Can somebody direct me into a Crash Course on Click Bate titles? Please?

I digress, grab a drink and a hearty bowl of popcorn, marshmallows, and chocolate (Fany cooking post coming soon)-and settle down, because boy, do I have a story for you.

So recently I’ve had to take a bit of a break from blogging-and as I’ve stated, mentally and physically, I’ve been through some stuff.

That being said- during that time I was surviving off of college classes and other classes-specifically, an English class.

And might I just say, English class actually gave me quite a bit of anxiety.

I know, I know, the irony.

See, the thing is, I’m a lot of things (entertaining, adorable, clever, the list goes on), but I am above all, not the most excellent person; grammatically. I might have a general idea, but everything I’ve grown up with (from how to place commas, to fragments), was blown completely out of the water.

So anyway, my teacher was a good teacher, she worked with my constant emails (midnight panics as my grade dropped from a B to a B minus), and was overall very reasonable.

Again, though, grammar was suddenly something I was lacking in, and very suddenly, I couldn’t stand constructive criticism.

So it was my last paper rounding the corner, I had managed to pass that, but the paper I had worked so hard on (How to Save the World), had failed. My teacher had, however, given me the chance to rewrite it, and boy, did I take it.

My citation, it was scum, I was at the writing center twice, to find out how, and then to double-check that I had done it right-however, I still needed to do more.

The grammar, total trash, the layout? Actual peril.

My poor internet besties had to listen to my panic attacks about my grade as well as everything else.

And while there are benefits to being good friends with a plethora of writers, they couldn’t be at my beck and call, trying to fix the mess that was my paper.

What they could do, however, was come up with one HEXUVA suggestion.

Try Grammarly.

Naturally, I was like “Psshh, yeah, whatever”, the stubborn bored person in me doesn’t take help from ANYONE.

However, the stubborn bored person also needed to make sure this grammar hit the mark, and while I was still prodding through fixing it, and it had bettered a great deal, it was still something that you’d find in a Wattpad fan-fiction (A.K.A every single one of my stories).

So I relented, and made the plunge, opening up the browser, I created an account.

And I pasted my paper to the little checker and wow-WAS I SURPRISED. While it did give me general things that I had missed, it also showed me where to tighten up my paper, and things beyond that. Suddenly, I was seeing mistakes, and realizing how I could make the paper better!

And the happily ever after lands where we are today with a nice healthy B.

The point is, that yes, I’m here to promote Grammarly, but my desire to, came from what I experienced from it, and can I just say, the help it provided was incredible. I HIGHLY suggest, that if you’re a student, blogger, or writer (or in general just a person who relies on proper grammar), you check out Grammarly-which I happen to have a link for.


That being said, let me know do you use Grammarly? What are your thoughts about it?

New post coming Wednesday!



Story time, so gather ’round kids, today, I’m going to tell you the riveting story of how I decided that I wanted to branch out an write romance.

It started two nights ago, when I was reading my favorite Wattpad Romance writer, and found myself captivated by the story, and in complete awe. I then proceeded to read my other favorite Wattpad author, and I suddenly decided that I could TOTALLY write romance.

I mean, why not.

I turned to my online bookclub friends, requesting their help, only to find that they were in fact, incredible in that department, and despite my shipping shrines shoved under my bed, I was in fact, much akin to a six year old boy with cooties.

Thankfully, my friends (and conveniently, my Favorite Wattpad authors), were quick to offer up suggestions.

One in particular stood out.

A link to a website that gave tips on writing romance.

One key part has stuck out to me since reading it “Make them confused” their’s also the latter part about their emotions toward each other, but at that point I had suddenly related to these characters that didn’t exist. Mainly because, if you couldn’t tell by this story, I’m confused.

I continued to skim over, acknowledging that my parents relationship my actually be something you find in a story, and that I was in fact, doomed in my own relationship vices. Selfish thoughts aside, I had to come up with characters.

Characters that I could ship, characters I could relate with.


I went through a series of uncompleted stories of mine, trying to absorb their energy, and found no help.

The painful truth came to me as I soulfully shoveled my vegan mac ‘n cheese in my mouth.

I had to create a whole new story.

Of course, this would mean a plot line.

I’m not a plot liner, I just plot the world being in my grasp.

That’s literally all I do (How do you think I came up with a blog post like this?).

As I wracked my brain for characters and stories, I also searched DESPERATELY for my old stories, the ones that have shrines behind my bookshelf.

Alas, this leads me to my current state, where it has occured to me the one thing that is crack-a-lackin from my blog.

How to start a story from scratch.

Which is why I, the desperate amateur and noob to all things mushy, sweet or remotely “awe” worthy in a cutesy way, has decided I’m going to be starting a series.


About, you know, how to start a story from scratch, when you’re not really feeling itchy, you just have a heat rash.

In the middle of Winter.

Now we know why I was ignored at dances.

So baby, for Writers Square next week, we’re gettting nitty-gritty deep into the creator corner.

Get ready, get a drink, and get ready to get some writing done in the Story Starter Boot Camp.

Stay Ginchy,


I have Failed

I told you I didn’t have an attention span. I also mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had an INSANE week. I did, however, write seven hundred words on the story. And I lost four thousand words on a different story.

Amongst other writing events that happened, I just kinda wrote out story tropes and such. So anywhozzles.

What is today’s Writer’s Square about? Well, I don’t know. I don’t know if you can tell by the time this goes up, but I’m an hour past my deadline, and I’m tired. That being said, I was thinking DESPERATELY about what I can post, and I have decided to go back in time.

