What Inspires Me-PART 1

Well halo there thine ginchy person.

It ’tis me, da great Hazi.

I am so, beyond sorry for that introduction to this post, let’s just roll right into what this blog post, about, well, you know, WHAT INSPIRES ME IN WRITING.

Because, you know, facts.

1. A Character Playlist

Okay, so I had this in a blog post for writing tips, but something that definitely inspires me to write, is having a playlist tailored to my what I think my main story character is into. It not only give me something to think about, pertaining to the story, but it also gives me something to relate to the character, so when I hear the music, it helps get the brains cells to slow it down (I’m all over the place, in case you couldn’t tell).

2. Creating Characters and their scenary

I’ve honestly been utilizing Minecraft and the Sims 4 in more ways then one. I usually like to create the character in the Sims, mainly because it gives me a more clear idea of what I wan’t the character to look like (If you’ve read my stories, you know that I honestly have no character description what so ever, and in some stories, it’s because I want the reader to create their own version of the character, and in the others, it’s because I have no idea what I’m going for). I also build “Scenery” as in houses that the characters might live in on the Sims 4, and Minecraft, and might I say, I have no talent.

3. Dreams

I always like to take my nightmares and dreams and turn them into a story-it’s usually a fail, but it makes for a good concept.

I feel like I haven’t changed that much from the last post, other then I’m cutting this one a tad short, because I am tired, and I’m just not feeling myself today.

So anyway!

What are some of the ways that you stay inspired to write? I’d love to hear!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!


My daily Thought process

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a bit since I’ve posted, I really don’t want to post unless I can find you my best, which, right now happens spuratically, until I can get things running a bit smoother.

That being said, here’s my daily thought process, because that’s interesting.


*Wakes up searching for phone*

Five more minutes should be good, that’s all I need, five more minutes.

*Changes alarm for five minutes*

*Hits snooze*

But do I really need to get up, I mean, I can get changed in five minutes. And do I really, really need make-up? It only takes me two minutes for that, that’s seven minutes right there. And I can wait to go to the bathroom so….

*Two Hours Later*

Oh my gosh, I am so hungry. What can I have for breakfast?

I should eat healthy.

Man, check it out, we have Nutty Bars this morning. Score!

Okay, I need to sit down, and write.

What is this, about a nuclear war?

Honestly, people are flipping out about this divorce with Jolie-who the heck is she? Was she in Oceans 11?

Oh no that was Julia Roberts.

That scene where she looked “nothing” like her was great.

I should use that.

Or something like that.

Is it plagerism if I borrow the idea and twist it?

Jeez I’m hungry-okay, you can eat after you edit this paragraph…

But I can’t think on an empty stomach.

My stomach’s always empty.

So’s my brain, apparently. All I had for breakfast was a nutty bar.

Maybe I’ll have something more healthy for lunch, like…grapes…and this chocolate bar.

And maybe I’ll make a sandwich.

Minus the bread, so just some cheese and meat.

Okay, I’m back. I need to focus, and then I need to do my Geography.

After I play the Sims 4, and watch a video.

Okay, I’ll stop playing after this video.

Awe man

LilSimsie, Aphmau, and Sweet and Tasty TV all posted at the same time.

What are the odds of that?

Okay, I’ll start school after I finish this-dude.

Hold up.

How long is this post anyway.

You can’t possibly expect me to document every thought I have in a day.

That is however all I have for this post.

Stay tuned next time to read me write (that… I’m trying to make it sound write, how’s it working?)…

“How about the camel bursts in with his feet on fire, and then puts the bomb fire out with his body sweat?”

Stay Ginchy,