It’s a Reality

So currently, I’m feeling a little under the weather, having pushed myself a bit further then I should have, so rather then write a book review (those take me a surprising amount of work), I really just wanted to do a smaller post, bringing back a poem, actually. So out of all the poems, this one’s not my best work, however, I don’t think it’s terrible, so that’s why I’m giving it a spot. Not to mention, it’s something I’m writing on a whim, and not a thought out poem. This one’s actually dedicated to my little brother, who is the most amazing guy, but is finally being hit by some very hard emotions in his life.

I love my brother with my life, and from the very beginning I promised myself that I would protect him with my life. That being said, this poem goes out to anyone, fighting for a reality, and going through multiple ones.

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


His Reality


It’s the silent cries that come from the night,

That reveal what laughter once hid,

The tears that stream, the pain that gleams,

When reality comes into view,

That the child-like dreams and schemes

Become a young mans attempt to fight

To grow to become something bigger then them..

The decisions to let reality be his drug, to take him under,

It’s slowly becoming his reality.

The reality that what he once trusted, can’t be trusted.

A painful, cruel reality, pushing the child-like passions.

It’s the harsh words and the painful memories, fighting,

Turning the cries at night to anger in the day, the anger that takes the morning,

His reality.

The reality that every dream and scheme, laughter and uncertainty, has become

Nothing but a distant reality, as fears collide, and bring a young man alive,

Hoping to show a brave young man, that despite his battles,

That eventually, laughter and trust, and all that was messed up, will become

The pass, as he bravely takes on a new reality, of faith and trust,

laughter and passion, boldly shining, the new reality.

At the Cross 2

I think I went through a stage where I was really questioning if I was worth everything God had done for me. Anyways, another poem I found in my journal, I hope ya’ll find it interesting!

The solemn silence that fills this place.
The Broken hearts longing to be replaced, the worried tales of a lie, the painful sounds of unspoken cries.
The lost cries to the wind, the silent pain and suffering, wondering if it will ever end.
Am I trapped here, am I lost? Will I ever be the worth of the paid cost?
Will I ever find my peace?
The hope of a truth.
The pain of a wound, the cry of the lost, it comes at a cost.
Am I trapped here, am I lost, will I ever be the worth of the cost?
All the lies they ever tell
All the stories they never
Faces, laughter, pain, they’re becoming the same.
Cries to the wind, lines and truths, they blur.
The cost is higher than my worth, it seems official, I am lost.
In the pain, and suffering, crying and the pain, freedom sounds to the wind
Something inside me breaks.
The cost paid in full. Tears of laughter, and of hurt, finally have it’s worth. I have finally found my worth, paid at the cross.