The Science Behind Self-Care

Over the past few years, self-care has been increasingly popular with the ever-growing acknowledgment of the mental health that plagues our society. Stress is our drug, it’s what keeps us going…right into an early grave. So naturally, we’ve decided that enough is enough, and we are just as important as what we’re fighting for. You can’t pour from an empty cup. But even with this common popularity, people still argue that they do care for themselves, and they can’t slow down too much. We can however agree that hygiene and taking care of your health is important and to that extent, I bring you to…The Science Behind Self Care.When It BeganAccording to ISF (International Self-Care Foundation), it was a movement that began during the 19th century and carried on into the 20th century. It was revolutionized as people began to accept the idea of the medical world. What It Is

“Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.”-Psych Central

Psych Central wrote an article summary on what Self-Care is-and isn’t. And in summary, it appears most everybody says the same thing-self care is taking care of those three aforementioned qualities.Why I’m Making a Whole Darn Series On ItI like to do research, and I like to make a point, but with facts, so here it is.What to Expect

  • Different Areas of Self-Care
  • Scientific Reasoning (A.K.A, Information pulled from studies/articles), on why you should focus on self-care.
  • Tips on how to manage self-care

I’m not a professional, by the way.I’m just a teenager who genuinely finds the reasoning behind these fascinating. I know last week I said I’d launch the series, but I wanted to provide an actual idea and cover what I mentioned above.That being said, I apologize for the delay, I got slammed with work, and then I’ve been procrastinating getting sick (it’s not worth explaining).Now, onto the sponsor.Today’s post is sponsored by FabFitFun. Fabfitfun is a seasonal subscription box that gives you a chance to experience quality products worth over 250 dollars combined, all for just $49.99. Fall’s box was a lot of fun, and I know they’re currently running a few a codes that gives you 50% off your purchase, so by clicking on the image bellow, and using for the code fall50, (for a limited time), you should be able to get 50% percent off this box, which will get you started down a path of, if nothing at the very least, some quality re-gifting. (Because if you’re cheap like myself and my mom, and some things make for great gifts for our friends).20190413_235924_00006191441673412637315.png

Reading List (October Picks)


Spooky Season’s around the corner, and I have a few books planned out for October, as I jump back into reading my books- let’s check out the seven on my list. Before I do-I know it’s early for October, but September packed up pretty quickly, so let’s aim for one heckuva book month with my favorite genre, eh?

  1. Stalking Jack the Ripper (Kerri Maniscalo)

It’s honestly been a while since I’ve read this beauty-and I find October to be my time for the heebie-jeebies, without getting too deep into the spiritual world of Demons and whatnot (unless it’s busting into a cult or something along those lines). This was my favorite book when I first read it, and when I got the book I was even more excited. It’s dark and creepy, but somehow is just a…perfect book to curl up under the covers with…a barely lit room…

Image result for jack the ripper book series

2. Dark Powers Book 1 (Bill Meyers)


Listen, creepy contemporary Christian is my jam, and this book-it’s what I love. It’s got the supernatural bits with a godly twist; it’s got a mystery, and yes, I’ve read this book too, but it’s been a bit, and I absolutely love it! I would definitely suggest this one, even just to find out why some teenagers are talking on the internet doing what a stranger tells them too (don’t do that).

Image result for dark powers forbidden doors

3. The Amateurs (Sarah Shepherd)

I’d like to start off by saying I got the authors last name wrong and came up with totally different search results on google, so um…I’m just going to avoid googling author names from here on out.

I digress, moving on.

I happened to have picked this mystery up at Barnes and Noble on clearance (those are where the OG gems live), and was pleasantly surprised by the description. It’s hard to find a good teen mystery–and while I haven’t read it, it definitely is giving me high hopes; and if anything, it’ll make for some good cozy reading (I’m going to continue to talk about this because my room is being fixed up and I got a little candle that won’t bug my Guinea Pig with smell…)


4. PJ Sugar, Nothing But Trouble (Sarah May Warren)

I have something to confess.

I accidentally read the last book first, and now I’m just mad.

I was so excited, and I sat down, and I’m just like “What”, but I still read it. And then read it again. And then imagined some fan-fiction, because I was twelve when I first read it, and I was in the FanFic stage. But again, I read it at least once year-the characters are charming, and now that I have a job, I’ve decided to spring for the whole series, and let me tell you, I am excited for this one.

Image result for pj sugar nothing but trouble

5. Hangman’s Curse (Frank Peretti)

Again, a book I read out of order (I read Nightmare Academy first), but I did enjoy the book. It captivates you in a way you wouldn’t expect, and Frank Peretti writes the perfect psychological thriller (from what I can remember it’s been about two years), that just, makes you feel like you have to read it a time, or three to really grasp it.

