The Roaring Twenties-New Beginnings

Well, (1)

First of all, if you catch me Phrynne Fisher-ing myself into crime scenes, I don’t want anybody to be surprised, because in the next decade or so I’ll probably do some even more stupid things.

I’m kidding-though everybody in that show’s an icon.

That’s beside the point; though, because it’s Twenty-Twenty, and your girl has some resolutions.

Now, if you read my last post, you’ll know that this is my year of healing. Which is dramatic, but again, if you want to get some context for this years goals-you can check it out.

Moving forward.

I recently worked on my list, and I’ve finally concluded that it’s actually a mighty fine resolution look, considering I’ve broken it down into bite sizes. Confused? So was I going into it, and then I came up with this.

So, I broke my resolutions into the following:

Main Skills



Events (I’m aware those two are redundant, but let’s just roll with it)



Spiritual Growth (not shown)


      Main Skills

Now for Main Skills, I put Drawing, and Voice Acting. Voice acting is still something I find fascinating, and if nothing else, I’d love to develop a more confident voice that can hook someone into a conversation-because as it stands I’d do a great job at being a Nap Time Professor.


I digress.

Drawing is something I’ve always enjoyed, and after Inktober, and getting to talk more about art with a good friend of mine, I find myself wanting to develop this skill I have (If this was the Sims I’d be level one).

So, for each of these, I put how I’m going to achieve these goals-such as drawing at least once and week, and applying for VA rolls to get my voice more…I don’t know words right now, but you know, that word that I’m thinking.


So when it came to school, I’m in my Senior Year-The crunch time is real, my dudes.

So is the lack of sleep. There’s no reason for that, though, I just don’t like sleeping.

I’m rambling. Ultimately, my goals are to complete two local community college classes (It’d be more but this is a self-funded endeavor, and making just a few dollars over minimum wage doesn’t necessarily cover the classes).

I also intend to graduate (being Homeschooled you have to really work for it and apply yourself-I’m the first Homeschooler to graduate in my family, so I’m really treading the way for my younger brother. My point is nobody has any idea on what we’re doing).

Getting into college, as well as passing the SATs are two major things. I even put my ideal scores for the SATs. I’d like to get higher, and ultimately, I’m aiming for hire, but that’s my minimum score. Essentially the entire point with SATs is, I need extra effort for math, and recently I’ve finally relented on the idea that I maybe sorta definitely need help because something is wrong if no matter how hard I study, I don’t understand math. That being said, Third times a charm, and I’m very prepared this time around. (I’d say more on the college front, but dude, that’s self-explanatory, college is my ultimate goal).



I’m combining the two because I was redundant and didn’t realize it until after I finished my list, and was like “Well sugar cookie it, I know what I mean”.

I can assure you in five months’ time, I probably won’t remember why I was so redundant and will think too hard on absolutely nothing.

The events though

Going to a Concert…specifically NeedtoBreathe.

My poor friends had to read my breakdown about not being able to see the band IRL last night in our group chat. I don’t know how they can stand me sometimes.

Go on a missions trip-I’m already signed up for one in June, it’s not out of states, but you know what, I’m a firm believer that missions start at home.

Going on a hike-where I’m aiming to go to college, they are surrounded by mountains, and when I was younger, I loved hiking. I still love it to this day, and it’s honestly something I’d love to do, even just in the mountains near us.

Have a graduation dinner-I don’t want to walk across a stage or do a big party (those are actually options even if I am homeschooled), I just want a small dinner with those I’m close with to celebrate the fact that I finally stinking made it.

Go to Comicon-I don’t know, I just want the experience.

Apply for Jobs near college-I’m broke, I don’t know how to explain why I need to get a job.


Save 2,000 (Total)  Whether I burn it on classes or not, that’s the goal

Find the Best Credit card- I know essentially credit cards are bad, but I’ve been doing research and talking with other people, and I’ve found it might help to raise my credit if I can keep up with it. I know that student credit cards have great benefits, and I know I can manage one, I just want to make sure I find the best one for me, for when I turn eighteen.

Learn about Investing- I may be slightly money-hungry, but I really want to learn about investing. If I can invest properly, I might be able to help build my income and work on self-sustainability.

Find a Side Hustle-I have my blog, but it doesn’t do too much; though I know there’s something out there that I can do that can make a little bit of cash on the side of my job.


Finish Writing First book (Let’s not talk about the fact this has been my goal for five years)

Edit First Book-Yes, this has also been on my resolution list for five years.

I know, it hurts me too.



I want to know

What are y’all’s resolutions, and I’m serious, I’d love to know! I always find this time of the year to be so exciting-new beginnings excites me, and I think this year is going to be a great year for a lot of people.

I’ve decided to make a separate post of Spiritual resolutions, because this one is pretty long, and I know I’ll probably get pretty raw about some of my recent struggles, SO

I can’t wait to see you then, and again, let me know-what’re your resolutions? Are you looking forward to this year? Do you have any big events? My brother’s biggest event is he’s getting his learners  permit in another month (they grow up so fast).



