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I was trying to think of a series of fun, creative blog posts, and while I do have *some* ideas, I also have a few blog posts that I want to add a little extra pizzaz to.

Just a run down on what to expect over the next few weeks:

Fabulous Fall Books

Five Fall Writing Prompts

How to Write Fan Fiction (*SARCASM*)

Honest Show Review

Thrift Store Haul

Room Tour/Reno

I styled Lula Roe for three days

How Disney Made a Mistake

Book Reviews

Fantastic Comfort Recipes

Cheapskate Eating; The OG diet (Not sponsored by Ramen or Rice)

FabFitFun Box Review

Morning Routine (But for Real This Time)

I Tried to Reset my Sleep Schedule

Honest Review; Youtuber Merch (My excuse to buy things I don’t need)

I tried following a writing routine

I ate Vegan for two weeks (and had to cut out/back on foods weeks prior)

Subscription Box Review (Cheaper)

I started my day of with shakes and smoothies for Two Weeks

I like Tea

How to Make a BOMB Sandwich

Chronicles of a Confused Kinda-High School Student

The “I try things that are far beyond my comfort zone, so basically everything” series


Now, if you read that, might I also direct you to an important date in my life:

October 14th

I’m starting my very own fancy-pants youtube channel.

I would also like to note, that when calculating how much I’d have to pull from my upcoming paycheck, I was not expecting to be hit with 30 dollars in sales tax-and in my defense, the most I’ve paid in tax is a little over ten dollars? Of course, I did unintentionally over-calculate just in case (I always try to pay over, I just get annoyed with taxes-important yes, am I happy, no). Rant being said, I’m not getting insurance on it, and I’m spending over 500 dollars on it, so… I better not go through another fire-setting phase (I don’t know if I actually mentioned this, but when I was thirteen I almost caught our house on fire, at least four times).

I digress, big things are coming, so stay on the lookout. Because I’m feeling inspired, a bonus post is going out this week (four total, basically including this mini-rant schedule), and because of my new Sponsor, I will be making three posts instead of two. So, see you tomorrow/today, where I talk about Fall Books.

Book Shots: Skinny

Before I jump into this book review, I need to put a disclaimer. If you have struggled with, or are struggling with Anorexia, I need to warn you that this book does cover Anorexia, and the last thing I want is someone to relapse, or be leaning toward the edge, and this be the trigger.

Warning out of the way, let’s roll into the Book Shot.

Laura L. Smith brings us an interesting tale, of Melissa, a young Christian teen who struggles with Bulimia and Anorexia.

Melissa is what one might consider a “Perfect” teenager, the type of girl that just about everyone wants to be, the girl on the dance team, the girl with the decent scores, the girl with that killer figure. She’s almost a good two-shoes, except one problem: Melissa suffers from Bulimia/Anorexia.

And see, here’s the thing, I read this book religiously as a middle schooler, but for the life of me, I cannot get myself to write a review/sypnosis.

In personal opinions, I find the book to a be a fairly accurate representation of a Christian Teen girl, who has problems. She’s not perfect, she’s flawed.

But it’s almost a forced flawed, if that makes since.

I am a firm believer, that every teenager has problems of some sort. I don’t care what their religion is, how close to God, or whomever they worship, they are, I think we’re all pretty screwed up.

It’s clearly stated in the book that Melissa has an eating problem, no beating around the bush, which I’m a big fan of. No offense, but don’t beat around the bush for the climax, I want it at the beginning, I don’t want to wait, I want all the emotions all at the beginning. Laura Smith even goes into detail about why Melissa has an eating disorder (alot of it is due to lack of control- I relate, alot. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll pray, but I’ll also put myself in an incredibly depressive state, and try to control something else in my life, that could potentially hurt myself (usually I run myself past exhaustion).

And granted, the book has misspelling errors, and is it always accurate? No. I also believe that several of the characters are there, but you could either spice up, or do without.

Book review aside, I need a rant.

When reading reviews, I found some so frustrating, and here’s why:

They seemed so uneducated when writing the reviews.

One of them made me very frustrated, mainly because I knew this comment all to well.

In general terms, saying the MC, wasn’t a very good Christian because she was Bulimic.

Oh honey, why?

Just because someone struggles with something, doesn’t make them a bad Christian.

For the love of all things sane, and insane, I hate these comments and remarks.

Granted, this rant comes from deep within, where I spent alot of time around “Mental Health Disorders are wrong in Christians-they don’t believe in God”, and eventually, that wore down on me, because that was both an uneducated remark, and also, incredibly judgemental, because how dare you claim that someone’s imperfections make them a bad person.

