Movies To Look Forward To (2020)

Is twenty-twenty the year of the movies?

Well it appears to be for me, starting right at February.

Now I don’t know about you, but the movie selection last year was terrible.

It looks like this year though, we’re already getting some life-long wishes being fullfilled.

But let’s do this in order-Movies to look forward to in 2020.

1. Dolittle

While this is a film I won’t be seeing in theatres (or at least, don’t plan on it), I am excited to see it when it comes out on DVD. Growing up on the original, I was pretty interested to see how this one turns out. My mom was a little concerned at the outcome at first, but when she saw the goofy parts in it, I think it got her a little more interested in the movie. So again, one I’m excited to see this year, and hopefully, maybe do a review on it.

2. Bad Boys for Life

Okay, it’s rated R, and technically I won’t go see this in theatres, but I will probably watch it with my dad, seeing as I saw the first ones last year, and they were definitely amusing to watch. I just really love a good action-comedy movie. (Probably not going to do a review on this movie).

3. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears

Coming out in February, this movie is one I’m stoked for. What better way to celebrate the new decade of the roaring twenties-to take a trip back to the original roaring twenties? Based off the TV Series, Miss Fisher’s Mysteries is about a flouncy 1920’s female detective (and flapper).

And I am so looking forward to seeing this movie-hopefully in theatres. (I will most likely review this movie).

4. Black Widow

To be honest, who hasn’t been waiting for this movie. I’m personally a little upset that this one didn’t come before Captain Marvel. However, I am glad we’re getting it, I’ve always loved her character and even fantasized about one day being her. There is, however, a good chance I won’t see this movie in theatres, just because of the month (May) it is and everything going on. I will, however, being doing a review after I see the movie.

5. Wonder Woman 1984

My brother and I saw the first movie with my grandmother when it first came out, and we absolutely loved it. The entire movie was quite a bit of fun, and it’s been on the top of my favorite movie list sense. My brother and I agreed to go see this one when it comes out in June (It’s going to be a busy month), just to honor the fact we saw the first one in theatres as well. I will definitely be reviewing this movie.

6. Mulan






But seriously, I’m pretty excited. Mulan was a really cool character for me, it wasn’t so much a romance for me, as much as it was a girl making a sacrifice for her family, and considering I’ve always been a family type of girl, yes, please. Will I be seeing this in the theatre? Probably a good chance that I won’t, but I will be doing a review on it because I am curious how they’re going to take it, and despite my excitement, I’m also concerned because of what I’ve been hearing on the production side of things.

7. Emma

Okay, listen, I love Emma. I’m scared to see it, because it’s been remade so many times, and you can’t change a classic, but the way some remakes go…well…we’ll see. But seriously, her cupid-match making, and then falling in love; it’s the greatest love story ever. Emma’s also the first Jane Austin book that I was really into and fangirled about months after to reading it. I’d like to go and see this in theatres, maybe with my mom, but we’ll see how it goes. (Movie will be reviewed).

8. The Secret Garden

Again, childhood novel, and movie. I loved the movie, and the book was definitely something I enjoyed, and I’m very excited to see the remake there’s not much I can say it on right now, I know I won’t see it in theatres, because as cute as the movie is I know that I’ll probably get distracted halfway through, and that’s never good when you’re in a public place.

Currently, that’s what I’m going to have to wrap this up on, the movie list got a little dim, though I do know there are more that I’d like to see-I’m curious, though? Are there any movies that you’re into; that you’re looking forward to in 2020? Let me know!


Well, (1)

So one night, I was feeling a spending spree surging through me, and after watching one of my favorite YouTubers (Alexandria Ryan), I decided, hey, what the hex, let’s give that bad boy a try.

So I did, and here’s…what came in the mail.

For starters; the bag. It was…nice? Where I work (a thrift store), we receive occasional Ipsy bags and they seem to have nice quality, but whether it be the sequence or the way her face was printed, it definitely felt like some dollar quality stuff?


