I give you, a preview of yet another piece of work.

I’m a sick little child who’s going to bed in the next few hours, and it’s only 8:30.

But also, I’m a writer, and I do this thing where I like to give you guys a preview of a WIP

I’m working on, so I thought for today, that’s what I’d offer you.

This story is essentially a mystery, and while I’m working out all the quarks and oddities, it will be up on Wattpad and Inkitt in the next week or so.

But, before we get into this story, I wanted to say that todays post is sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning platform that gives you access to hundreds of classes for the low price of just 10 dollars a month. Sign up today to get your first two months, free!

{Excerpt/Prologue} in

“Oh Azania, excellent, it’s you.” Mother glanced up at me from her end of the table everybody in the room turning to me. “I’m glad you made time in your seemingly busy schedule to see me during a meeting.”

“Oh please, Gwendalon, it’s always a lovely surprise to see Azania.” Mr. Graid, one of her investors, moved his hand toward the small of my back.

“And it’s always a pleasure to see you Mr. Graid. How unfortunate of the age difference, and the fact I have a thing for men with more tact…and class…” I gave a tight smile, reaching back I grabbed his hand. “What was it you wanted?”

“Well dear if you must know at the most importuned time I’ve found you a job.” She drummed her fingers on her desk. “You know our bellboy that was working for the buffalo police department?”

“Considering I just finished an eleven-year war with the original one, no. I usually avoid them.” I dropped Mr. Graid’s hand, I dropped in a seat several away from him. “So what about the bell boy?”

“Well, he was a temporary replacement, we were helping him with some start-up business of sorts.” She reached for her pager, “He’s working today, I believe, so I think it’ll be a prime time to meet him, and talk about the positions available.”

“Mother I’m terrible with math-” I pointed my finger at Mr. Graids, who was smirking in my direction “Not that bad, but the point is, I don’t do start-ups. If I wanted a start-up, I’d go and follow my dream of opening a jazz club.”

“Well dear seeing as you have time to sit here and argue with me, rather than soliciting-”

“That’s not what I was going for and you know it.” I sighed “I’m not into being a-”

A knock sounded on the door interrupting my conversation.

“Ms. Sharper, did you wish to see the bell boy?” Mother’s secretary, Mars, asked, leaning against the door frame.

“Mother I am not into being a rich fund for some guy who doesn’t know how to put a little change-” I stopped as soon as the boy stepped in.

Well, if “boy” was the proper word. At six foot two, and dark messy hair, he certainly was a charmer-in an awkward sort of way.

I sat up some, uncrossing my arms. “I’ve changed my mind, it sounds like a lovely idea.”

“Yes, I thought as much.” Mother turned to him “Mr. Yedgerson, perhaps you should take this chance to pitch yourself to the board, and perhaps my daughter, though I can tell that she’s already won over.”

“I-I wasn’t prepared for this.” He stammered, rubbing his arms self-consciously.

“That’s what we all say when Azania shows up, she has a tendency to live in an impish dream that the world revolves around her, and her time.” Mother crossed her arms. “Go ahead, a good businessman should take any chance he gets to show himself.”

I rolled my eyes, grabbing a water bottle from the tray beside me. “I’ll be back.” Making my way through the crowd of board members, I grabbed Yedgersons arm, pulling him out the door, I shut it behind me. “What’s your name?”

“Ace Yedgerson; I’m sorry, I don’t think that I made myself clear to your mother-”

I nodded, brushing a few strands of hair out of his face, I jerked off the jacket.

“H-Hey-” He watched as I grabbed the jacket off my mother’s secretary. “I need a safety pin, Mars.” Mars nodded, handing me one as he pulled another jacket from his drawer, as well as a portable steamer.

“It’s a power move, and while yes, I did show up in the middle of a board meeting, she’s trying to make a point. What’s your company?” I handed him the jacket, undoing the safety pin, I fixed the jacket so that it hung in a more fitting way.

“It’s a Private Investigation organization.” He pulled a container of hand sanitizer out of his pocket, opening it as I opened another one of Mars’ drawers, pulling out hair gel. “Is your hair naturally unruly?”


“Not important how long have you been apart of the Police Department?”

“Four years.”

“How long exactly?” I pressured, grabbing the tie Mars had held out for me.

“Four years and nine months-”

“Good talk fast enough and we can get away with five years.”

