Marvel May Have Made the Mistake?


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I’m scared–don’t come for me.

Listen, I’ve grown up with Marvel, and while I’m not a super-fan (I am, but I let my fictional world relate to reality a little too much, so I do have to limit my super-hero intake), I do enjoy Marvel enough to follow them, and keep up with the news.

The storyline is always phenomenal, the characters are on point-and well…the special effects do need a little help.

That being said, recently, Sony called and told Disney they wanted their character back-and honestly, I’m not mad?

Here’s the thing I’m a firm believer that Disney is good at somethings, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy-on point.


Not, really?

It’s nothing against the actor, Tom Holland, and the way the cast acted with each other was charming. Zendaya was great in it, I became a fan of her VIA this movie (I love a moody female character that’s brilliant at the same time).

For once, it was the writing?

I really feel like Disney tried a little too hard to reach the younger generation.

What’s more iconic then a fifteen-year-old superhero, that’s awkward, and has a hard time in school?

And I get it, but also, it wasn’t the Spider-Man I knew and enjoyed.

A key factor of Spider-Man is that he’s a cocky little dude, who honestly is lucky his mouth hasn’t gotten him shot yet. Ironically, arrogance ticks him off, and that creates a conflict of its own, and enough drama to make a movie. (Ie, most Spiderman movies are him not getting the girl, but kinda, because he’s just really bad at life decisions).

They also took away a key part of his story, that really played in character building; his Uncle.

In the comics, and in the movie, his uncle’s death is what makes him become a “legend/hero” (whatever your preferred term maybe).

In the latest movies, Spider-Man and Iron Man develope a father-son relationship, and that’s how he really delves into the MCU universe. Iron Man takes place of his uncle, and okay, cool. We’ve seen Iron Man (Tony Stark) over the movies develope as a person, he’s a little less arrogant-and that’s great.

But in retrospect, would they have really gotten along? I mean, really well. As in, I feel like there wasn’t enough. The disagreements could have been a bit more entertaining-a bit like Into the SpiderVerse, and how the different spiderman reacted? If you think about it, Spiderman becoming an Avenger almost seemed like they were trying to replicate Guardians of the Galaxy with the family feel-sure, it was there before, but Guardians of the Galaxy has Groot, so naturally, the Avengers needs their teenager. So, they give us “the kid”, or you know Peter Parker. Again, I get the idea, but ultimately, it feels like Spiderman was marketing, and a way for sales to sky-rocket, rather than some genuine thought-out writing.

All that aside, I’ll give Disney this; they wanted their chance to put a spin on a favorite and create a hero that the younger generations might feel like.

BUT, here’s when another opinion on Disney’s Spiderman comes in.

They shouldn’t have banked their entire series on a character they don’t own complete rights too.

I didn’t know that Disney didn’t own all of the characters-I was honestly flabberghasted (not quiet that shocked, but Disney is the entertainment industry in itself, so you know). However, when I learned this, I was confused.

Why would Disney, a HUGE franchise, base their entire Avengers series on one character-that they don’t own? They can’t continue a favorite character that brought them MILLIONS.  It seems risky, doesn’t it? Sort of similar to Hulk (though I’ll admit Sony’s version of Hulk just wasn’t…there…it wasn’t it), what happens now? What happens when Sony pulls that plug? Again, it all seems risky, and like a slight miscalculated mistake on Disney’s part. All of this, is just my opinion, though.

So, what are your thoughts on Sony pulling Spiderman? I’m genuinely curious! Sound off in the comments down below!


We Did Alright

So, yet another thing I’ve written a bit ago. I don’t know if it makes sense, but either way-enjoy!

Remember when we were younger, and things didn’t matter to us, other than making sure we made it to bed on time before mom suspended our tv privileges?
Remember when we lived in a time where reality was just something that we saw on TV, that the games we played used Tonka Trucks, pretending that they were all stuck in the mud, come in off the bike all dirtied up, and the biggest fear was what we messed up with the dirt on our shoes?
   Wish I could say that was the truth for now, but the thing is that I look back on the memories, and I’m starting to realize they weren’t all happy for me. I struggled with so much to stay in the same spot, claim that I’ve done a lot, look at me now, I hit emotional highs and bring myself down, claim I’m what will bring fame to this horror-ridden town.
See the truth is that behind the smile I copy and paste onto my face, I struggle so much.
She’s a good girl they say as I walk away, with a fake smile on my face like everything’s okay. Convince myself I’m being ridiculous like I don’t have a role in this, the mess I call a life of mine, what the heck am I suppose to do this time?

The truth is I’ve never known where I was going or what I was supposed to do. Blame myself, but claim it wasn’t true. I worked my hardest to get here, in the mess I call my life, and as much as I hate myself for it, I’d still say it’s alright. Maybe it’s no longer toy trucks in our years, but we’ve had the memories, and we’ve had our fears-and look where it’s got us, this mess of a life, something that, in the end, shows we did alright.