Nomad Highlighter…

I mean, this stuffs nice, I still have no idea what to do with Highlighter, it seemed, to be nice, online it runs for roughly 17 dollars, which is already more than what I paid for the bag. It was a lovely color, (Kiss of Sun in Balmoral Beach). It seemed to swatch pretty well, I did use it when getting ready…not properly-but then nothing’s going to look proper because I’m cheap and I REFUSE to buy a new bottle of foundation even if I am noticeably paler (I didn’t think that was possible, I thought I reached all levels of pale after being out of the sun for two years, but my skin decided otherwise-ANYWAYS).

Ipsy’s Betty Boop Eyeliner.


It makes a mess (not specifically this one, just all eyeliner), and I can’t get anything to go on my eyelid besides eyeshadow, but it seems cool so we’ll see.


This picture flipped itself, and I can’t fix it.


This “It Cosmetics CC+” was something I really liked? It mixed well enough with my skin, and honestly it smelled good? I’m used to make-up smelling, well, make-upy, but this stuff smelled like the quality fruity shampoo/hair product stuff they sell in stores. So, big win. I’d honestly use it as perfume.


I have a confession to make.

I may or may not have…lost some of this stuff after I opened the bag, and took the photos, so I didn’t get to try this particular product-HOWEVER, I was excited to have this, and a few Youtubers I watch did say this stuff was really nice.

And let’s be real, Winter and Fall is actual murder on my skin.

So anything to help this mess (Acne), is a win-win.

Except Burt’s Bees.

And Neutrogena.

Those quite working and now my face doesn’t know what to do.

On Animal Jams, I was a Panda, and then they got rid of my account after they got rid of Pandas, so now I’m not anything at all.

On Animal Jams, I mean.

But anyway, I’ve read reviews where they say this doesn’t fit an adults face, and this concerns me, because I am 90% certain that my head/face is slightly larger then most. That being said, I’m excited to try these with my mom (they sent two), because I’ve been looking for some fun face-masks for a good self-care day. And here they are, so it’s really a win-win.

Overall Thoughts:

The concepts cool. The customer service is GREAT, they’re really helpful and friendly (I was concerned about my order on something, and the response was fast and reassuring). The products, I’m not sure how they equal over 50+ dollars, though I’m still new to makeup, and I just googled the Murad and just realized where most of the money comes from, that aside (HOLY ACTUAL COW).

UPDATE: I’ve just googled the IT cream.



Because with money like that you could actually buy a movie ticket.

Maybe two.

I’m retracting what I said, I see where they calculate the money.

Anyway, the concept for Ipsy? Fun, it’s like a gift to yourself (unless you regift samples, in which case-same, so, a great gift for others), not to mention it’s a little exciting to receive packages, though I have been doing a lot more of that after I’ve developed a reclusive state in which I binge watch Youtubers and eat food that’s not OKAY.

The product quality is over-all pretty excellent, again, I…did personalize the bag so that I received eyeliners and highlights, but I’m not actually sure HOW to use them, no matter how many tutorials I watch.

The bag was a slight disappointment, it felt cheap, but then, I wouldn’t expect it to be like a money wallet.

Overall, it was exciting, and if you have a little extra money to spend, the surprise is definitely worth the twelve dollars.

So; final score:


I was raised to be a tough grader.

What do you want from me?

So have you tried Ipsy? What did you receive, and what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear! 20190413_235924_00008132386945157892677.png

A BUTT TON of Make-up (Nyx Everyday Glow Look Kit Review)

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So, I recently had a birthday, and have approximately 359 days until I’m a whole grown adult. That being said, I also lost my make-up (catastrophically) in the midst of house renovations (and moving rooms around), so I decided, what better excuses to burn my hard-earned money on beauty enhancing things, other than my birthday.

So, here’s a little run-down on what I got (just the basics, I’m not a beauty guru-I barely mastered the hand of applying mascara).

Nyx, Everyday Glow (Look Set)

Place of Purchase: Kohls

Total: $16.00 (On Sale)


I do love this set, I really do.

Mainly the eyeshadow.

Basically the eyeshadow.


I have this great Asian skin, that once tanned, but then, my Italian side started to play a role, and now, I just…sweat…when I’m in the sun.