An Over View and Future View

2018 was quiet the year, wasn’t it, folks?
For me, it was a little less enjoyable then most.
In honesty, I was really, very depressed for a good part of the year.
I was unmotivated in everything I had passion for, and found myself to be an emotional…wreck.
That being said, I did have a few landmarks this year…
1. Turning Sixteen-While slightly exhilarating, still a big deal.
2. One Hundred Followers-Oh yeah, baby, we are doing SO well, I am SO thankful to everyone, for following me on this journey. It’s such a blessing, and I am SO SO thankful to all of you all.
3. I get to celebrate a year with my Guinea-Sherlock, Squishington, it’s been a ride, hasn’t it little buddy? (He can’t even read this, I might need help).
While I feel like it’s been a whirlwind, I’ve learned a lot more then I have hit landmarks.
I’ve learned about loss, and having to bounce back, the inevitable circle of poverty, and amongst other things, accepting that things SUCK, but God will definitely pull me through, and has a reason for it all.
I’ve made new friends this year, and I’ve lost some others.
I’ve made grown up decisions, like cutting myself away from toxic situations.
And I’ve been childish, like allowing myself to slack on my responsibilities, and getting winded by others so easily.
I’ve had quiet a few cry-sessions, argued with myself, and fought several feelings.
I’ve come out stronger, in some ways, and in others, well, we have some learning to do.
I had my first crush on someone for their appearance and soul, not just who I wanted them to be. (I’m learning that guys, are very, very cute inside and out, and I, am a very, very awkward taco).
I am a little bit closer to God, but I feel like I’ve moved behind.
I’m not proud of this year, I was struggling, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
I didn’t reach many of resolutions, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t going to try again. That’s the beauty of all things new, it’s fresh, it’s a start, and it’s going to be BOMB.
So here’s to new years, and it’s resolutions.
Ah yes, glorious resolutions. I made a few, for this year, didn’t I? Well, somebody did get a camera, and they did hit one hundred followers, and someone is ready to start her publishing process (or just about).
I think that 2019, might be better then the last, let’s take a look.
1. Score High on the SATS
2. Begin the Publishing process for two stories.
3. Start my Youtube channel, and keep a consistent schedule for six months.
4. Reach 250 Followers on HaziWords.
5. Exercise at least twice a week.
6. Read through HALF the bible, in a year.
7. Apply for major colleges.
8. Get my Drivers License.
9. Remain on a blogging schedule for six months.
10. Remain on a Routine for six months.
11. Cut back on dairy.
12. Make one major long-term investment/purchase.
13. Save at least 50% of any income that I receive (from work or otherwise).
14. Develop Two new skills, and work diligently.
15. Learn One new language.
16. Spend time every morning praying and reading God’s word.
17. Try to become an early person.
18. Focus on sharpening my grammar abilities.
19. Develop better math skills.
20. Read Three Books a Month.
21. Write in my journal once a month.
22. Complete a challenge of some sort.
23. Release new Adventure blog with friends.
Perhaps last year I was a bit ambitious. I struggle sometimes to remember that I have a tendency to get lazy and slack off.
HOWEVER, something occurred to me.
I really like working for stuff.
Seriously, I enjoy the idea of earning something.
So I’ve decided to work on a reward system.
While it’s not yet perfected (I will release a perfected version soon), the general idea is simple:
Every Month that I complete a task, I earn something that might help with it. And every two weeks, a smaller prize.
For Example:
Working out Twice a week. (I know, I know, it’s sad, I quiet literally NEVER work out, though, and am heavily out of shape, so that’s something I want to fix).
For every two weeks, I might reward myself with something small, such as new fancy work-out hair ties, or maybe a special smoothie.
One a Month, I might purchase myself something larger, like work-out weights, or fun work-out clothes.
It’s the small things that I want to help keep me going, and eventually, I want to be able to develope myself into someone who’s successful, and a little less of an emotional-all-over-the-place person.
Stay on the look out for updates, and make sure you keep me accountable!
What are your resolutions this year? How do you into to keep them going? How would you conclude your twenty-eighteen, was it a good year, or one that shall not be named?
I’d love to hear!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, FRIENDS! (Grammar experts everywhere want to murder me for using Uppercase letters and an exclamation point).
Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


I love fall-it’s really one of my favorite seasons. Everything cools off, and feels comfortable, it’s acceptable to go either long-sleeved, or short-sleeved.

And more importantly, I get a little bit more motivated.

So the point is, that I can never keep up with my resolutions when I make them in January, mainly because Summer comes around, and because mixing heat and sun on top of each other is a terrible idea for me, I become really depressed.

So I’ve decided to make some fall resolution, because we have a quarter of a year left, and we have to make it count, so let’s get into the mess of my resolutions.

1. Reach One Hundred Followers.

Guys, we’re so close, I can almost taste it. I have big plans for that. (Actually I don’t, but I think I can figure something out).

2. Complete Up the Gravel Road on Wattpad.

My baby is growing up-the book reached three hundred reads in a few months, and won second place in a contest. (I have no idea how it did, really it’s horrifying looking at my writing from a few month ago).

3. Complete Real True Royals

TBH, this book is a gem. I love writing this book, and even if noboy else likes it, I’m really proud of it.

4. Start my Youtube Channel


5. Enroll in the local community college.

Spring Enrollment is coming, I can smell it.

Actually it was online, but that’s besides the factor.

6. Take my SATS

As if School isn’t stressful enough, colleges want SATS, but whatever it takes.

7. Decorate my room.

These panel walls are making me clausterphobic.

8. Go to a Concert

That’s pretty self-explanitory.

9. Get a Job

So I’m not broke for the rest of my life

10. Overcome my fear of being around people.

And that’s all I have for today, folks! Sorry this isn’t a typical post! I’m trying to get my schedule adjusted back to normal, after staying up twenty-four hours.


Until next time, remember to live your life like the ginchy story it is!