To when I started my Wattpad Account. When I wrote my very first story, and posted a draft on here. To say, it’s coming back. In case you don’t keep up with my Wattpad, last year I pulled the story Under Morbid, otherwise known as three other days, because I was burned out and confused. Well guess what’s coming back.

Yes folks, that’s right (or should I say, write), it’s coming back.

Now it’s also occurred to me that I still have to write the first chapter, so rather then compare, let’s make a nod to last year’s plug, and plug this year’s story: Real True Royals, by MentallyHaziWords (me)

A Preveiw

“Okay, I’m sure we can come up with a reasonable explanation for this.” Macy said, staring at the painted explosion on the cabnites.
Zenix sighed and shook his head slowly. “I never expected the outcome to be like this.”
Cooper groaned and set the fire extinguisher on the counter. “I’m almost positive that there is no logical or reasonable explanation on why we thought that the hair dye would uncongeal by warming it up. It has a flammable warning on it.”
“A science project?” Nyx offered helplessly.
“Yeah, but that still doesn’t explain why we had to shave your hair.” Macy said, pointing at Nyx’s now buzz-cut hair style.
“I’ve decided I’m dropping out of school and I am going to join the military early.” Nyx said, patting his head self consciously.
“I think we’re all going to be going to Military School when dad gets home.” Zenix said, setting a can of salt on the counter.
“I say we blame this one on Cooper, he’s the oldest.” Nyx said, pointing at Cooper who was covered in extinguisher solution, and pink liquid.
“Yeah, but Macy’s the only one allowed in the kitchen after last year’s incident, so it’s her fault for not stopping us!” Cooper cried, pointing at Macy, who was attempting to grab the damaged pot with a pot-holder.
“Yeah, but this entire thing was Zenix’s idea!” Macy yelled, accidently dropping the pot on the floor, causing burnt dye to cover her sneakers and the kitchen tile.
At that moment the back door opened, their father, Mr.Nadier entered the room with a tired expression.
He glanced at his children, same expression on his face. He set down his backpack on the kitchen table. “So where do you all intend to get jobs?”
All four shifted uncomfortably, eyes focusing on varying parts of the room.
“I hope you know that from the looks of it, we won’t be able to eat anything other than canned foods for the next few months until you can pay for repairs-and Nyx, a new hair cut.” Mr.Nadier said calmly, still looking unfazed.
“I’m sorry, it’s just Nyx wanted to dye his hair and we found some old pink hair dye in the cabnites and we thought we’d give it a try but-” Mr.Nadier didn’t let Macy finish her long winded, grammatically incorrect sentence.
“Cooper get on the computer and find out the total cost for replacing the cabnites, stove and flooring. Nyx, go take a shower and try to wash the pink out of your skin, Macy, throw the pan away and go throw your shoes in the wash. Zenix…why…” Mr.Nadier sighed and covered his mouth with his hand. “How are you covered in green dye while everyone else is covered in pink dye?”
Zenix hesitated. “I mean, I may or may not have accidently spilt some green food dye on myself and Checkered.”
Mr.Nadier nodded slowly, sighing.
“Give Checkered a bath.”
All four of the kids shuffled out of the room reluctantly, leaving Mr.Nadier to his thoughts.
Life had been rather unfortunate since his wife ran off with the Truck Driver from New York, not to mention, things were becoming more and more tight, financially. If only a miracle would happen…
Mr.Nadier’s phone rang aggressively in his pocket, pulling him out of his thoughts. The number wasn’t quiet recognizable, however, he was often called by his students for help on finding rescources and such. He answered the phone, trying to wipe away the exhaustion that lingered in his voice.
“Ah yes, Hello, is this Adrian Nadier?” A slightly accented voice asked, sounding mildly rushed.
Mr.Nadier sat down at the kitchen table, aching, tense body sighing relief. “This is he.”
“Excellent! Marvellous! My name is Jace Etterson, calling from the Ettersons and Madin’s law firm.”The voice said, some shifting of papers coming from his side line.
Mr.Nadier stiffled a groan. His late mother’s more-than-obnoxious lawyer. “Oh hey Jace, what do you want?”
Jace apparently paused what he was doing for a moment, because the rustling of papers silenced. “We received your mother’s will, and it seems she’s left you quiet a substantial inheritance.”
Mr.Nadier watched as Macy tossed the ruined pan in the trash, all the while reading a thick book. “Look, I can’t take anymore Porcelian dolls. I had to put the others in storage because some Anime of Macy’s put her in extreme terror of Porcelian dolls.”
“Actually, Adrian, it’s much larger than Porcelian dolls or China plates. In fact, I can’t comfortably talk about it on the phone.” Jace said, sounding serious.
“I can’t afford to fly back out to New York, Jace. My students have finals, and the last trip took it out of me.” Mr.Nadier said listening to Zenix argue with the families howling Dalmatian.
“Checkered, you can’t keep eating the table. I need you to take a bath!”
The argumentive dog howled back, in response, sounds of a thump following.
“Actually, Adrian, it’s mandatory that you meet me to discuss the conversation, which is why I’ve decided to make a trip out to that little town of yours.”Jace said, the rustling continued. “So, I’ll see you Saturday at three.”
“Jace, I’m bu-”
“Stay safe, Adrian, and tell you sister I said hi.”
And then Jace hung up, leaving Mr.Nadier utterly stunned.
Macy’s urgent voice pulled him out of his second trance for the night.”Dad, I think we’re gonna have to take Cooper to the hospital!”

And that concludes today’s post! For the story, make sure you check out my Wattpad account MentallyHaziWords, and I did you all, a very Ginchy day!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!