The point is, I can’t wear lipstick very well, it interacts with my skin color in a funny way, gives my this strange illusion of being a dollar store goth girl (I wish I could pull off the goth look). And if not, I just, don’t have lips, and they are a naturally more pink color, and it’s really just a bunch of factors that make the lipstick TERRIBLE for me, but luckily, there is one color that really matches my skin-and forgive my babbling.

Here are the swatches.

The color that I found looked the best on me was the top color, it was just the right pink with a hint of a darker color that I needed.

On other thoughts-this lipstick does last a good amount of time. I put it on when I went to work, and it lasted until lunch (so roughly five hours), and then I went to my party (I went bowling with a few friends and my family-good times) and it lasted well into the evening, and my TV binging following, so I do suggest this lipstick, in general, if you’re looking for something that lasts.

Now, for the highlight.

(I’m still learning how to use the camera function on my phone, apparently.)


I don’t understand highlight.

I have oily skin-the whole point of concealer and foundation for me is to be less of the shining sun and more of a lightning bolt.

So why am I whipping more shiny juice on my face?

I digress, I do sometimes put it on-and then regret it because people can see me a mile away, and I just want to make friends-not blind other drivers.

But for highlight, and from other people’s ideas on highlight- I would say it’s really nice all things considered, it’s very sparkly and bright. I do appreciate the way it swatched across my hairy arms (are you supposed to shave your arms-the juries still out on that, but even then-winters coming, and I’m not getting rid of my built-in coat anytime soon). I also appreciate the color variety, I don’t know how highlight works, but it seems okay. I do have to say that I can use two colors on a normal look, and then maybe one or two if I’m feeling wild, and I don’t have to go out for another two hours (give them time to cool off before they meet the real world). The other colors are darker, but I guess anyone can wear them?

Again, I don’t watch beauty gurus, I watch health & fitness channels and mukbang channels (you know, balance).

The Eyeshadow-

(I I these pictures aren’t phenomenal, but I was SO excited to try this new makeup, nothing was stopping me from these types of photos).

She’s gorgeous. Seriously, my favorite eyeshadow. I have a huge E.L.F pallet from Christmas, but I do love this pallet-just one problem.

I can’t get it to layer/blend like I want. I know how to layer two-to-three colors and make it look consistent (sort of), but with this pallet, the colors are so over-powering that it actually will cancel out any other color that it’s paired with, and it doesn’t really work as an under-eye color. But I still do love it, and the colors. It works really well for a natural look, and I still am very excited to use it.

All that set aside, I am very excited to announce, that along with my attempt at make-up (it says part one, so let’s hope I actually make a part two) post, I actually have a sponsor to go along with all my lifestyle folk (including myself).

*I also want to note that before I jump into this pitch, that by having sponsors this will help me to keep ads off my blog. I know I’ve been adding them a lot, and it can get annoying, but I do appreciate the patience you all have exercised. As a high school/college student, I’m hoping to be able to put more time into this, but in order to do that, I have to pull a little bit more revenue. I actively reached out with these sponsors, because I knew of their brands, and found them to be something I personally am very interested in. Please don’t let this affect your interactions with my blog, this is very exciting, as, after three years, we’re finally doing really well. My content won’t change because of the sponsors, and again, I do appreciate your patience!*

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Still uncertain? Have a special High School/College Student in your life who’s about to lose their mind? This might just be the self-pampering they need.


So, now, my question stands-what exactly are some key parts of make-up? Is setting spray important, and most of all? If my eyebrows are bushy, are they still something I’m supposed to fill-in? I’d love to know!


Netflix Reviews; Gilmore Girls Reboot


I’m late to the game, what can I say.

But also, I finally got to see the reboot, and after seeing this, I’m ready to try a variety of new shows.

I digress.

I wanted to give my two cents on what shook 2016.

What shook my world-but also not really.

But kind of.

So, Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life

The short-series starts off following our favorite gals meeting up after the beloved father/grandfather’s death. The banter kicks off right away, and you feel instantly home.

