to be right now. So, I realize that for a lot of people, that means that they aren’t going to be in their writing element/ finding inspiration is going to be a bit of a tricky task. So I decided that now would be a perfect time to put together a list of ways that you can stay motivated to write, even when you’re usual inspirations/motivations aren’t accessible.

1. A Playlist

There’s a good chance that you’ve already done this, but I thought I’d go ahead and add it to the list. If you don’t have one, take time to put together one; if you were to picture your writing in a movie (or documentary), then what would be the soundtrack you’d like to see go with it? North Central University wrote an article (most likely for their students), discussing how listening to certain music can help with studying. Their top suggestions were something with 60-70 beats (Beethoven’s Fur Elise), or if you’re not a classical type of person, New Age or ambient EDM.

Science of the People also wrote about how it helps with memory. They cited a study completed by Kansas Medical Center, where they investigated the effects of music and the cognitive effects of it. In it, they drew this into how Doctors also use music to help with memory loss. Which, all of these are extreme cases, but, if you were listening to specific music before, I have a suspicion that what you were writing before, might just be triggered by the music you play. And if you weren’t listening to music before this, now’s a good reason for you to give it a shot.

2. Pinterest

Personally, I love Pinterest. It might be a dangerous place for me to try and exist (oh the memes, I love a good meme), but I also have several pinboards for my stories and writing tips, (so I can download the memes to my phone-I’m shameless), that I can add to, or revert back to when I’m on the struggle bus with inspiration. To be completely honest with you, I didn’t really consider it as something for my stories until I was talking with other writers who suggested it. Now I have boards where I store my character’s clothing/appearance inspiration, and aesthetics.

Lengthy spill out of the way, I will say you should check out The Fake Redhead, she has fabulous writing prompts (I don’t think she’s solely on Pinterest, though you can find several of her prompts on there), they’re really funny and make for a great read. My personal favorite pass time last year was stringing them together trying to make a coherent story (chefs kiss, let me tell you).

3. Set up a designated writing space

I don’t know how some people go out in public and write their stories; I’m a paranoid baby, who is embarrassed by her work (irony, I know, it’s irony). I also can’t write very well when my families around-again, easily embarrassed. So really, I write in my room. On my bed. Under the covers. With a lock on all my documents-OKAY, I’m getting off-topic, (but like I said, paranoid, prideful, those are two ‘P’ words to describe me). So anyway, I’ve been working on the idea of having a designated writing spot, other then my bed, I have a desk, which, funny enough, I’ve been using since yesterday-however, beforehand I would make my bed and try and make it comfortable enough as a writing space. I added these really cool bulb lights, and then when I moved over to my desk and bookshelf, I decorated those (a little, it’s a small desk). Just having some organization and having some of my favorite little nick-nacks surrounding really does help. Not to mention, I think there is something to say about having a designated workplace, that you look at, and it reminds you to write-HOWEVER

4. Switch it up.

If you’re a writer looking for their inspiration in the outside world, then it might be best to take some time to move your room around, or even moving to the living room or dining room to write; the change might give you a fresh outlook. If the weather’s nice, maybe try opening a window (or if your window’s always opened, try closing it). WGU also suggests finding better lighting for your studying (which can of course, be applied to your writing as well). I don’t really have science behind this tip, it’s just a suggestion that sometimes I, even the awkward paranoid writer uses from time to time. I understand that your space may be limited, but that’s when it’s time to either break out Pinterest again, and get some tips, or even just switch something up that’s noticeable, like, as aforementioned, your lighting or maybe try a new candle.

5. Work on a writing warm-up.

I don’t know if I’ve used this before, but it’s probably one of the best ones that I have; mainly because it’s not mine, but my friends. Before they write, they have a wind-down/ warm-up for it. Which makes sense, because when you’re in sports, you warm-up, and work to get yourself motivated to do it, so it’s really the same effect with writing. Essentially the idea is, you have a list of things you complete every time you get down to writing. I.E, maybe you read a chapter in your favorite book, or a book closely related to what you’re writing, and you have your favorite snack and beverage before you do so. Maybe you do a yoga routine or even watch a movie or tv show. Ultimately, how you prepare to write is up to you, but I do think that it’s something to look into doing, just the idea that after some time, your brain will use these as triggers to settle down and focus, instead of wanting to go a million miles a minute.