Because my dudes, let’s be clear, we all have a mental illness in the end, and maybe for some of us, it might just be pride.

Right, getting back on track, how would I rate Skinny?

Three out of Five Ginchies, a decent book, but as you can tell, I couldn’t report much on it, and it didn’t have enough passion for me to put my enthusiasm into the review.

Who would I suggest it to?

Everyone, because even though the book wasn’t incredible, I say that it might help us with the general mindset of a young woman who is trying to keep her walk with God, but has her down falls.

Anyway, sorry this review was so out there, and short. I had something I had to get off my chest, and I think there might be a rant post comming.

Stay tuned for the next post, to hear Hazi say:

Remember to live you’re life like the ginchy story that it is!


Things I don’t understand…

It’s been a while since I’ve made one of these late-nigh, phone written posts.

Very old-school Hazi.

Anywhozzzz, a little while ago I cracked into a mid-night snack (I’m pulling an all nighter at my mother’s job, and broke into their snacks), and ended up having some salt and vinegar chips, and then I realized something.

I don’t know why they exist.

I don’t even know why I eat them- they taste terrible, your breath smells terrible, and that moment that they hit a raw spot in your mouth or on your lips, don’t you know that hells going to break through the floor.

That being said, this made me realize, there are a (surprising) amount of things I don’t understand, besides those stupid chips, and here’s a few of them:

1. People’s constant desire to be touchy-feely.

Now I’ve always been an independent person, I mean to be honest, my mom can always figure out I’m sick or just not feeling great emotionally by my cuddle-level.

Most people like to hug there friends.

I just don’t understand it.

Who created this mind-numbing task in which you have to breath on me (with a usually not-minty fresh breath), and give me a lovely notice of either your lack of deoderont-or over use you cologne/perfume.

And it’s not even the smell, or just hugging alone, it’s just every bodies desperate desire to constantly be touching each other (don’t be gross), like touching arms, holding hands, shaking hands, etc.

To be honest, though, I really think it has to do with having a history of guys as friends, or just growing up with them being apart of my family life.

Oh that’s nice, you think that someone’s just going to pat your arm?

Let me introduce you to an Indian rug burn.

Oh, you want a hug?

Let me introduce you to the headlock-noogie.

Oh hand shake?


How about a nice hand DECAPATION?! (Hand Squeezes are real in the rough house community).

Even still, with the understanding of where my aversion to that general area comes from, I still don’t get why people do it so much.

A slight head nod and smile works for me. (Social Queen).

2. Why Celery is a suggested popular snack

It’s bland.

Even slapping some peanut butter on it won’t save it.

Why is it a healthy “alternative” snack, when I could very well eat a Lara Bar, and be good to go?

Sure it has more calories, but also, at least I won’t spend ten years pulling strings out of my teeth.

3. Tradations

Why would I eat Ham or Turkey for a “special meal”, when I’d much rather just break into this pie.

Excuse me, who decides that we should eat our carrots before pie for a celebration?

I demand Sweet Potato Pie and a Banana Pudding right now.

4. The English language.

Did you read that right?

Or did you read it right?



5. Geography.

I don’t understand why I need to know about the climate in every single country that exists, when we all know that you’ll only go back around and tell me that there are a few exclusions.

6. Aversions to electronics.

Have you ever been at a family function, and you get bored of listening to mundane conversations, so you break out the Legos to play with your friends, and the adults yell at you for not being around others enough?

No. I haven’t either.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s okay if you spend time ignoring people on your phone at these functions, I’m just saying that people need to stop getting so triggered about it.

Don’t get mad at me when I say this, but seriously, if you’ve got all the kids playing Minecraft (or Roblox if it’s those types of kids), I don’t see a problem-because nobody is cleaning up a Lego mess, nobody is stepping on Legos getting mad about the mess, and nobody is physically in pain.


I swear there are only so many times I can /kill Cody without him realizing what happens, and why I’m doing it-because I have worked my butt of with this house, and I don’t appreciate him blowing up the first floor Everytime I move onto the second floor after repairs to the one the kid blew up.


I now really don’t see the difference, because I’m sorry, but Cody was going to end up with with something smacking him in the first place, and it’s no longer a Lego platform, but rather his laptop.

Okay, so those are a few things I don’t understand, but hey, let me know if you’re into finding out more, and if any of these confuse you as well.

Stay Ginchy!