I digress, I do remember that there was a scene with spiders, and that was my unraveling at that point in Hangman’s Curse. So, this, is definitely one I know will give me chills.

Image result for frank peretti hangman's curse

6. A Study in Charlotte (Brittany Cavallaro)

This book just looks like fun, sort of a break up from the Hangman’s Curse and Stalking Jack the Ripper, but it has the mystery that I really enjoy. Watching the book trailer just made me…giddy, sir, I’m genuinely excited to read this book. Holy Hex is the trailer immersive. (Also, I may or may not have developed a crush on a book character again, and I just watched the trailer; so you know, that’s always nice).






No offense to the authors, it’s just confusing to me, I mean, hex yeah, if you’re writing’s bomb, absolutely man I’ll support you-it’s your own work, and the characters are your own creation (you know, not based off of anything incredibly noticeable)? Sign me up, I will support small authors.

But do not make a rip-off of Twilight or a Fan-Fiction, and charge me money.

7. The Hunger Games

I’m doing it, I’m diving into the fandom.

Recently, and I don’t know if you know this, Kindle Unlimited moved a butt-ton of books to their list that you can now read for free, even the entire Harry Potter Series, and the ever-popular Selection Series. I appreciate that, because when my family first got the subscription.

I read a lot of trash.

I still do.

But my parents spent ten dollars for me to read exactly what I was ranting about early. Now, I did find some gems, but boy, when Unlimited first launched, it was a mess.

I digress, the point is, I’m excited, and now that I can get my hands on it.

Years later.

After movies have been made and grammy’s awarded.

The Hunger Games (1)

So, my question for you is, have you read any of these books? Are you excited for fall, and what’s your reading list? I’d love to know!

So I have approximately 368 days until I’m an adult


So, my birthday’s rounding the corner (I know, I know, seventeen, the last year of being a legal child), and I’ve been trying to think of a way to make a big deal of it, so I decided, to do a Birthday Tag.

Fascinating stuff, right?

(Also, I may or may not be crunched to write a decent post, but also half asleep, so let’s see what I can do).

I would also like to note, that I couldn’t find any birthday tags, except this one, from Journey Speaks, so kudos to you, my friend.


Let’s begin.

When’s your birthday?

September 14th, 2002-So technically, Saturday.

How old are you turning?

Somewhere between Ancient, and I’m Just a Baby Child, so…Seventeen.

What’s the most favorite present that you’ve received?

My brother actually gave me these little beaded bracelet’s that had owls and turtles; they came in multiple colors. I don’t have them still because I wore the living daylights out of them. My other favorite gift would be an American Girl Doll I got when I was five.

Are you/did you have a party this year? If so what are you doing/what did you do?

I’m actually going bowling with my family and some close friends. My mom sort of threw it together a few weeks ago, after I had a hard time finding what I wanted to do (I work on my actual birthday-when they have all the major events going on, so that made things tricky). She always manages to make birthdays special.

How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

In my family, we have Birthweeks. Because we don’t really go all out on any other holidays, it’s a big deal. It also helps to make sure my mom and brother (since they share a birthday)miss out. Anyway, basically, we give little gifts throughout the week, and they get charge over the TV what/where we eat, and that sort of thing. We also hang up the birthday banner (well, usually, not this year, it kinda bit the dust), and smaller decorations.

What was the most memorable birthday you’ve ever had?

Honestly, they’re all pretty memorable. The most memorable would have to be my eleventh. I had a great party, but some drama went down in the background and kind of bled into the next few days and made me a bit…emotional. Long story short, it was both good and bad.

If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday?

That’s a loaded question. Honestly, I’m a bit of a…material girl, so you know, probably definitely a VERY LARGE shopping spree, but also, I’d probably travel with the ones I loved to a different Country.

Perhaps, Scottland, or Paris.

What’s your birthday wish list?

Pfffttt, probably Money.

Honestly, though, now that I have a job, I prefer to buy things for myself. And I’d probably just end up putting it toward a computer, or school…

But, other items might be


Sims 4 Packs


I really, don’t know.

If you only had one birthday left, what would you do for your birthday?

1)Have Anxiety that it was my last birthday

2) Do the above, but also invest a butt-ton of money so that my family and a few choice organizations were financially secure.

3) Throw a Huge Party and Travel to a TON of places

 Show a picture of your birthday, preferably an embarrassing one.

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure Google has deleted a bunch of photos because we are missing a TON. So really, the only two I could find was from my eleventh birthday, and my 14th birthday (3-ish years ago). It could also be that I deleted them. I also took a picture last year, but it’s just…not interesting. So I’m going to have to hard pass this question.

Do you have any birthday traditions? 

Act as if I’m treating myself more so than I do on a normal base.