A Personal Piece of Heaven, with a Taste of Hell

Everytime I walk into the room, somethings different. A small thing, even my perspective.

Been living in it for a while, some days feelin’ like I’m dying in it. I dream my dreams, plan my schemes. That rooms where I had my best days, thought I was great, came back to ground zero, feel nothing but hate. It’s where my nightmares were born, my fears and addictions stormed. That room is where I lived for so long, my personal piece of heaven, mixed with a taste of hell.

It’s where I’d go to hide, to lock my tears inside. It’s where my nails met my skin, invisible scars that shouldn’t have been. It’s where I’d go to cry at nights-whether it sending a prayer to God, asking Him to make it alright. To show me things I shouldn’t, to make me a person I couldn’t be. That rooms where I dealt with rejection; fought against affection. Rejected God, claimed a passion for things I couldn’t stand with. I lost myself in that room, but I found myself there, too. A lot’s happened in that little room. My personal heaven, a retreat if you will,, but where I retreat to find emotions inside. Welcome to my slither of heaven, with a taste of hell.

My daily Thought process

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve posted, I really don’t want to post unless I can find you my best, which, right now happens spuratically, until I can get things running a bit smoother.

That being said, here’s my daily thought process, because that’s interesting.


*Wakes up searching for phone*

Five more minutes should be good, that’s all I need, five more minutes.

*Changes alarm for five minutes*

*Hits snooze*

But do I really need to get up, I mean, I can get changed in five minutes. And do I really, really need make-up? It only takes me two minutes for that, that’s seven minutes right there. And I can wait to go to the bathroom so….

*Two Hours Later*

Oh my gosh, I am so hungry. What can I have for breakfast?

I should eat healthy.

Man, check it out, we have Nutty Bars this morning. Score!

Okay, I need to sit down, and write.

What is this, about a nuclear war?

Honestly, people are flipping out about this divorce with Jolie-who the heck is she? Was she in Oceans 11?

Oh no that was Julia Roberts.

That scene where she looked “nothing” like her was great.

I should use that.

Or something like that.

Is it plagerism if I borrow the idea and twist it?

Jeez I’m hungry-okay, you can eat after you edit this paragraph…

But I can’t think on an empty stomach.

My stomach’s always empty.

So’s my brain, apparently. All I had for breakfast was a nutty bar.

Maybe I’ll have something more healthy for lunch, like…grapes…and this chocolate bar.

And maybe I’ll make a sandwich.

Minus the bread, so just some cheese and meat.

Okay, I’m back. I need to focus, and then I need to do my Geography.

After I play the Sims 4, and watch a video.

Okay, I’ll stop playing after this video.

Awe man

LilSimsie, Aphmau, and Sweet and Tasty TV all posted at the same time.

What are the odds of that?

Okay, I’ll start school after I finish this-dude.

Hold up.

How long is this post anyway.

You can’t possibly expect me to document every thought I have in a day.

That is however all I have for this post.

Stay tuned next time to read me write (that… I’m trying to make it sound write, how’s it working?)…

“How about the camel bursts in with his feet on fire, and then puts the bomb fire out with his body sweat?”

Stay Ginchy,


April Songs-Musical Madness April

And today on I’m grasping at straws for titles, I give you-

The songs I’m jammin’ to this April.

1. Lovely-Hollyn

Based of my favorite word, by one of my artists; what could get better than this?!

2. Holiday; My Kid Brother Remix– Britt Nicole.

Because it’s catchy, that’s why.

3. Workin’ On– Colt Ford

The musical video makes me cry.

Every single time.

4. Faster Car– Loving Caliber

This is Apmau’s fault. I’ve been binge watching her videos in prep for Season 6 Mystreet.

How does something go from comfy comedy to werewolfs and intense love?

I dunno, but I’m down.

5. Boasting– Lacrae

Hey, seriously, this song is really catchy, and I’m in love with it.

6. Broken Prayers-Riley Clemmons

This is so intense, and such a reminder!

I totally love this song! It gives me a warm feeling and makes me smile.

(Hey, I used to think it was weak to cry and feel things from a song-my friends and I bragged about it; now I’m learning emotions are okay, so I may or may not be using them quiet alot).

7. All I need is You-Hollyn

So it was initially done by Lacrae, but this was the first time I heard it, so I think I’m more intune to this one.

8. Live for the Drop-Capital Kings

I’m really into this band in ways unimaginable.

9.Thunder-Imagination Dragons

As per usual, I’m late to the party, but it’s one of the few songs that are modern that my mom enjoys, and I have to agree, and I really don’t know why.

10. My Light House-Rend Collective

Shout out to when I used to sing this song.

Bonus Song! The song that drives me nuts, because I can’t tell if it’s catchy, if it makes me want to become a musician, or if I dislike it because it annoys me, or if I just dislike the band because it painfully hits home about being stressed out, but anyways, Twenty Pilots-Stressed Out.

And you thought my music choices couldn’t get any stranger, right? Anyway, what songs are your jam, and have you heard of these?

Stay Ginchy,