I just want to clarify that these tips might not work for you, but if you have some tips that worked for you, please feel free to share them! I think ultimately it will vary from writer to writer, and maybe you just really need your favorite spot for inspiration. Above all else, however, I’m truly praying for you. During this time of uncertainty and concern, I pray that you and your family remain safe. Remember to follow the suggested protocol, try to keep others safe who might be highly contagious, and above all please, be polite to others. The saddest part about this isn’t even the disease itself, but rather how people are reacting. Be kind and courteous, think before you make large purchases of items (no shame, just remember there are other people), be courteous to retail employees (it’s already been a time for them), and if you see an opportunity to help- do it. I understand (especially as somebody who has an autoimmune disease and asthma) that it’s a dangerous time, but again, if the opportunity presents itself-help, that’s really the only way we’re going to actually make it out of this situation okay.

SERIOUS PARAGRAPH OVER, I hope y’all have a ginchy week, and I’d love to know, what’re your motivational writing tips when you have to write at home/or need inspiration?

April Songs-Musical Madness April

And today on I’m grasping at straws for titles, I give you-

The songs I’m jammin’ to this April.

1. Lovely-Hollyn

Based of my favorite word, by one of my artists; what could get better than this?!

2. Holiday; My Kid Brother Remix– Britt Nicole.

Because it’s catchy, that’s why.

3. Workin’ On– Colt Ford

The musical video makes me cry.

Every single time.

4. Faster Car– Loving Caliber

This is Apmau’s fault. I’ve been binge watching her videos in prep for Season 6 Mystreet.

How does something go from comfy comedy to werewolfs and intense love?

I dunno, but I’m down.

5. Boasting– Lacrae

Hey, seriously, this song is really catchy, and I’m in love with it.

6. Broken Prayers-Riley Clemmons

This is so intense, and such a reminder!

I totally love this song! It gives me a warm feeling and makes me smile.

(Hey, I used to think it was weak to cry and feel things from a song-my friends and I bragged about it; now I’m learning emotions are okay, so I may or may not be using them quiet alot).

7. All I need is You-Hollyn

So it was initially done by Lacrae, but this was the first time I heard it, so I think I’m more intune to this one.

8. Live for the Drop-Capital Kings

I’m really into this band in ways unimaginable.

9.Thunder-Imagination Dragons

As per usual, I’m late to the party, but it’s one of the few songs that are modern that my mom enjoys, and I have to agree, and I really don’t know why.

10. My Light House-Rend Collective

Shout out to when I used to sing this song.

Bonus Song! The song that drives me nuts, because I can’t tell if it’s catchy, if it makes me want to become a musician, or if I dislike it because it annoys me, or if I just dislike the band because it painfully hits home about being stressed out, but anyways, Twenty Pilots-Stressed Out.

And you thought my music choices couldn’t get any stranger, right? Anyway, what songs are your jam, and have you heard of these?

Stay Ginchy,

March Musical Madness

Sorry I didn’t post last week-it was just a really weird week where we didn’t go to the library or hook up to wifi for me to post anything. I also started a new blog:

A Hazi Journey

Where it’s a life-style type of blog, to go along with this blog, so make sure you check it out!