But also, just as I said before, BirthWeek.

That’s pretty much it.

What’s your favorite part about your birthday?

Being the center of attention. And telling old stories with my family and reminiscing about specifically hilarious events.

 What’s one thing that changed a lot since your last birthday?

I’m less depressed, so things are different in every way. I’m able to enjoy things more without feeling utterly terrible, and over-all, I’m excited about it, more than I am dreading the idea of getting older and “adulting more”.

Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone? 

No to both, but trust me, I will. I freakin’ love birthdays-specifically others. I go bankrupt (not really, but I do excercise more self-control than usual when birthdays are around) around birthdays. I love making people feel special and seeing them have a good time…

Right, I’m genuinely curious, Birthday or not, how would you answer these questions? When’s your birthday, and what’s your absolute favorite thing about birthdays?

And, before I go,

Today’s post is sponsored by Skillshare (I know, I know, but hear me out). Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers you the opportunity to learn about things in a setting that’s most comfortable for you. They have people who specialize in that field, who teach courses on a variety of things. I’m personally working on getting into art, and they have some great beginners courses. By clicking the link down below, you can have your first two months for free, giving you access to all of these courses.

Now, Without further ado, sound of in the comments down below, and let me know the above stuff, but also, what’s the most hilarious birthday story that you have?


We Did Alright

So, yet another thing I’ve written a bit ago. I don’t know if it makes sense, but either way-enjoy!

Remember when we were younger, and things didn’t matter to us, other than making sure we made it to bed on time before mom suspended our tv privileges?
Remember when we lived in a time where reality was just something that we saw on TV, that the games we played used Tonka Trucks, pretending that they were all stuck in the mud, come in off the bike all dirtied up, and the biggest fear was what we messed up with the dirt on our shoes?
   Wish I could say that was the truth for now, but the thing is that I look back on the memories, and I’m starting to realize they weren’t all happy for me. I struggled with so much to stay in the same spot, claim that I’ve done a lot, look at me now, I hit emotional highs and bring myself down, claim I’m what will bring fame to this horror-ridden town.
See the truth is that behind the smile I copy and paste onto my face, I struggle so much.
She’s a good girl they say as I walk away, with a fake smile on my face like everything’s okay. Convince myself I’m being ridiculous like I don’t have a role in this, the mess I call a life of mine, what the heck am I suppose to do this time?

The truth is I’ve never known where I was going or what I was supposed to do. Blame myself, but claim it wasn’t true. I worked my hardest to get here, in the mess I call my life, and as much as I hate myself for it, I’d still say it’s alright. Maybe it’s no longer toy trucks in our years, but we’ve had the memories, and we’ve had our fears-and look where it’s got us, this mess of a life, something that, in the end, shows we did alright.

Netflix Reviews; Gilmore Girls Reboot


I’m late to the game, what can I say.

But also, I finally got to see the reboot, and after seeing this, I’m ready to try a variety of new shows.

I digress.

I wanted to give my two cents on what shook 2016.

What shook my world-but also not really.

But kind of.

So, Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life

The short-series starts off following our favorite gals meeting up after the beloved father/grandfather’s death. The banter kicks off right away, and you feel instantly home.

Within thirty minutes half the story has been thrown at us in one Gilmore-girl swoop fashion.

We’re instantly hit with Rory’s struggle, and how she isn’t doing a great job of making one hexuva mark on the world, and she’s a homewrecker.


Now, I’ve always been a fan of Rory and Logan-Jess’s attitude just ticked me off, he was more of a jerk than not, and Rory and Jess just were too…Wattpad.

Anywho, Rory’s homewrecking again, she’s in an “open relationship”, she’s cheating on Paul, tap-dancing, and you know what, I understand that no matter how planned out your life might be-things are going to spiral out of control, but nobody informed me that your judgment and good nature would go with it too.

Still, I didn’t hate the storyline, because I’ve always personally related to Rory, and hated her for it all at the same time. I think it goes to show that being hard on yourself really just messes you up in the long run.

Anyway, Rory’s going through a hard time, but what I found the reviews failed to miss on this, was Lorelie. Like, the girl had heart, and while this time around the show seemed aware of how selfish she could be, they also showed signs of character growth, and she had even been going to therapy (but that went through the roof after a few sessions), which is a really good thing for somebody with her back story. She goes on a journey of self-discovery, similar to her daughters, only she tries to reenact a book, while Rory goes and hangs out with the best part of the whole show combined (The Life and Death Brigades). Rory lets that part of her life go and starts to try and find initiative, she’s got inspiration for something big, and overall, things are looking up at this point.

Lorelie finally does what we’ve been screaming about since season one, and the show ends on an overall good note.

A snappy overview I’ve just given, but one none the less.