“I’m not going to-”

“Why’d you leave?”

“The head detective-” He grimaced as I ran my fingers through his hair, working the hair gel in.

I turned to Mars, who handed me a container of breath mints. “Pull up information on Detective Cooper from Buffalo Police Department.”

Ace frowned “Why are you helping me with this?”

“Mars and I have spent what-almost 7 years pulling people out of situations that my mother has put them in?” I grabbed the phone from Mars, stepping away.

“It’s your one chance to make an impression if you clean up quick, let Zanie work her charm and roll with the punches, you’ll have several investors eating out of the palm of your hand.” Mars explained “Ms. Sharper views herself as a goddess, she likes to make you think that you should be so lucky as to be in your presence. The only thing she loves more then her hotel chains is Zanie, even if she does show it in a distant-”

“Mars not now!” I called, just as I dialed the number Mars had pulled up. “Detective Cooper, hello, it’s Zanie.”

“I’m sorry?” His voice sounded over the phone, sounding uncertain.

“Oh don’t tell me you’ve forgotten already.” I examined my nails. “I could hardly forget the false alligations you tried to make against me.”

“Ah, Azania Sharp.”

“Sweetheart, don’t think you’re lucky to breathe my first name, let alone use it in full.” I scoffed, putting my hand on my hip. “Listen, quick favor, give me information on Ace Yedgerson.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Good, right?” I pressed, not bothering to let him state too much.


“Excellent, from what I’ve heard, hard worker. Know’s what he’s doing.”

“He was actually on the case with your friend.”

“Oh was he? Funny how he’s no longer working there, did you get them to sack him too or was it because he was smart and walked away?”

“Miss Sharper, I don’t appreciate what you’re implying.” His voice lowered some, footsteps in the background.

“And I don’t appreciate you, at all, but alas I’m still having a phone conversation.” I started slowly back toward Mars and Ace. “So what-say? Excellent, hard worker, from you and everybody else?”

A heavy sigh came on the other end of the line. “Indeed, Ms. Sharper.”

“Good, talk soon, don’t falsely accuse anyone while you persist on being a shady pi-oh did that almost slide out?” I scoffed “Have a good day.”

Mars raised his eyebrows “Well?”

I nodded, sitting on the edge of his desk as I examined Ace. “Before I go in there, I want you to promise something to me.”

Ace gave me a curious look, adjusting the tie Mars had handed him. “What would that be?”

“You investigate something for me.”

He hesitated, before nodding.

“Good, let’s go push the newest Hercule Poirot.”

So I’ve Put Together a List of Writing Help


So I’ve done a thing…

I’ve found some very interesting ways to improve your writing.

Whether it be prompts to tips on the internet-Welcome to your go-to-guide on Writing Help.

Let’s have a look-see at what’s been found.

1) Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts are incredibly helpful, and I believe I have found the best source, would The Fake Red Head. She has writing tips and prompts that can be accessed on both her blog-and on Pinterest.

2) Grammar Advice

If your anything like yours truly, you might find that you have a hard time with certain types of grammar rules/writing. There is help for that so you don’t have to spend hours browsing the internet looking for the perfect source, I can give you the one I learned from my English Class. (My college English class, so you know – educated). Grammar Girl has been the best-found source, and personally, I do enjoy the advice it gives. It offers the information, practice activities and provides it in a way that’s short and simple.

3) Character Creation

Having a hard time figuring out how to write a character-or even creating a character? Well here’s a Character Generator website for you to check out. It offer’s fun details about a character, and gives you a chance to expand your horizons on how you usually write characters!

4) Character Profile

Dani Lee Collins offers excellent tips and layout profile templates for those in. With an array of other articles on the website- this one, in particular, offers the templates that I would highly suggest using.

5) Grammar Checking

Unsurprisingly, one of the websites that I’m here to suggest to you is commonly known- and used already. If you haven’t heard of it though; and you’re looking for an excellent grammar checking website (I’m currently using it to write this post and if you think this version is bad, you should see the errors that pop up while writing it) is Grammarly. There are a variety of ways you could use Grammarly, and I actually used it to double-check errors made in my essays.

6) Story Structures

While there are a plethora of sources for finding the perfect way to layout your story,  Kristen Kieffer, of Well-Storied offers an excellent source, providing 3 plot structures -giving you the optimal options for your storytelling.

