Movies To Look Forward To (2020)

Is twenty-twenty the year of the movies?

Well it appears to be for me, starting right at February.

Now I don’t know about you, but the movie selection last year was terrible.

It looks like this year though, we’re already getting some life-long wishes being fullfilled.

But let’s do this in order-Movies to look forward to in 2020.

1. Dolittle

While this is a film I won’t be seeing in theatres (or at least, don’t plan on it), I am excited to see it when it comes out on DVD. Growing up on the original, I was pretty interested to see how this one turns out. My mom was a little concerned at the outcome at first, but when she saw the goofy parts in it, I think it got her a little more interested in the movie. So again, one I’m excited to see this year, and hopefully, maybe do a review on it.

2. Bad Boys for Life

Okay, it’s rated R, and technically I won’t go see this in theatres, but I will probably watch it with my dad, seeing as I saw the first ones last year, and they were definitely amusing to watch. I just really love a good action-comedy movie. (Probably not going to do a review on this movie).

3. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears

Coming out in February, this movie is one I’m stoked for. What better way to celebrate the new decade of the roaring twenties-to take a trip back to the original roaring twenties? Based off the TV Series, Miss Fisher’s Mysteries is about a flouncy 1920’s female detective (and flapper).

And I am so looking forward to seeing this movie-hopefully in theatres. (I will most likely review this movie).

4. Black Widow

To be honest, who hasn’t been waiting for this movie. I’m personally a little upset that this one didn’t come before Captain Marvel. However, I am glad we’re getting it, I’ve always loved her character and even fantasized about one day being her. There is, however, a good chance I won’t see this movie in theatres, just because of the month (May) it is and everything going on. I will, however, being doing a review after I see the movie.

5. Wonder Woman 1984

My brother and I saw the first movie with my grandmother when it first came out, and we absolutely loved it. The entire movie was quite a bit of fun, and it’s been on the top of my favorite movie list sense. My brother and I agreed to go see this one when it comes out in June (It’s going to be a busy month), just to honor the fact we saw the first one in theatres as well. I will definitely be reviewing this movie.

6. Mulan






But seriously, I’m pretty excited. Mulan was a really cool character for me, it wasn’t so much a romance for me, as much as it was a girl making a sacrifice for her family, and considering I’ve always been a family type of girl, yes, please. Will I be seeing this in the theatre? Probably a good chance that I won’t, but I will be doing a review on it because I am curious how they’re going to take it, and despite my excitement, I’m also concerned because of what I’ve been hearing on the production side of things.

7. Emma

Okay, listen, I love Emma. I’m scared to see it, because it’s been remade so many times, and you can’t change a classic, but the way some remakes go…well…we’ll see. But seriously, her cupid-match making, and then falling in love; it’s the greatest love story ever. Emma’s also the first Jane Austin book that I was really into and fangirled about months after to reading it. I’d like to go and see this in theatres, maybe with my mom, but we’ll see how it goes. (Movie will be reviewed).

8. The Secret Garden

Again, childhood novel, and movie. I loved the movie, and the book was definitely something I enjoyed, and I’m very excited to see the remake there’s not much I can say it on right now, I know I won’t see it in theatres, because as cute as the movie is I know that I’ll probably get distracted halfway through, and that’s never good when you’re in a public place.

Currently, that’s what I’m going to have to wrap this up on, the movie list got a little dim, though I do know there are more that I’d like to see-I’m curious, though? Are there any movies that you’re into; that you’re looking forward to in 2020? Let me know!

2020-The Year of Healing

There’s nothing more refreshing then a new year. For me, Christmas can stand down because New Years Day has a certain excitement that can’t be reached. It proves to me that I made it through one hex of a year, and you know what, I’m gonna kill another.

If I’m honest, I love fresh starts.

However, I feel as if I need to wrap up 2019, and this decade, in some of my most notable moments.