Overall, I really enjoyed this and felt that the writers did a great job with this though I do feel like a few parts were just afterthoughts, like Rory running into Dean, Christopher showing up for all of ten minutes (less, really), and then there was Jess. Jess existed to give Rory advice, and then I don’t really understand why-like, okay, I get that he was an ex, but being Luke’s nephew, I personally felt like his story was a little too close. Suddenly the books he was reading really sank in, and he was Plato. Again, I’m not a major Jess fan, but I do love a comeback where they learn their lesson, or they show more than two emotions (possibly high or just really mood), and really, he seemed to be doing really well-so what happened? I’m not sure. Other characters that felt random was Sookie, which, I know why, but still, I feel like she was done dirty-like they wrote her to be Jackson instead of Sookie, and I don’t understand why. Babbette and the other townies don’t appear as much as I’d like, but there are only four episodes, so that’s marginally fair.

In conclusion, I did enjoy the reboot, it didn’t have all the elements the original did, but it did bring back the warm and fuzzies, and still is a re-watch type of show. (Just watch all the way from the beginning to the very end-makes for a pretty good week, I’d say). I wouldn’t rant about it and say beautiful, but I’m not mad about it. It reminds me of why I watched the show when I was sick/stressed-it’s stupid, you don’t have to think, and very rarely do you have to feel.

Overall, I’d give this show, a three out of five ginchies-it’s good for what it is, but it was definitely rushed.

Would I suggest the show? Hex yeah, again, all things considered, it wasn’t bad.

So, have you seen the reboot? What are your thoughts on it? Who was your favorite character? I’d love to know!


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Mourning Routine of a School Girl


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I’m a student.

I know, I know what you’re thinking.

You’re shocked, you’re confused, and you’re horrified. Don’t worry, so am I.

And yet, I still have another seven years I get to undergo.

I digress, as a High School student, a school girl-a lernin’ child, I have a weird morning routine.


I don’t have one at all; but I do have a mourning routine before I start school-and I do kind of have solutions to my mourning routine-and for you if you have one similar, too.


(Oh the irony)




So like any normal lernin’ child, I start the mourning off with subtle dread, before the process starts. It looks a little like a dying cat, but with the flourish of a ballerina.

You know that feeling, that feeling you get where you’re trying to get yourself to do something but you can’t do something, because, well, you can’t.

Now, this stage is a pretty big stage, and it can be hard to hit. It may be level one of a boss battle, but then, when it comes to the Mourning Stages of  Learnin’ Child-everything is ten times worse.

As stated before, if I catch it in enough time, I do have a solution to this problem of mine.

It starts with a little reward and a little bit of time management.

I highly suggest starting off with an alarm. Set the alarm for a certain period of time (perhaps one hour), and reward yourself with something small, like maybe a chapter in the book your reading (but not video games, those can pull you so far in).

Stage One Tips.png


So, you’ve manage to completely skip the dying cat stage. Somehow, you’ve managed to completely procrastinate your way through it-maybe you used my tips. That’s okay, I oftentimes manage to rationalize that, if I allow myself just a little bit more time, I’ll work longer next time. Hex, I’ll go as far as completely rebooting my system just to avoid having something block my search results.

I don’t know why, I’m just desperate to do something-anything different from school.

So you’ve hit stage two, and really, this is where things get tricky, considering there are only three notable stages of a mourning schedule.

So, stage two, the stage that seems impossible, you’ve done the above, or else you’ve managed nap right through the amount of time you should be awake-and welcome to the crunch time.

But of course, you could really use a nap to…so here’s my advice for you.

Pack up your books, because it’s time to leave what you know behind.

It’s best to find a new spot to study-a place you don’t know like the back of your hand-but know well enough. Drop yourself there, plug in a playlist, and get started. You might find yourself distracted at first, but using the same advice from above, and possibly making it a bit more of an enjoyable experience by treating yourself to a special drink and/or snack.

And for the Final Stage

Well, welcome to the end game of all stages. This stage-this final boss battle, it’s the most painful. This is where you’ve managed to do the above, all the while being half-asleep at the same time. And so here you are, minutes away from class. I know what you’re thinking.

There’s no hope here.

You’ve been defeated.

You’re in the final mourning stage, their’s no help, and you’re not awake.

Well grab your coffee and dark chocolate, and have a seat.

Writing things down helps to kick things into your brain, even while on autopilot. Put on Sims music or another game of your choice, and get started. Write every important piece you find on ONE notecard, and at the end of it all, read it. In your autopilot mode, read the notecard. Now, take a quick five minutes to walk, review the notecard, write down the information again, and, above all.

Add a heading (1).png

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Learn on Skillshare

Are you the type of person to be a mourner of your study schedule? And if so, how do you get out of the slump? I’d love to know!