Netflix Reviews; Gilmore Girls Reboot


I’m late to the game, what can I say.

But also, I finally got to see the reboot, and after seeing this, I’m ready to try a variety of new shows.

I digress.

I wanted to give my two cents on what shook 2016.

What shook my world-but also not really.

But kind of.

So, Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life

The short-series starts off following our favorite gals meeting up after the beloved father/grandfather’s death. The banter kicks off right away, and you feel instantly home.

Within thirty minutes half the story has been thrown at us in one Gilmore-girl swoop fashion.

We’re instantly hit with Rory’s struggle, and how she isn’t doing a great job of making one hexuva mark on the world, and she’s a homewrecker.


Now, I’ve always been a fan of Rory and Logan-Jess’s attitude just ticked me off, he was more of a jerk than not, and Rory and Jess just were too…Wattpad.

Anywho, Rory’s homewrecking again, she’s in an “open relationship”, she’s cheating on Paul, tap-dancing, and you know what, I understand that no matter how planned out your life might be-things are going to spiral out of control, but nobody informed me that your judgment and good nature would go with it too.

Still, I didn’t hate the storyline, because I’ve always personally related to Rory, and hated her for it all at the same time. I think it goes to show that being hard on yourself really just messes you up in the long run.

Anyway, Rory’s going through a hard time, but what I found the reviews failed to miss on this, was Lorelie. Like, the girl had heart, and while this time around the show seemed aware of how selfish she could be, they also showed signs of character growth, and she had even been going to therapy (but that went through the roof after a few sessions), which is a really good thing for somebody with her back story. She goes on a journey of self-discovery, similar to her daughters, only she tries to reenact a book, while Rory goes and hangs out with the best part of the whole show combined (The Life and Death Brigades). Rory lets that part of her life go and starts to try and find initiative, she’s got inspiration for something big, and overall, things are looking up at this point.

Lorelie finally does what we’ve been screaming about since season one, and the show ends on an overall good note.

A snappy overview I’ve just given, but one none the less.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and felt that the writers did a great job with this though I do feel like a few parts were just afterthoughts, like Rory running into Dean, Christopher showing up for all of ten minutes (less, really), and then there was Jess. Jess existed to give Rory advice, and then I don’t really understand why-like, okay, I get that he was an ex, but being Luke’s nephew, I personally felt like his story was a little too close. Suddenly the books he was reading really sank in, and he was Plato. Again, I’m not a major Jess fan, but I do love a comeback where they learn their lesson, or they show more than two emotions (possibly high or just really mood), and really, he seemed to be doing really well-so what happened? I’m not sure. Other characters that felt random was Sookie, which, I know why, but still, I feel like she was done dirty-like they wrote her to be Jackson instead of Sookie, and I don’t understand why. Babbette and the other townies don’t appear as much as I’d like, but there are only four episodes, so that’s marginally fair.

In conclusion, I did enjoy the reboot, it didn’t have all the elements the original did, but it did bring back the warm and fuzzies, and still is a re-watch type of show. (Just watch all the way from the beginning to the very end-makes for a pretty good week, I’d say). I wouldn’t rant about it and say beautiful, but I’m not mad about it. It reminds me of why I watched the show when I was sick/stressed-it’s stupid, you don’t have to think, and very rarely do you have to feel.

Overall, I’d give this show, a three out of five ginchies-it’s good for what it is, but it was definitely rushed.

Would I suggest the show? Hex yeah, again, all things considered, it wasn’t bad.

So, have you seen the reboot? What are your thoughts on it? Who was your favorite character? I’d love to know!


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Book Shots: Grasping At Eternity

Can we just acknowledge how I somehow managed to read THREE books this year. Wow.

I’ve never been more disappointed in myself.

But jumping back into it, I thought I’d review an old familiar of mine- Grasping at Eternity by Karen Amanda Hooper.

And as I’ve always felt toward the three times I’ve read the book, I felt the train wreck comming in the first page.

The story starts off with our MAIN Main character, Maryah, who has just had an uncomfortable run in with her parents, basically about her being “average”.

Oh my gosh, you don’t have good lucky or a big chest, woah-es me.

Sounds like every book? The complaints are.

But you know what, I’ll give it to the author, girls are pretty sensitive, and being told that you’re not exactly like your attractive smart brother would hurt (I should know), and if your parents say it, I’m so sorry (Can’t relate, my mother does everything but slap me when I make a remark comparing myself to others).

So she’s pouting in her boat, has her brother come up and try to console her, she feels a little better, and things will be perfect, she’ll eat snikerdoodles and listen to old classics, and her dad will apologise.