  1. I became dual-enrolled, and received B’s in the two classes I did take. (I only took two because I was just trying it out). I’m proud to say I paid for a majority of each class and their requirements.
  2. I dyed my hair. This is big because I’m not really a rebellious kid-I’m kind of a stiff neck, but this was one rebellious thing I wanted to do. So I begged my mom to let me do it before I was eighteen, and she agreed. I did have it professionally done because I’m a clumsy hot mess and I didn’t feel like cleaning out the tub or trying to fix my hair if something went wrong.
  3. I was officially employed for one whole year.
  4. I started working in both retail and food services, and have in fact realized that I do not want to do either for the rest of my life.
  5. I got my license.
  6. Sponsors!!
  7. I reached 165 followers (and counting, here’s to ya’ll)!
  8. I went self-hosted.
  9. I joined a church I’m truly comfortable with.
  10. I found my writing niche.
  11. I met some great, real friends. Even if they are online, I finally found a group of friends that I feel comfortable enough not to have to filter myself.
  12. I stopped trying to live my life pleasing others, or proving them wrong.
  13. I stopped trying to be better than everybody else and just decided to be the best me that I can be.
  14. I accepted that the emotional/mental abuse I went through as a child is not something I should blame myself for; nor should I try to bottle up the emotions that come with remembering.
  15. I’ve recovered from major past trauma and events, and I’m finally ready for the next step-healing.

In wrap-maybe I didn’t do my New Years Resolutions, but I sure did pretty well. I will say, when I talk about emotional and mental abuse, I’m talking about some extended family members. Earlier this year, I had a breakdown and had to admit what I was feeling from it. It was a lot to admit, but ultimately, I’ve spent a lot of the year trying to talk with someone about it, and just be honest. You know, recover-thank God for my brother and parents; couldn’t have done it without their support. I’m moving on from the abuse (again, strictly emotional and mental, but definitely a dark point in my life).

So with the conclusion of that, here’s to Twenty-Twenty.

The year I Heal.

The year I step outside the box.


Looking for something special to treat yourself to? Try the Fabfitfun box. Fabfitfun is a subscription box that ships seasonally, giving you a bare minimum box worth of $200.I loved the Winter box-everything I received I’m using/have used, and can honestly say I don’t regret it-the blanket I got alone makes me happy-and the speaker; I was just so stoked. You can check it out here.

Even though it’s late, I will be posting a review for it; I loved the box that much-I got some incredibly aesthetic photos-a rarity for me, I don’t usually. (Seriously, I was so proud I showed my mom like it was artwork or something).


To get a discount use the code SOCOLD (even though where I live we had a cold Thanksgiving, and Christmas was seventy-stinking-degrees), and get $10 off your purchase.

Also, about the sponsors, I really appreciate the fact that nobody’s lost their mind about this-I wouldn’t do it, however, I’m trying to turn my blog into something that I can keep up in college, and even the smallest amount helps there.

Anyway, see you next year!

2019 Writing Resolutions

HAPPY OFFICIAL FIRST WEEK OF NEW YEARS, FOLK! (Because the new year started on Tuesday, so…) Let’s talk about some writing goals, shall we?

1. 48 Hour Book Challenge

In which Hazi tries to make up for not completing Nano Wrimo for five years, she has decided to write a book in 48 hours. Is it possible, can I do it? Maybe? We’ll see.

2. Complete New Book

So…I’ve been thinkan’…and writing…

Baby we got some stories to tell!

And let me just say, my inner super-hero love is coming through.

3. Write 300,000 words this year

Total, skits, stories, the works, we’re going all out (excluding blog posts). This is going to be quiet a year.

4. Send to books to Agents/Publishers

I am going to become an official author-I’m deterimed to, folks!

5. Complete the Pilot/First five episodes for a MineCraft Roleplay series for YouTube.

Now this seems kind of silly, however, I am not an animator (I have no artistic capabilities outside of being a pain, really), but my brother is into coding/editing computer skills, so this works out well, I can reach a fairly wide platform, whilst honing my writing capabilities.

6. Work on my grammar.

Something I’m not very good at is grammar, which is amusing because when other people have imperfect grammar, I go nuts-I’m just that person.

7. Work on consistency

In my years of writing, consistency had never been a strong point, I can carve out a story, however, it is very distracted in my writing (like real life). This is definitely a skill I want to working on developing.

