When Your a Fandomer

Last weeks post was about when your friends are Fandomers.
This week, the tables have turned.
You’re entering the twilight zone in peaks unimaginable.
Welcome to the Dark Shadows.
Welcome to our Blue Box.
Welcom to our strange abilities.
Meet our half-cyborg princess.
Introducing everyones favorite wizard.
Enjoy our jokes.
Enjoy our pranks, our referances, and most of all…
Welcome, good friend, to the dark side.
1. Your social life involves characters from your fandom.
You know, Harry, Hermoine, Percy, Annabeth, Cinder, Iko, Clara (I still am depressed at how they wrote her off), and a miriad of other characters that, for some odd reason, other people don’t know as well as you do.
2. You don’t remember what the sun looks like.
Mainly because you’ve been traveling around in space.
And saving the world.
At night.
Because your a vampire.
3. Nobody actually understands you.
This isn’t a clique teenage line, my friend. No body unsterstands us fandomers.
“Seriously, it’s concerning how obessive you get.”
“Hey! This is comming from the person that flipped out when your car broke down. I lost someone close to me! GOSH! NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!”
*storms through house*
*slams bedroom door accidently*
*Reshuts the door more softly in fear of meeting mothers wrath*
*Flops on bed, curls up under covers*
*Cries hysterically*
4. Your bedroom resembles Lane Kims closet in the first few seasons of Gilmore girls.
Very hip, very cool,
obessive about your OTP.
5. Fanfiction is your reality.
As a fandomer, fanfiction is going to most certainately be your reality, whether it be your own incredible works, or the disturbing works of others (okay, at what point did Amazing Spiez, my favorite childhood cartoon become rated R?), it’s your life, and once again, no one seems to understand that.
6. No body understands the excitement of finding someone in the same group.
Someone finally understands you.
After years of soul searching, some one finally understands you.
They don’t get creeped out when you talk about your relationships with your alternate reality characters.
They advice it.
In fact, they probably wrote themselves into the alternate reality, they’re the spunky side kick, and wing-person.
7. Your responce to rerlationship questions are a little less than average.
Well, okay, if someone was to slap a normal happy couple, beside you, it wouldn’t be normal, but what you say? Nine times out of ten, the author has killed off your better half, or at least turned them evil.
(Unless your clever like me, and you developed a crush on the cartoon version of Peter Parker, mainly due to his wittiness-the new one, whilst an unpopular oppinion, was incredibly nieve, which was disapointing).
And while there are hundreds of things when it comes to being a fandomer, the key one, is really, that, in the end, you’ll still die happy, which is more to be said than all the normies around us.
So that’s all that I have for this post! I hope ya’ll enjoyed it! Are you a fandomer? What are your biggest flaws with being a fandomer? What are the biggest perks?
Stay Ginchy!

Different Stages of Studying

Hey guys, HaziWords here bringing you your-no, I keep trying to go back to my old introduction.

Heaven help us all I’m a bit uncreative in those terms *bangs head on desk*.

Anywho (yes, indeed, to stray away from anyway, I’m going to anywho-the change, right?!), studying has always been a bit difficult for me, and honestly, I really struggle at being motivated for it, and when I am, it’s watching a video on someone studying or talking about studying problems-when I’m not at home and my schoolwork is. (Online home school problems).

So, anyhow, I give you the different stages of studying.

1. Getting started.

The motivation I got, it’s on a whole different level, I treat these lines like court dates, I don’t want to settle.-NF/Motivated

For like, twenty minutes, I’m so determined that determined doesn’t describe me.

For twenty minutes, I got my music, my gum, my ten different colored pens. For twenty minutes, I’m Rory Gilmore reading a book.

2. Maybe I should just check my emails.

Even though I checked them before I got started.

Come to think about it, I should probably check my hangouts.

And the news. For all we know, the world could he coming to an end, and I didn’t know.

Huh, I should see- hey a new wattpad story!

Maybe I should write my own story.

I mean, thirty minutes won’t kill me. Infact, they say it will help improve my writing skills.

Oh crud! Two hours have passed?!

Right, back to studying.

But now I’m out of water, and I’m hungry.

Should I make ramen for lunch, or just grab some Cheezits…

3. Auto-Pilot.

Right, so let’s see…what the hex?! Why do I have questions about beach sand and desert sand?!

This is what I have to learn in school?!

Man, I could learn more watching The Princess Bride.



I wonder what different Egypt myths they have.

Maybe I could write a story based off of it.

*Somehow answers all ten questions whilst plotting a whole story.*



Don’t keep that answer.

I was wrong.

Delete that.

Forget about it.


Oh sugar cookies.

I failed.

I’m a failure.

My world is coming to an end.

This is it.

How will I make it into college?!

I’ll fail.

I’ll never make it.

5. Whatever

You know what

Sugar cookie this.

Sugar cookie all of you.

Who wrote this?!

Are they even qualified to write courses.

You know what


Forget this.

I don’t need school anyway.

*Takes test again, studies, somehow, but the miracle of God, passess.*


Well I knew I could do this.

I’m brilliant.

I’ll take the world by storm.

I’ve got the power.

I’ve got-oh sugar cookies.

The laundry.

The ever-going girl,