April Showers bring May Flowers, and in March we have Musical Madness.
Actually that’s going to be every month, but buckle down and get ready to groove with me to latest catchy tunes I’m totally into.
1. Move-Audio Adrenaline
Somebody please remove this from my brothers play list. It’s getting more than just enjoyable now that it’s been played six times in the same hour.
2. No Ordinary Love- Toby Mac
The coolest song in the world, actually, his album, Portable Sounds is just really enjoyable right now.
3. Bonfire-Building 429
It’s true. Go listen to it.
It’s all true.
4. I’ll Holla-Bizzle
Did I do any of these?
Well anyway
“This me waving to all my haters, but this ain’t hi, I’m just sayin’ bye, I ain’t got time to please you when I’m tryin’a please God.”
5. Soul on Fire-Third Day
I have a concerning obsession with singers with husky deep voices. At this point, I’m concerned that it’s getting worst.
6. Lift up Your Face-Third Day
A step back to my childhood, the entire album was my five-year-old life. Wow. So weird. Ten years later, and my voice is still totally off.
7. Drops in the Ocean-Hawk Neilson
The inspiration to a piece I wrote that everyone seems to like and might make it out into the world, eventually.
8. Wolves-Beckah Shae
Seriously, I like voices with a deep, rich sound.
9. Heartbeat-Beckah Shae
Apparently this was on a major TV Show Dance Moms? Watch the music video, and pay attention to the drums. Pretty cool.
10.The Chop Chop-The Ambassador
I can’t…it just…I don’t…it’s so…I don’t…. Wow, did I just have a major Gil moment. Wow, did I just have a major-Gilmore Girl Fandom moment.
Wow, did I just totally link you to my other blog posts about Fandomers and Fandoms.
This is getting annoying.
And that completes March’s Musical Madness Month.
Oh, I love when the letters match. It’s so beautiful.
*Sobs into Guinea Pig who’s eating a piece of hay*
*Picks up brothers new guinea pigs and uses them to wipe eyes*
*Runs from enraged brother*
What tunes are starting off your march, and what’s the jam you’ve been into all year long? Also, I’m going to nod at my brother’s new guinea pigs.
I had no clue there was such a difference between our inspirational guinea pig, and normal guinea pigs.
Apparently Guinea Pigs aren’t actually suppose to be interested in Fast and Furious, and screaming at my brother when he messes up at a game. Apparently they face the wall, and sleep.
This is all fasciating.
Tell me, how are Guinea Pigs suppose to act?
Stay Ginchy!

January Playlist

Hey guys, HaziWords here bringing you your blog forecast of Hazi…
with a chance of words.
So recently I’m really feeling the music vibe.
Maybe it’s the possibility (may or mayn’t happen) of going to Kingsfest-a big deal Christian Music Concert. We’re talking several artists, three days, and a crowd. *Shudders*.
However, I’m pretty psyched at this, and anyways, it’s probably what’s triggered my interest in music these past few days. So I’m giving you songs that are starting of my 2018 (and really pushing it along).
1. Colt Four- Reload
I know, I know, a country music song. What is wrong with me? (Other than the fact I like it).
Seriously, though. It’s catchy, and let’s face it, everybody can find something relatable or encouraging in it.
I mean after all…
“There’s two things you need to know
We don’t retreat
We reload.”
2. NF-Remember This
Dude, it’s pretty driven, the beats catchy, and certain parts really make you think, and makes some good points.
“Anyone can take your life, but not what you believe in.”
“The real you is not defined by the size of your watches, the real you is who you are when ain’t nobody watchin’.”
This song is on replay-over and over and over again.
3. Hollyn-Love With Your Life
I mean, come on-it’s true. Also, can we just sit back, all of us with crummy voices, and admire how she hits those high notes with an unknown amount of perfection that we could never obtain in billions of years.
“If you wanna see a change, you gotta love with your life.”
4. Tori Kelley-Something Beautiful
I know, I’ve mentioned this song, but really, it’s inspirational, encouraging, and a hex of alot of help when going through cruddy problems.
“It’s just a blessing in disguise, without darkness there would be no night.”
5. Illuminate- Renegade
Catchy, and encouraging, and I would quote it, except I don’t feel like googling the lyrics.
6. KJ-52, Social Club, and Spzrkt- Island of the Misfit Toys
It covers EVERYONE.
And I mean hey, if your a Christian-or not-everyone needs a reminder that they’re loved sometimes.
“This is for the cutters, goofballs, run-aways, lonely, miserable, bullied kids, feeling like the old me, don’t forget, you are loved…”
7. Shinedown- What a Shame
If I remember correctly, some of their songs are a little adultism…? Or maybe that’s confused with someone else. Anyways, I really like this song-it makes you think about being judgmental, the singers voice is…well…I just really, really, like it.
“If there was nothing wrong, then there’d be nothing right.”
8. Pink Floyd- We don’t need no education.
Because I don’t, thank you.
“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control.”
9. The Bangles- Walk Like an Egyptian
Am I the only one who has found that parents born in eighties are still obsessed with their music? Like, my grandmother isn’t as crazy about the music from the sixties like my mom, and some of my friends parents are obsessed with eighties music.
Really, this is all my mothers fault.
She has done this to me.
She has made me like this, and study the difference between current era music and music from her time.
This is all my mothers fault.
I have fallen for eighties music.
What has my life come to?!
“Walk like an Egyptian.”
10. Toby Mac-Feelin’ so Fly
Honestly I love this album so sugar-cookien’ much.
It’s awesome.
It took me five minutes to narrow it down to this one.
“You got me feelin’ so fly, there ain’t a day that goes by, a supernatural high…”
So that’s all I have for this month-music wise. Ya’ll can’t get rid of me that easily.
What’re your tunes this month?
Stay Ginchy,