With these websites, I hope you find some help with whatever your struggles might be. I personally have recently discovered or used these sources for a while. As someone who’s just getting back into the writing game, I find myself more excited about the idea of using these.

And don’t worry, if you’re more of a mobile device user (I started off that way), then I have a list compiled of the apps I suggest for you.

Mobile Alternatives.png

Have you used any of these sources-and if so, what are your thoughts? Do you have any source suggestions? I’d love to know!




Articles Referenced

Kieffer, Kristen. “3 Awesome Plot Structures For Building Bestsellers – Well-Storied.” Well-Storied, Well-Storied., 8 Feb. 2015, https://www.well-storied.com/blog/3-awesome-plot-structures-for-building-bestsellers

Collins, Dani Lee. “Free Character Profile Template: The Author’s Journey.” Dani Lee Collins, 27 Nov. 2018, http://www.danileecollins.com/2018/05/character-profiles/


Story Starter Boot Camp: Settings

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

About food, most likely, or I don’t know, on the off chance you’re thinking about me posting…


I’m a teenager who takes a lot in, being a drill sergeant isn’t really my niche.

But you know what is?

Running this story starter boot camp!

It’s time to delve deep into the world of settings, and when I say world, I mean more then just your settings or world-this is becoming more complicated then it should be.

Sharpen your pencils, have a test “Clickety-clack” on your keyboard, and let’s “clickety-crack” down.

(I am SO not sorry).

*(Yes, I really am).

Settings can be complicated, especially for yours truly, often times I leave alot to be desired, and I think it’s something several writers can attest to having trouble with.

Especially when writing about a place you don’t know too much about, which is, when starting a story and setting the scene, I’ve got a few tips to get the inspiration grooven’ and the general information and fundamental’s moven’.

(Again I am both sorry, and not sorry).

1. Bust out the travel guides.

When creating a story, it’s often said that you write what you know-where you’ve been, what you’ve done, but if you’re anything like me, this concept can be a little awkward, as you try to write your stories furthest from reality. However, while writing what you know is a definite contender, I suggest you break out the travel guides, to get an idea of where you want your story to take place, and get some general information.

2. Map your place.

Now that you’ve chosen your place, whether it be city direct, or just a general providence/state, get a general idea of where your story is taking place. Are you creating a town in France? Where in France? Is it set permanently in France, or do they travel around? While these are things you might nowt have planned out just yet, it’s important to think about, and get a map set up of where you think the city, whether imaginary or real, is, and what opportunities surround it.

3. Dive into History

Now, I’m not a personal fan of History, I could never memorize dates, and to be honest, events don’t fascinate me as much as humans interactions.



I digress, it’s still very important to have general information and history on this town, whether that’s something you have to create (I will release a blog post on this topic following boot camp), or a history existing. This will give you some description to play with, a possibly something to revert back to, should your story need it.

4. Research Cultures, Traditions, Religion, Population, and any other social aspects of things that occur in the country/area that your story is set in. It would be very strange to have a prominent Jewish community if it were actually Catholic or possibly Buddhist community. Make certain to note the struggles that your characters might have. Don’t forget to research the industry, and social status, as this information can also play into your character.

5. Research the Architecture, as well as the people’s responses to outsiders, and in general their responses to social situations.

I’m not sure how logical a Tudor home in predominately traditional Spanish style villas. It would also be strange to have the characters open to outsiders, if they were struggling after a war.

Of course, while this is just the general idea for setting the scene, a few more tips for this will be listed down below with your prompt of the day, and your tip.


As always, I hope to see you back next week, pencil ready, thinking caps on, because we’re not even close to finished on your work of art.

I have Failed

I told you I didn’t have an attention span. I also mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had an INSANE week. I did, however, write seven hundred words on the story. And I lost four thousand words on a different story.

Amongst other writing events that happened, I just kinda wrote out story tropes and such. So anywhozzles.

What is today’s Writer’s Square about? Well, I don’t know. I don’t know if you can tell by the time this goes up, but I’m an hour past my deadline, and I’m tired. That being said, I was thinking DESPERATELY about what I can post, and I have decided to go back in time.

To when I started my Wattpad Account. When I wrote my very first story, and posted a draft on here. To say, it’s coming back. In case you don’t keep up with my Wattpad, last year I pulled the story Under Morbid, otherwise known as three other days, because I was burned out and confused. Well guess what’s coming back.