8. Romance…scenes…

Right…so…I have a confession…

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I have been for years.

Korean Rom-Com’s are fond memories of mine, my mom watched a decent amount when I was little, as well as Pride and Predjudice, and other classics.

Because of these, I love a good sweet romance.

And dramatic ones.

Jane Eyra really gets me giddy, even with it’s dark aura and the weird parts. (Maybe that’s why I’m giddy).

And time to time, I have a tendency to…want a Hallmark relationship, or…a K-Drama relationship.

(However, then I remember that I really enjoy food, and sleeping, and am terrified of people in real life, so my socialization skills are limited to awkwardly apologizing and saying thank you too much).

Anywhozzles, the point is that I love a good romance. I love a good fan drawing of my favorite characters finally together. I hate it when they can’t be together. However, if you want me to write a romance, I become a five year old.

“Are they a couple?”

(I get excited at this).

“Yeah! How’d you know?”

“They’d be so cute together!”

Time to write a kiss scene….

“Silence lingered between them, and before they knew it, they had kissed”.

No fireworks. No magic, no sparkles or symbolic things, they kiss, and then they usually hate each other.

Not to mention I just am a very awkward romance writer.

But awkward NO MORE.

From here-forth Hazi loves to write romance.

And continues to by herself chocolate.


So what are your writing goals this year? Are you excited to start the new year? I would LOVE to hear!

Remember to live your life like the Ginchy story that it is, and don’t feel down, tomorrow’s a new chapter, and climaxes are wild thing!


An Over View and Future View

2018 was quiet the year, wasn’t it, folks?
For me, it was a little less enjoyable then most.
In honesty, I was really, very depressed for a good part of the year.
I was unmotivated in everything I had passion for, and found myself to be an emotional…wreck.
That being said, I did have a few landmarks this year…
1. Turning Sixteen-While slightly exhilarating, still a big deal.
2. One Hundred Followers-Oh yeah, baby, we are doing SO well, I am SO thankful to everyone, for following me on this journey. It’s such a blessing, and I am SO SO thankful to all of you all.
3. I get to celebrate a year with my Guinea-Sherlock, Squishington, it’s been a ride, hasn’t it little buddy? (He can’t even read this, I might need help).
While I feel like it’s been a whirlwind, I’ve learned a lot more then I have hit landmarks.
I’ve learned about loss, and having to bounce back, the inevitable circle of poverty, and amongst other things, accepting that things SUCK, but God will definitely pull me through, and has a reason for it all.
I’ve made new friends this year, and I’ve lost some others.
I’ve made grown up decisions, like cutting myself away from toxic situations.
And I’ve been childish, like allowing myself to slack on my responsibilities, and getting winded by others so easily.
I’ve had quiet a few cry-sessions, argued with myself, and fought several feelings.
I’ve come out stronger, in some ways, and in others, well, we have some learning to do.
I had my first crush on someone for their appearance and soul, not just who I wanted them to be. (I’m learning that guys, are very, very cute inside and out, and I, am a very, very awkward taco).
I am a little bit closer to God, but I feel like I’ve moved behind.
I’m not proud of this year, I was struggling, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
I didn’t reach many of resolutions, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to try again. That’s the beauty of all things new, it’s fresh, it’s a start, and it’s going to be BOMB.
So here’s to new years, and it’s resolutions.
Ah yes, glorious resolutions. I made a few, for this year, didn’t I? Well, somebody did get a camera, and they did hit one hundred followers, and someone is ready to start her publishing process (or just about).
I think that 2019, might be better then the last, let’s take a look.
1. Score High on the SATS
2. Begin the Publishing process for two stories.
3. Start my Youtube channel, and keep a consistent schedule for six months.
4. Reach 250 Followers on HaziWords.
5. Exercise at least twice a week.
6. Read through HALF the bible, in a year.
7. Apply for major colleges.
8. Get my Drivers License.
9. Remain on a blogging schedule for six months.
10. Remain on a Routine for six months.
11. Cut back on dairy.
12. Make one major long-term investment/purchase.
13. Save at least 50% of any income that I receive (from work or otherwise).
14. Develop Two new skills, and work diligently.
15. Learn One new language.
16. Spend time every morning praying and reading God’s word.
17. Try to become an early person.
18. Focus on sharpening my grammar abilities.
19. Develop better math skills.
20. Read Three Books a Month.
21. Write in my journal once a month.
22. Complete a challenge of some sort.
23. Release new Adventure blog with friends.
Perhaps last year I was a bit ambitious. I struggle sometimes to remember that I have a tendency to get lazy and slack off.
HOWEVER, something occurred to me.
I really like working for stuff.
Seriously, I enjoy the idea of earning something.
So I’ve decided to work on a reward system.
While it’s not yet perfected (I will release a perfected version soon), the general idea is simple:
Every Month that I complete a task, I earn something that might help with it. And every two weeks, a smaller prize.
For Example:
Working out Twice a week. (I know, I know, it’s sad, I quiet literally NEVER work out, though, and am heavily out of shape, so that’s something I want to fix).
For every two weeks, I might reward myself with something small, such as new fancy work-out hair ties, or maybe a special smoothie.
One a Month, I might purchase myself something larger, like work-out weights, or fun work-out clothes.
It’s the small things that I want to help keep me going, and eventually, I want to be able to develope myself into someone who’s successful, and a little less of an emotional-all-over-the-place person.
Stay on the look out for updates, and make sure you keep me accountable!
What are your resolutions this year? How do you into to keep them going? How would you conclude your twenty-eighteen, was it a good year, or one that shall not be named?
I’d love to hear!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! (Grammar experts everywhere want to murder me for using Uppercase letters and an exclamation point).
Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!