Within thirty minutes half the story has been thrown at us in one Gilmore-girl swoop fashion.

We’re instantly hit with Rory’s struggle, and how she isn’t doing a great job of making one hexuva mark on the world, and she’s a homewrecker.


Now, I’ve always been a fan of Rory and Logan-Jess’s attitude just ticked me off, he was more of a jerk than not, and Rory and Jess just were too…Wattpad.

Anywho, Rory’s homewrecking again, she’s in an “open relationship”, she’s cheating on Paul, tap-dancing, and you know what, I understand that no matter how planned out your life might be-things are going to spiral out of control, but nobody informed me that your judgment and good nature would go with it too.

Still, I didn’t hate the storyline, because I’ve always personally related to Rory, and hated her for it all at the same time. I think it goes to show that being hard on yourself really just messes you up in the long run.

Anyway, Rory’s going through a hard time, but what I found the reviews failed to miss on this, was Lorelie. Like, the girl had heart, and while this time around the show seemed aware of how selfish she could be, they also showed signs of character growth, and she had even been going to therapy (but that went through the roof after a few sessions), which is a really good thing for somebody with her back story. She goes on a journey of self-discovery, similar to her daughters, only she tries to reenact a book, while Rory goes and hangs out with the best part of the whole show combined (The Life and Death Brigades). Rory lets that part of her life go and starts to try and find initiative, she’s got inspiration for something big, and overall, things are looking up at this point.

Lorelie finally does what we’ve been screaming about since season one, and the show ends on an overall good note.

A snappy overview I’ve just given, but one none the less.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and felt that the writers did a great job with this though I do feel like a few parts were just afterthoughts, like Rory running into Dean, Christopher showing up for all of ten minutes (less, really), and then there was Jess. Jess existed to give Rory advice, and then I don’t really understand why-like, okay, I get that he was an ex, but being Luke’s nephew, I personally felt like his story was a little too close. Suddenly the books he was reading really sank in, and he was Plato. Again, I’m not a major Jess fan, but I do love a comeback where they learn their lesson, or they show more than two emotions (possibly high or just really mood), and really, he seemed to be doing really well-so what happened? I’m not sure. Other characters that felt random was Sookie, which, I know why, but still, I feel like she was done dirty-like they wrote her to be Jackson instead of Sookie, and I don’t understand why. Babbette and the other townies don’t appear as much as I’d like, but there are only four episodes, so that’s marginally fair.

In conclusion, I did enjoy the reboot, it didn’t have all the elements the original did, but it did bring back the warm and fuzzies, and still is a re-watch type of show. (Just watch all the way from the beginning to the very end-makes for a pretty good week, I’d say). I wouldn’t rant about it and say beautiful, but I’m not mad about it. It reminds me of why I watched the show when I was sick/stressed-it’s stupid, you don’t have to think, and very rarely do you have to feel.

Overall, I’d give this show, a three out of five ginchies-it’s good for what it is, but it was definitely rushed.

Would I suggest the show? Hex yeah, again, all things considered, it wasn’t bad.

So, have you seen the reboot? What are your thoughts on it? Who was your favorite character? I’d love to know!


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Another Overview

Greetings and salutations!

‘Tis I, the great Hazi!

I am SO BEYOND sorry for missing last week, I have no idea what happened with the hours, but they disappeared. That being said, I did record the incredibly interesting life of me (I am so, so, sorry).

And here today:

A Week Overview


Psychology Begins, I am a genius, and then I came home and had a panic attack about not getting my homework done. I also went out to dinner with my mom and brother.


A force to be reckoned with, I spent the ENTIRE day at my mom’s job, and if you want to know the description of batty, that was me at the end of it all. I did get a decent amount of writing done, and did a little volunteering there, but really, because I lacked WiFi connection, it shot a majority of my homework.


Class again, and really just hung out a home with my family.


I went in with my mom to work, mainly because I had to interview a co-worker of hers for a school project, but also because I like the idea of feeling busy. I did a reasonable amount of studying that day, and enjoyed getting to talk with such a ginchtastic lady.