Yes folks, that’s right (or should I say, write), it’s coming back.

Now it’s also occurred to me that I still have to write the first chapter, so rather then compare, let’s make a nod to last year’s plug, and plug this year’s story: Real True Royals, by MentallyHaziWords (me)

A Preveiw

“Okay, I’m sure we can come up with a reasonable explanation for this.” Macy said, staring at the painted explosion on the cabnites.
Zenix sighed and shook his head slowly. “I never expected the outcome to be like this.”
Cooper groaned and set the fire extinguisher on the counter. “I’m almost positive that there is no logical or reasonable explanation on why we thought that the hair dye would uncongeal by warming it up. It has a flammable warning on it.”
“A science project?” Nyx offered helplessly.
“Yeah, but that still doesn’t explain why we had to shave your hair.” Macy said, pointing at Nyx’s now buzz-cut hair style.
“I’ve decided I’m dropping out of school and I am going to join the military early.” Nyx said, patting his head self consciously.
“I think we’re all going to be going to Military School when dad gets home.” Zenix said, setting a can of salt on the counter.
“I say we blame this one on Cooper, he’s the oldest.” Nyx said, pointing at Cooper who was covered in extinguisher solution, and pink liquid.
“Yeah, but Macy’s the only one allowed in the kitchen after last year’s incident, so it’s her fault for not stopping us!” Cooper cried, pointing at Macy, who was attempting to grab the damaged pot with a pot-holder.
“Yeah, but this entire thing was Zenix’s idea!” Macy yelled, accidently dropping the pot on the floor, causing burnt dye to cover her sneakers and the kitchen tile.
At that moment the back door opened, their father, Mr.Nadier entered the room with a tired expression.
He glanced at his children, same expression on his face. He set down his backpack on the kitchen table. “So where do you all intend to get jobs?”
All four shifted uncomfortably, eyes focusing on varying parts of the room.
“I hope you know that from the looks of it, we won’t be able to eat anything other than canned foods for the next few months until you can pay for repairs-and Nyx, a new hair cut.” Mr.Nadier said calmly, still looking unfazed.
“I’m sorry, it’s just Nyx wanted to dye his hair and we found some old pink hair dye in the cabnites and we thought we’d give it a try but-” Mr.Nadier didn’t let Macy finish her long winded, grammatically incorrect sentence.
“Cooper get on the computer and find out the total cost for replacing the cabnites, stove and flooring. Nyx, go take a shower and try to wash the pink out of your skin, Macy, throw the pan away and go throw your shoes in the wash. Zenix…why…” Mr.Nadier sighed and covered his mouth with his hand. “How are you covered in green dye while everyone else is covered in pink dye?”
Zenix hesitated. “I mean, I may or may not have accidently spilt some green food dye on myself and Checkered.”
Mr.Nadier nodded slowly, sighing.
“Give Checkered a bath.”
All four of the kids shuffled out of the room reluctantly, leaving Mr.Nadier to his thoughts.
Life had been rather unfortunate since his wife ran off with the Truck Driver from New York, not to mention, things were becoming more and more tight, financially. If only a miracle would happen…
Mr.Nadier’s phone rang aggressively in his pocket, pulling him out of his thoughts. The number wasn’t quiet recognizable, however, he was often called by his students for help on finding rescources and such. He answered the phone, trying to wipe away the exhaustion that lingered in his voice.
“Ah yes, Hello, is this Adrian Nadier?” A slightly accented voice asked, sounding mildly rushed.
Mr.Nadier sat down at the kitchen table, aching, tense body sighing relief. “This is he.”
“Excellent! Marvellous! My name is Jace Etterson, calling from the Ettersons and Madin’s law firm.”The voice said, some shifting of papers coming from his side line.
Mr.Nadier stiffled a groan. His late mother’s more-than-obnoxious lawyer. “Oh hey Jace, what do you want?”
Jace apparently paused what he was doing for a moment, because the rustling of papers silenced. “We received your mother’s will, and it seems she’s left you quiet a substantial inheritance.”
Mr.Nadier watched as Macy tossed the ruined pan in the trash, all the while reading a thick book. “Look, I can’t take anymore Porcelian dolls. I had to put the others in storage because some Anime of Macy’s put her in extreme terror of Porcelian dolls.”
“Actually, Adrian, it’s much larger than Porcelian dolls or China plates. In fact, I can’t comfortably talk about it on the phone.” Jace said, sounding serious.
“I can’t afford to fly back out to New York, Jace. My students have finals, and the last trip took it out of me.” Mr.Nadier said listening to Zenix argue with the families howling Dalmatian.
“Checkered, you can’t keep eating the table. I need you to take a bath!”
The argumentive dog howled back, in response, sounds of a thump following.
“Actually, Adrian, it’s mandatory that you meet me to discuss the conversation, which is why I’ve decided to make a trip out to that little town of yours.”Jace said, the rustling continued. “So, I’ll see you Saturday at three.”
“Jace, I’m bu-”
“Stay safe, Adrian, and tell you sister I said hi.”
And then Jace hung up, leaving Mr.Nadier utterly stunned.
Macy’s urgent voice pulled him out of his second trance for the night.”Dad, I think we’re gonna have to take Cooper to the hospital!”