Book Shots: Vintage Veronica (Resolution Book 2/100)

Book Shots: Vintage Veronica (Book 2/100)
Hey guys, today I give you another ginchtastic bookshot…
Vintage Veronica
—–*Begins sorting out emotions toward this book, feeling slightly frustrated*)——
Vintage Veronica, written by Erica S. Perl, is the fifteen-near-sixteen-year-old girl, Veronica. The story follows her, her terrible choice in friends, her romance with an unexpected boy, a wacked boss-kinda-guy, her extremely healthy mom, vintage things…and well…Lizards.
I’d have to say, this book’s begining was slow and painful. I almost immedietly disliked it for a multitude of reasons: The MC’s personality, the stereo-typical fat girl (the MC), and the slow pulse the story had throughout. Admittedly, I didn’t really want to finish this story, but
A)Bookworms are to never put down a book, no matter how terrible it is. They must wade it out, and be certain they dislike this book.
B) I really wanted to add another book to my completed list. (Seriously, thank God for Renegades, Stalking Jack the Ripper, and a few other choice books).
That being said, Vintage Veronica was a unique-ish story about a girl who loves-all-things-vintage.
However, I’m going to adress something that bugged me throughout the book.
The Fat Girl stereotype. You know, completely down on themselves, they have that female role model obsessed with weight loss, nieveness, and well, Cynical.
I can promise you, I have read several books that right the characters cynical towards weight loss, or thinner ladies.
Which was kind of akin to this story.
Veronica was too shy (until the end, you know, the hero’s journey), a little obessive about her weight-it showed up in the story ALL the time (like, I get it, I get a little flippant about my weight, however, I can promise you I don’t just concern myself about food, weight, and making friends), and honestly, flat out cynical. Her personality was harsh, and while it was part of the story, confusing. She was judging a dorky kid, while she was dorky.
Also, Veronica didn’t have frequent friends due to her weight-another slightly strange thing, because honestly, I’m not entirely sure how one effects the other-you’re always going to find somone. While I’m aware this made the story, can we please stop making all these “diverse” characters the flippin’ same? Like, I’m sorry, but Plus sized girls in stories are always
1. Self Concious
2. Party Girls (hit-or-miss, but common)
4. Disdainful toward thin-people.
I’m not just saying that toward Plus sized girls, I could also ask why we always make Chinese Girls smart, or other annoying book-stereotypes, like Colored people comming from the getos, or having poor language, Red Heads are either fiery, or shy. Writers are shy, it’s all so…the stinkin’ same!
Sorry about that little rant right there, just couldn’t help it with that rant.
That being said, I did enjoy the Reptiles, and the Nail (hey, I’m not giving away spoilers).
Also Bill.
Anyways, time for a Sypnosis.
Veronica Walsh has always struggled with friends, but never with vintage fashion. Her dad practically raised her in Flea Markets, finding hidden gems. However, she wasn’t expecting to find a hidden gem in the guy she had always considered…awkward, and not exactly in a nice way. She even gave him a nickname, the Nail. Unfortunately, her nickname was small compared to the nickname that her “friends” gave him. While these “freinds” were pretty rude to him, and wanted to bust him for ludacriousness, using Veronica as their lead protagnoist, they ended up with a double agent.
Yup, usually friendless Veronica had made friends, and romance. The question is, when despition is actually what hits the fan, will it last?
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars. Honestly, I was hoping for a fresh new book (Even though it’s from 2007), that had a unique take on life. Unfortunately, both mean girl and MC were pretty main stream, and not developed in a way I’m comfortable with. The book was like a flatlining heart monitor until halfway through, when things begin to pick up the pace, and then they move in what feels like the author felt rushed through (you know, hit a writers block, really didn’t want to deal with it) this. I’m giving it two stars because the Nail, Bill, and the Reptiles. The wording didn’t pop out in ways that was unique, the story was dull, and focused around how Veronica didn’t have friends, mainly because of her weight (not that her personality didn’t need work, you know, typical teenager). I did giggle at a small part with the reptiles, though honestly, the way the Nail reacted with them reminded me of how I reacted with my Guinea Pigs.