Songs that Changed my life

Hi BUDDIES, it’s HaziWords here bringing you your fantabulous daily forecast of Hazi…with a chance of music.

——-Ya’ll can tell I’m a big fan of music, can’t you?———

So I pretty much thrive off of music. It’s what makes or breaks my attitude. It’s more-or-less the reason I’m still here today (well, that and God). For me, music is what pulled me out of this emotional funk when I hit middle school, it’s what helped me overcome being bullied, and watching a family fall apart right before my eyes. Anyways, what were these magical tunes that changed my life?

  1. Rock What You Got-Super Chic.       Seriously, this band is what pretty much made my pre-teen years. When my dad introduced this band too me, it was the first song he played. Actually, it was the first song he played when we got in the car after church, and where I was being bullied by some rather snotty-kids. This song reminded me I was okay being me, but it took more than this song…
  2. Hey Hey-Super Chic, once again this song was played just before we went too a nerve-wrecking meet up with some we had an argument with, years before. Not only was it catchy, but it helped me to feel a little more secure in my being.
  3. We Live- So at this point, I’m obsessed with Super Chic, and no one is going to change my love for this band. Anyways, I’m really struggling, because my family (extended, but close) had ONE HEXUVA argument, that more-or-less pushed me deep into a whole of anger and sadness. I heard this song, and it reminded me that it wasn’t worth giving up my life for.
  4. Hero-YES. AGAIN. SUPER CHIC. But seriously, this song is for everyone. It’s about how we can make a difference, and what matters is the choices we make, that can stop any problems. Actually, it’s in the movie, To Save a Life, (also a book), which is on my To be watched, and to be read list.
  5. Eigth of November-Big and Rich- So how many times am I going to mention this song? A whole SUGAR COOKIE-IN’ lot. Really, though, it’s kinda big deal. My grandfather was in the Vietnam war, and rarely talks about it. I know it’s a hard time, but I never knew how hard until my dad showed us this song. It inspired me to try harder to bring notices to the less outspoken feelings and problems people go through.
  6. What do I know of Holy-Addison Road- Even though I’ve been a Christian my whole life, I admit my faith hit a rocky part. I never stopped believing, per se, but I did feel like when I prayed I was talking to the ceiling, more than anything else. Listening to this song, it more-or-less helped me to understand what I was feeling, and that was pretty lost.
  8. Hallelujah All Day- Datin- Dude, this is a freakishly-intense song. Need I say more?
  9. Gold- Britt Nicole- Go watch the video on YouTube. It’ll definitely help you feel better about yourself.
  10. Beautiful-Torri Kelly- More or less goes with everything I’ve said so far.

Alright ya’ll, this is all I have for right now, because I’m technically, very distracted. (Never write when you’re in a place outside your thinking place, everything comes out jumbled). Let me know what ya’ll like to jam too, and also, what Song might have changed your life.

Sugar Cookies and Guitar Rifts,