And that concludes today’s post! For the story, make sure you check out my Wattpad account MentallyHaziWords, and I did you all, a very Ginchy day!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


It’s just a Short Ride

Because it’s extra late, and this one is extra tired, let’s make this post suppah easay.

Here’s preview of a Wattpad Story to come “It’s Just a Short Ride”.

Everest stared dully at the TV anchored to the corner of her room. Another luxury she had never really enjoyed. Everest had vowed a long time ago to never get close to anything, or anyone. Until that moment. Suddenly, things seemed different, if only in a way that she could adapt too. Usually, Everest was quite expendable. She was passive, really. The words from the doctor echoed in her head. “We have results from the test back.” His thick, bushy eyebrows furrowed as he examined his tablet, eyes filled with wonder. Her parents sat beside the examining table, looking worn, and aged beyond there years. Her mother’s dark brown eyes, rimmed with dark circles, still showed a glimmer of hope. Her mother had always been the most hopeful in her family, not to say that her husband wasn’t, however, what mother would openly accept the loss of their child before their own passing?

Right, I want honest thoughts and opinions on this. And for those wondering about the Story Break Down, here it is:

Everest Megillan has never felt like she’s had anywhere to go, or anything to do with life itself. Why should she? After all, ever since she was a young girl she’s been destined for an impending doom that was spiraling faster to her than others: death.
Years of dealing with cancer, and life expectancy diagnostics has left her bitter-but suddenly, when the cancer itself leaves her, Everest is suddenly stuck with a factor that is earth shattering: She has to live.
Aware of Everest’s uncertainty to start, her older brother, Clark, fresh out the military, decides to take her with him on a wild road trip.
However on the road trip, with a series of concerning events, the siblings learn a key to life: That as scary and unknown as it may be, Life is just a short ride.

I want to make it clear that I don’t know too much about this mindset, however, what I hope to achieve in this story is just alot of heart and emotion.

So that concludes today’s post!

Did you like the little story preview? Do you think I should do more of these as I release stories? Do you use Wattpad? If so, do you write on there, because I’d love to check out your work!

Remember to live your life like the Ginchy story that it is!


Taking Back Death

Hey all, so I tried to post my first Wattpad story, but I wasn’t feeling it. Mainly because I dislike writing just drama or romance without action, so anyways, this one is more my type, and the best of my favorite things. I know it’s cheezy, but if you my loyal viewers could give me advice, that’d be Ginchy!