That being said…
I don’t disdain the author like I (for some reason that I can’t comprehend) disdain Scott Westerfield.
Suggested for: People who are in need of a brain-numbing book after a stressful day, people who like reptiles, corky bosses, or a unique read.
Age Group: 13+, Again, excessive swearing, drug referances, some more maturish-teen themes, and really, just not meant for little kids.
So that’s all I have for you all today, what’d you think?
Have you read Vintage Veronica? What were your thoughts? I apologize for the rants and tangents.
Also note that I will never say a writter is terrible expect Scott Westerfields writing. I kid you not, for two years I have held some strange vandeta against him, despite trying his books
AfterWorlds, and the Uglies.
I know, I know, he has great use of adjective, and his diversity is unreal in his books, but for some odd reason, I can’t stand the books he writes. I still have no clue where this comes from. Even Freud would be confused (no offense Froyd fans, but I’ve read some of his theories, I think Freud was a little confused in general).
Stay Ginchy!

Book Shots: This is where it ends: Resolution book 1/100

Book Shots: This is where it ends Book 1/100 book Resolution
Hey Guys! Haziwords here, bringing you your dailys forecast of Haziness, with chance of Books.
—I honestly think I’m going to need therapy after reading this book.——-
So I’ve completed book one of my resolution (almost done with the second one, I need to read eight-ish books a month for the next twelve months), and I’d have to say…
It was interesting.
Written by Mariele Nijkamp, this is where it ends in an emotional, riveting book that spirals through for different povs of the victims of a school shooting. Each one with different view points, each some how connected to the shooter, and each other.
It killed me.
I legitamately could not sleep until five the following morning when I first started reading it.
The book was unique, following in the view point of Autumn, Sylv, Tomas, and Claire, all seniors at Oppurtunity High. Honestly, I can’t give a major sypnosis on this, because I feel as though the whole view point of the story focused more around the Characters past, rather than the actual shooter/ event going on. I admit the book used strong discriptions, and the characters were well-developed, and I commend the author of taking such a trying task of writing about such a controversial topic. However, I felt like the story, as mentioned before, focused more on the character’s past, rather than the goings on. I also was pretty much sobbing at the loss of my favorite character, who was one of the point of views. The book was slow in points, and really honesty started climatically, so it was anti climatic all the way through (not exactly how I enjoy things, honestly).
So really, for the first book for me to finish for the first of the year, I wasn’t exactly impressed. Maybe it was because I struggled with the loss of a book character (though what was I expecting, butterflys to fall from the school ceiling?), or just how tense it seemed throughout the book. I’m positive it was just because this wasn’t exactly my type of book, considering the dialoug wasn’t impressive.
Suggested for: Those of you who like to dine with murderers, who strive for emotional writing, rather than dialoug, and physical mixed in, and who really want to grasp the goings-on in these sorts of situations.
Age group: 13+ For swearing, controversial topics, mature themes (way beyond drinking), and the fact a GOOD CHARACTER died.
How could you do this too me?
They were my favorite!
I’ll have an acceptance meal with a side of fries.
Rating: 3/5-I’m serious, the description was killer, the Character Development was strong, and kuds to the writer for catching the emotion of things. However, as stated, a little to ‘in the past’ for my taste, the death of a character, and the use of my least favorite f word (a common word where I occasionally volunteer at, so understand my disdain people), and the fact the author is a dream crusher of another character.
So that’s all I have for you today, be on the look out for eight more book shots this month-and many more to come. Have you read this book? If so, what are your thoughts? What books do you suggest I read this year? What books are you reading?
Stay Ginchy!