My mom had a series of personal appointments (The Doctors, the Hair Dressers), and then we went grocery shopping, Nothing too exciting happened, other then I took my mom and brother out to lunch for “Valentines Day”.


I worked, I came home and hung out with my family, we ordered pizza and watched movies. Once again, nothing fantastical, except I hit 14,000 WORDS ON A STORY, ONLY TO…


Lose it all. My computer had locked up and I wasn’t able to open or save any documents, so I had to shut off without saving, and lost, 4,000 words-2 chapters, which, doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering how easily distracted I can get, it is. I got up early to volunteer with my mom in her job this morning, then came home and chilled with the rest of my parents. I watched two movies, back to back, and am very proud to say, I didn’t skip a scene I found boring (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Princess Diaries).

And that really concludes the week. Fascinating?

I think not, a blog post?

Probably shouldn’t be, but it is. Make sure to check out tomorrows Writers Square Book Shot!

Thanks for reading! How was your week?

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!



I can’t believe I missed Writers Square. I have missed every day EXCEPT that day. Hex, I didn’t even miss it, I JUST COMPLETELY FORGOT MY BLOG EXISTED YESTERDAY.

So to all you avid Writing Tip Readers, I bid you my deepest apologies, and promise that it will return this upcoming Monday. As for now?

Let’s get ready for some Life Style Shtuff.

So first of all, I want to make it clear, I’m not a lifestyle type of person. I have a life, but my style is something to be questioned. However, because I’m a good blogger, and I genuinely enjoy making quality content that nobody asked for, let’s do a review.

Recently (as in within the past six months), I ordered myself three face masks from Target, all pertaining to companies that work with people who struggle with acne. If you didn’t know this about me:

I struggle with Cystic Acne. It’s bad.

Not to mention, if I have to go anywhere, I wait until five minutes until we have to go, before I decide that “Hey, maybe I should get dressed instead of watching YouTube videos”.

Now, all this information aside, I decided that multiple people had suggested face masks for people who have acne, and you know what, let’s try these face masks out. However, following that, I ended up purchasing ANOTHER face mask, and about halfway writing this, I decided that let’s make this a chronicling journey, of finding face masks.

So let’s get started.

Burts Bees Detoxifying Charcoal Sheet Mask.

I took a blurry photo and didn’t realize until I threw out the package, so here’s a group photo of the first three I ordered.

First of all, I already had a strong disdain when I stupidly opened the mask on my bed, and had it spill on my blanket, however, the mask itself was just…disappointing.

Now, understand that this was my first face mask, and I freak if somebody TOUCHES my face, so you can imagine how freaked I got over something miniscule as a MASK touching my face. It was cold, and not very enjoyable.

All that aside, I tried hard to keep an open mind, however, I found it a bit complicated, considering you could clearly tell that the mask didn’t fit-which is weird because I have a sizable face, and it still had excess stuff. Was the mask tested on a pumpkin?

Anywhozzles, after I left my room following the ten minutes, and freaked my brother out, and joked about it with my mom, I headed to the bathroom to peel the thing off and wash my face.

Now, I realize now I forgot to take a before photo for these, but just picture my face with the optimum redness.

Beautiful, I was a work of art before the mask. (Also, please ignore the chapped lips three months ago version of me had forgotten that Chapstick existed for a reason).

Following the mask, I didn’t notice to much of a change, but I must say, my skin sometimes feels old and crusty even if I wash it, and I woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly refreshed, so total over view?

I think that the mask is a great concept, however it is very messy, and isn’t made to fit a face properly. Do I think it necessarily detoxifies? Maybe if I did it more then once, but considering I didn’t want to blow through my paycheck on face masks when they were having a Sims 4 sale, I decided I probably shouldn’t. Do I suggest this mask? Not really, if your cool with having gabs and ridges when you put the mask on, and excess, well…anything, is your jam, then this is the mask for you. Other then that, the only thing it did was make my skin feel more awake-but to be honest doing a better job at cleaning my face might just help with that (Before you say anything, I do clean my face, it’s just some days I’m very distracted, and tired, so I don’t). So total rating: Two out of Five Ginchies.