Except they won’t be perfect, because then a bit of a freak accident happens, and long story short, she ends up with a broke leg and a piece of wood shoved in her abdomen.

Due to the accident, her parents and brother (who’s her twin, by the way), passed away, leaving her an orphaned kid, who was either to live with her aunt and uncle, or her God parents that she’s never…actually met.

But she did meet them, because during the book, the twist is introduced, which you pick up between our kinda-annoying MAIN MC, and very annoying, MC dude, who is actually a total rotten Snicker doodle himself, and is whiny, and completely stuck on living for this girl and being weird about it, while she’s clueless,(but not really). I’m not going to lie, the Main Characters, they were total crap, like I get them, but also, the idea that they’ve spent centuries together, and never really had a break, would clearly acknowledge that they both needed a break.

And once again, the dude, the MC, Nathaniel is really whiny, for a dude, and acts nothing like a guy who’s seen some shingles, and rather a guy who’s playing the “nice guys finish last”.

That being said, the side cast was bomb, they were well structured, and had a less whiny attitude then the MC’s did. They had quarks, and gave me major Fast and Furious “Family” vibes.

The storyline that is important, but not, but also yeah kinda, important, is there, but not completely there, since the storyline is very

“I hate you, but I love you, and God help my ragging teenage hormones even though I’ve been around for CENTURIES.” (Yes, centuries, go read the book, I’m not giving spoilers).

In conclusion, you’re probably wondering why I read the same book three times-and the answer is simple.

The side cast is the main cast, and I love them.

Also I might be a massocist.

When it comes to suggesting the story, in general, would I?

No. But for my romance readers, and those who do enjoy their sides over the main course, yes. For my younger ones, or those who aren’t into completely Sexual references, probably not.

It’s not a lemon, thank the good Lord (I wouldn’t have read it), but it’s too edgy to be fluff, so basically, my current standing as a teenager.

For age, maybe someone who was fifteen, when I first read the book, or older, I’d say this book should be something you should check out, at the very least because the author loved her characters, you can tell, and that’s admirable.

For total rating, I’d give it two out of five ginchies, just because of the over-fluff, and the characters being very, very annoying.

I want to hear from you guys! Have you read this book? What did you think? How would you rate it? Are there any more books you want me to review?

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story it is!


I’m A Make Up Artist Part 2

Okay, and for the third time that I’ve written this post (WordPress is not letting me enter the draft for this post-aurghhh!!!), I proudly introduce the next part to my concerningly large face care collection.

So anywhozzles, today we’re going to be going over Foundation/concealors and brushes.

But not this brush, because this is a hair brush, and I’m talking about these brushes:

Maybe we should talk about the hair brush, because these clearly need to be cleaned.

However, depsite the clear factor that I am killing my face with bacteria, can we talk about how soft these fellas are? Seriously, I have spent a worrisome amount of time getting myself with these. I don’t know what it is about these brushes, but they are soft. To be technical, apparently the top one is suppose to mimick your fingertips, but I just like that it’s soft.

And the bottom one…

Did I mention how soft they are?

Of course, I would be really strange if I just stroked my faces with the brushes all the time, and didn’t apply at least some make up, like my foundations.

More specifically, these foundations:

Also, if you can’t tell from the color, I look beige.

Not tan, not pale (my parents), but beige.

I don’t understand.

Okay, so the point is, though, that the second foundation has been with me since the very begining, in fact, it’s what I used to always wear, just because it brought my skin relief. I would wake up some mornings and my skin would hurt sooo bad, and if you couldn’t tell, it really helped.

The top one was what this beautiful gal got to graduate to this past month. This is big news, because I hate putting on makeup, and genuinely can’t concentrate on putting it on to save my life.

No really, I got distracted and started to watch a YouTube video, do some school work, and play a game.

I don’t know how I got there, but I did.

Or how I got to this point in the post, when we were talking about foundation, but usually, what I follow up with is this:

Not exactly at the same time, but geez the bottom tube is dirty.

My makeup got in my makeup drawer (a drawer in my jewelry box) had some foundation spill, and mess it up.

No matters! The point is that both of them work well, the bottom one is used to reduce redness, and the top one I use when I’m trying to act like I totally didn’t get four hours of sleep because I stayed up late writing.

(All good thing become a problem outside of moderation-said no Hazi ever. People just get really judgemental, and I have really puffy Asian eyes, so, the less puffy-bags, the better).

With those comes the finale to this beautiful trilogy!

My make-up collection will be complete.

*Laughs evily*

Next time, good friends, and remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!