2018 Goals

Hey guys, HaziWords here bringing you your blog-ey forecast of Hazi…with a chance of

1 more day.

Well, 2, really, but still.


I can start new. On a normal year, like most normal people.

2 years until I graduate High school. 2 years to get things…more organized.

Anyways, I give you my goals for 2018, both on my blog, and in my life.

  1. Publish a story. This particular story has been the main focus of my writing abilities since I was nine years old. The story is a older-child story, but it’s something my brother and I have been pretty big on.
  2. Publish a short story. Recently, within an hour, I managed to write a short story that my parents pretty much adored, and really want me to publish.
  3. Reach 100 followers? I’m not sure how I’ll do this, but hey, I’ve got 365 days to give it a shot-so why the sugar cookie not?
  4. Pass my learners. Preferably the first time. Preferably within the month of February
  5. Take my gosh-darn Pre-SATS. Oh gosh…the pain. The terror. Any math geniuses want to help me?
  6. Start college courses. I’m not sure how this will work, but, hey, I’m determined.
  7. Get a job. I’ll be sixteen, I’ll have a wide range.
  8. Be healthier. Seriously, it can’t kill me to skip a dessert…throw in a few vegetables, exercise a bit more.
  9. Start a Wattpad story. I’m not a great writer, and I’m not very good at grasping kids my own age. Also, I’ve never been romantically involved, so we’ll see how these weird stories turn out.
  10. Get a Camera. The lightning on my phone sucks-all the time.
  11. Volunteer more. It makes my heart soar.
  12. Work on my acne. Recently my mom purchased some Bare Minerals make up that has made my skin look freakishly better, and feels so much better. I also have some cleansers and such, that work way well.
  13. Read through the Bible-On my own accord. I’m not the type of girl who reads straight through, or reads on a schedule. Some days I’m just needing a Job-spirit, and others I could really use some Esther sacrifice. However, I’m really not psyched about Song of Solomon, it’s a bit awkward.
  14. Reach 100 posts. It’s a good year, I’m determined that it will be.
  15. Write a few more skits. I’ve been working on a few strange ones, but it’s really entertaining.
  16. Make a new friend. Note that I seriously mean one friend, that’s not online. Mainly because I like to socialize, but I struggle to, at the same time.
  17. Create a new logo for my blog-I’m wanting something more tech-savvy of ginchy-looking. Anyone have any ideas?
  18. Read and Review 100 books-I’ve seen this idea a lot, it shouldn’t be too hard, our Library has reading programs during the Summer, so I usually do anyways.
  19. Collab with a blogger. Dude, that would be so cool.

20. Learn Spanish and Japanese-not all of it, but I am a big fan of learning languages, so learning these are definitely on my list of things to do.

So that’s all I have for my yearly goals-what’s on your list this year? I’m really looking forward to this new year, what about you?

Stay Ginchy,

Sugar Cookies and Noodles,