Burts Bess Hydrating Sheet Mask with clay sage

When I think about it, I think Burts Bees might actually just be using pumpkins for their face masks, or my face is just really, really small, because it did not work…


This mask was a little less refreshing, and more just annoying. It also smelled like the other mask-like soap.

Not to mention, looking back at these photos, I realize I had no idea what I was doing, and, to make things worst, I look a mess, and what the sugar cookies is with the lighting?!

Okay, rant aside I don’t have much to report about this one, because it didn’t fit, AT ALL, and was even more messy then the previous one. I know they’re suppose to be chillin’ in their own grease, but I mean, come on, when I put it on my face, I mean it’s for my face, not my pants. So for total rating: One out of Five Ginchies. I’m sorry, I love Burts Bees, and they make some bomb stuff, but I don’t think that face masks are cutting it.

Here’s to hoping that the upcoming face mask review (tune in next Tuesday), for some more face masks review (Neutrogena and Bath and Body Works).

Have you tried these face masks? What are your thoughts? Do you have any face masks you suggest I try? I’d love to hear!

Remember to live your life like the gincy story that it is!


I’m a Make-Up Artist, Part One

Guys, I haven’t had more than six hours of sleep every time I drove with my driver’s ed teacher.

But I survived!

Anyways, putting exhaustion and fear of the fact that I’m legally allowed to drive on my own January, let’s jump into something that has nothing to do with my introductory paragraph:


More specifically, what I use for this drop-dead gorgeous face of mine, and how I enhance this beauty.

So recently, as mentioned in a post earlier -talking about my skincare journey (that may or may not have considered taping other peoples faces to my own)- I found a helping hand to my acne problems, and I’m not talking about my grandmother who had a tendency to pat/slap my face.

Or even my other grandmother’s solution, of not using hands on my face at all (which made sense, it just didn’t work).

Actually, it was this Bare Minerals Gold.

Actually its Vegan, and Cruelty-Free, and even though I have no intentions of eating my make-up, it’s good to know that it doesn’t have dairy in it. The good Lord Himself knows that I do not want to be in more awkward situations than the ones I intentionally put myself in.

Anyway, before, I didn’t like to take selfies of myself, and now? I don’t like to take selfies of myself, but when I take them with others, I look gorgeous, I mean, come on, could you say no to this babe if she asked you for some extra cash to buy more books?

Anywhozzles, I’m getting off topic again (surprised?), because this blog post is about the products I use to make me closer to my Audry Hepburn level of class.

So let’s just get this party started (also this is a trilogy series because it takes a lot to make me gorgeous).

So let’s just start off with the things I’m more-or-less required to use daily (I may or may not be a lazy person)

1. Skin Longevity

Just look at that beautiful bottle, and the gorgeous blanket background (Seriously, my mom made me two blankets, both of which I could cocoon myself in four times).

I try to use this stuff three times a day, but sometimes, its a two-times the only type of deal, because as mentioned before, despite what I say about being busy, I’m really just lazy.

It feels so light on my skin and is a part of my routine I don’t dread (those days where I decide to do eye liner…gracious I have an unsteady hand). Adding that alone has helped, immensely with my acne.

2. True Oasis Replenishing Gel Cream

So this has been a part of my routine since I started to use these products last year. I’m supposed to use it twice a day, once in the morning, once at night.

And I could be all science-y, but to be honest, I just know that it made my tired feeling skin, awake (sight the above remark about the previous product).

3. Acne Treatment Gelée cleaner.

Okay, but for real though, this stuff feels weird on the skin, kinda gross. It’s like slim, but not in the DIY galaxy slime way.

That being said, this is one of my favorites, I use it to wash my face (and it smells good).

4. Blemish Remedy

This one is a pain to maneuver in the shower. I probably shouldn’t use it like that, but hey, I’ve never been conventional.

Interestingly enough, this is my all-time favorite product, because it works the most.

So that’s all I’ve got for this skincare post! Let me know down below what you think of Bare Minerals-do you ever use their products? What products do you use? I’m genuinely curious to know.

Thanks for reading!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!