Stay Ginchy,


Multiple things should be dreaded as a new student.
Questions, stares, cliques trying to pull you to one side or another, or more importantly, rumors.
I wasn’t exactly new at Cornerstone high. In fact, I had set foot in here at least 29 days before I ended up leaving.
Of course, with my sudden parting, it was no doubt that rumors would fly-but when half the kids don’t know you, and the other half knows everything about you, your destined to have more than rumors.
“Hey Medusa…” My ex-boyfriend, Colton, greeted as I made my way down the linolium lined hallway.
I smiled and gave a wave, ignoring the nickname.
Out of all the nicknames I could recieve, and I get an evil snake-haired lady that kills people with looks.
He froze, and held his pose for a good thirty seconds, errupting laughter from everyone in his group.
I ignored him and made my way to my locker, where I flicked through the combination, not exactly surprised at the lack of change in three years.
Cornerstone high was named after Corner Stone itself, and the town itself was so small that everyone in town into a cruiseship. Legitamately the only reason that we aren’t combined with Middle School is because Rivers Flux, a large apartment complex that is really in Cascon County (a much larger city), registers as Cornerstone school District.
I watched as students flowed past me, half of them barely recognising me.
So far Colton was the only one who recognized me-he should, though, because he was being prosicuted.
I tucked a strand of my red hair behind my ear and slammed my fist where I knew the lock latched, and smiled as it popped open in success.
Ah, locker sweet locker. Nothing like the sweet smell of school supplies. It was nice to see that my sister kept it up, made sure kids didn’t shove trash or anything through the slits.
I shoved my backpack into the locker, removed my needed books, and shut it again, causing the couple standing behind the open door to remove themselves from each other.
I smiled and braved a greeting, before making my way down the hallway. Same school, different people. I mean, I didn’t exactly expect everyone to look the same, we were Freshman’s in Highschool when I went, and now that we’re juniors, it’s definetely different.
I pushed open the door to my Homeroom, finding a bunch of chattering silence as I entered.
I smiled.
New start, just like I wanted, right?
“Hi Mrs.Sinoma.” I greeted her, enjoying the feel of the smile. It gave me a little bit of a push when she smiled back.
“It’s lovely to see you again, Miss Glass. I hope you are doing well.” Her tone was little bit softer than when I first started school, her lips had the no-nonsince line, but her eyes had her usual mirth playing about in them.
“I am, thanks. Finding Atlantis was definetely a learning experience.” I said, grinning.
I was mocking the kids in the room who were whispering rumors.
She nodded, I found a seat in the back. My seat, where I carved my name into the top of the desk, and attempted to staple some guy who was trying to get a little to fresh before the teacher got into the room.
However, shockingly enough, someone was sitting in it. He looked up, his dark blue eyes had the careless look, and a familiar expression to match. Honestly, he looked all too familiar, but I couldn’t place where.
I smiled “I’d be careful, that’s where I sacrifice the blood of stupid boys-I mean, if the rumor still stands.” I sat down in the empty chair beside him, and leaned back in the chair.
He muttered a few choice words of profanity at me, before focusing back on the table.
“I’m Mia.” I said, tipping my head so I could get a better look at him. He didn’t say anything. “Oh it’s really nice to meet you Bertie, yeah, it is a fine day. No, I’ve actually been here before, explains the crack about sacrificing dumb boys. Yeah, was a cruddy day for everyone. Espicially the boy who’s eyebrow had a staple in it-” He stood up arrupbtly and motioned to it.
“Do you want the chair? Will it make you shut up?” He asked impatiently, I figured that since Mrs.Sinara hadn’t said anything, he was a problem-child, or tried to be. One thing I knew was that I was used against the problem children-like an anti-hero type of gig.
“No, I actually never shut up. When I’m not talking, I’m still making noise. It’s a weird reflex. I was tested for ADHD because of it. According to the therapist, it’s a weird coping mechanism.But yes, I would love the chair, thanks.” I stood up and took my seat, and exhaled, smiling at the comfort of being in my old blue chair, with my old wood-metal desk.
Nothing like home.
“So, Bertie, what drew you to my table?” I asked just as the first bell rang, beconing in some straggling students.
He didn’t respond.
“Well, yes, I know it’s a fine seat. In fact, the perfect spot, so if there was a fire, I could legitamately jump straight out the window. I’d even be okay-I mean, a little smelly, but beats being burned.” I continued babbling, even though he was clearly trying to get me to leave him alone. I couldn’t just leave him, though. I found him intruiging. Moody.
And that was obtained after five minutes of seeing him.
Let’s not acknowledge his excellent taste in seats.
Mrs.Sinara called the class in session, and did the usual roll-call announcement stuff. Lunch would suck. The field trip to the community center to help some girl with a project to help Soldiers sounded cool, the field trip to see the Governors Mansion sounded snoozeville-ish.
I sighed and tapped my fingers on the desk lightly, ignoring the stares from the Bertie.
I wasn’t kidding about my desperate desire to make noise.
It was a tick I had, ever since I was little girl, loosing the shoes on Barbie dolls.
Even my nose made noise when I slept-I had a slight nose whistle that was annoying when I became aware of it.
Finally, Homeroom was over, leaving me four minutes to get to my locker and then to my next class.
Which, comically enough, English was taken right with Bertie, who was sitting in my old seat, again.
Small World, isn’t it?