When Creating Characters

So when it comes to creating characters, there are a TON of “questionnaires” for your story characters, so when you go to create them, you know everything.

Down to their Social Security number.

And if that doesn’t scream creepy-suspicious, I don’t know what does. (Or maybe it’s going to a higher-end restaurant, and still having your CARDS STOLEN, by someone who couldn’t afford four dollars from the Red Box, so they steal it from a SIXTEEN year old, who has to pay for COLLEGE and a CAR. It’s been a long week).

That being said, here a list of questions for your character that I find to be the most important (mainly ideas being pulled from a few different choice questionnaires, one even from Proust).

1. What’s your full name?

2. In ten words, how would you describe your flaws?

3. What’s the least favorite thing about you?

4. Retrospectively, how would you describe your perks?

5. What’s the favorite thing about you?

6. How would you describe your stance with your family in ten words?

7.  What is your greatest fear?

8. What is one quark of yours that doesn’t seem that big of deal, but is in your eyes?

9. Do you have any distinguishable scars that few people know about?

10. What was the best moment in your life?

11. What was the most trying moment in your life?

12. Given a chance, how would you change a recent situation that you feel disdain towards?

13. Emotionally, what is your biggest pet peeve?

14. What is one song you would use to describe you and your life?

15. Throughout the years we have lost lives that should never have gone the way they should? How would you save them? Who would you save, if you could choose one life?


I more-or-less wrote this Questionnaire on the idea that you’re building off of your characters flaws, and weaknesses. Rather then starting with appearance, I’ve found myself struggling to keep in mind what keeps a character running.

For example, when writing a character that might have experienced a death of their parent, due to cancer, their response to each once might vary. Often times these are questions we might find ourselves unintentionally asking characters, as we read or watch works of others. Fast and The Furious wouldn’t be great, if it wasn’t family driven, if connections wasn’t a motivation. The characters wouldn’t be as enjoyable, and would be less developed. It would be like Mr.Smith Goes to Washington, only Mr.Smith doesn’t go to Washington and spend days fighting to make a point, because Mr.Smith doesn’t care.

So, that being said, I’d say that when writing characters, knowing looks and age will most definitely help, however, knowing what makes them would be the most important.

Someone might answer the question about scars about something physical, but a character that’s more philosophical would respond with something more deep.

And that concludes today’s Writer’s Square.

I want to apologize for the lack of posts, my past week has been filled with fun, fun meetings, work and you know, movies I almost payed for but never got to watch.

That being said, I hope ya’ll have one ginchy day, and remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


Father’s Day Interview

Okay, so last night I didn’t make a special post for my super special dad’s birthday. (Whoops). However, I am back with a Father’s day interview, with the coolest dad in my own opinion.

Now, before I get into this interview, I have to say that my dad got very real in this interview. However I would also say my dad would do really well in the 73 Questions With Vogue, because as real as he got, he was pretty simple and sweet with his responses.

So anywho, enjoy this Father’s day special-an interview with my dad, whom we’ll call Dragon.

Q: So what’s your favorite memory?

Answer: That’s a tie, actually, it’s when ya’ll two were born.

Brother and I: Awww

Mom(Teasing): Hey! So marrying me wasn’t special?

Dad: Sorry sweetie

Q: What’s your favorite animal?

Answer: Dogs.

Me: But like…what type of dog? Because honestly, I’m not gonna lie, I think your dog Sadie falls under a category of her own.

Dad: Well, yeah, I love Sadie, but my favorite animals are puppy dogs.

Me: So dogs and doglets?

——–We call all baby animals what they’ll grow up to be, plus a “let” at the end, so you have Cowlets, Chickenlets,Horselets, Guinealets, etc—

Dad: No, every dog I meets a puppy dog, when I work I say “How are you doin’puppy dog?”

—-Another note, my dad’s a Lineman, but somehow he seems to meet multiple dogs a day.—-

Me:”So like you meet letdogs it everyday?”

Dad(Straight faced): No, I meet puppy dogs.

Q:What’s your dream vehicle own?

A: Oh that’s a toughy…well…no, not reall-yeah, that’s a toughy…theirs so many…A ’73-’88, Chevy Crew Cab duly, with an eight foot bed. None of that little stuff.

Q: What’s the hardest thing you find about being a dad?


Q: What’s your favorite book?

Answer: Callahan’s Lady (By Spider Robinson).

Q:What’s your favorite food?

Answer: Apple Pie

Q: Who’s your favorite Biblical character?

Answer: Peter

Q: Who would you like to meet?

Answer: Emperor Hirohito

Q: What’s you’re favorite qoute?

Answer: I don’t really have one, I guess the closest one is “No matter the job, large or small, do it right or not at all.” (Neither of us could find the person who said this, so if someone knows that’d be great)!

Q:What’s your favorite Bible Verse?

Answer: Just about any in Proverbs

Q: What’s your biggest physical/emotional struggle?

Answer: My anger, and controlling it.

Q: Do you have any advice for writing?

Answer: Write what you know and love.

Q:What would be your dream job?

Answer: Custom Building Things

Q: Who’s you’re favorite Singer?

Answer: Mike Ness

Q: Who’s your favorite band?

Answer: Social Distortion

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?

Answer: Inventing, coming up with ideas.

Q: If you could go to college-he pointed out that he could go back to college if he never went in the first place- what would you study?

Answer: Mechanical Engineering

Q: Whats some generalized advice you would give someone?

Answer: Don’t be afraid to be who you are, or ashamed of who your are, and don’t do more than your absolute best.

Q:Who’s your favorite kid?

Answer(Without a beat): Sadie

Okay, so that concludes the interview, and I’ve just gotta say, my dad is a great guy. He doesn’t claim to be perfect and he works hard to be better. My dad has always been supportive, and he’s been very helpful and encouraging in this process of blogging, and so much more. Dad, if you read this, you are the coolest, sweetest man I know, and I love you so much!

Happy Father’s day to all dad’s and dad-figures, you’re awesome, and everyday your showing us something new.

Stay Ginchy,