I Haven’t Done this In While…


Hello There.

It’s me.

You’re favorite ginchy person.

I haven’t written in a while, I mean, besides yesterday, but I’ve come up with a series of ideas, and I’m trying to get my life on track. Something I haven’t done this in a while.

A To-Do list, of things I want to do before I become a legal adult.

That’s right, in roughly one month, I will be entering my final year of adolenscence. I AM HAVING FEELINGS.

I think, in particular for me, I had a rough childhood, and I was honestly scared I was going to make it without messing up. (I had supportive family members, but the usual child hormones and weird family drama really played on me).

That being said; a list of things I want to do before I become a legal adult.


  1.  I want to send a book into an Agent-and see if I can’t start down the road to a published book. I’ve been saying it for years, but now I’m really feeling the crunch time.

2. I want to hike two mountains. Why two? Because we have two major mountains where I live, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to pass them buy before I go off to college.

3) Reach 500 followers. I want to reach five hundred followers-but when I say that, five hundred followers all active. I want to reach people, and so help me, I will.

4) Get sponsored here on WordPress. So help me, I will become a business blogger for even a short period of time.

5) Do a day trip with my mom. She’s my best friend, and before I go to college, I want to do something we’ve never done before.

6) Learn how to draw. Remotely well, I’m not pushing it.

7) Get into voice acting. Seriously, I’m just here to try things and have a good time.

8) Have a few nights out with my dad. I want to spend more time with him. Again, College starts in a year, and I’m suddenly feeling very…emotional? I don’t know, I’m not moving away, but I want to do more then what I usually do.

9) Spend more time with my brother-I want to try and do things with him. Things we’ve both wanted to do before-and some things he’s never considered.

10) Get into shape. Listen, I know I’ve been saying this for a while, but my life’s also been spinning out of control slowly, and I cope with stress by eating. Now that I’m ready to take on the world; I’ve decided that it’s about time I make sure I’ve got a few extra years on my lifespan.

11) Finally decorate my room. I’m here to make it something I want-turn it into a creative space. A place where I can sit down and do things I never thought of before.

12) Start a YouTube channel. And do fairly well too, in regards to making quality content that nobody asked for.

13) Get into my dream college. No spoilers.

14) Do one major thing out of my comfort zone. I still don’t know what yet.

15) Meet someone new.  And become friends.

This list is very…early 2000’s. In those teen movies, where there like, guys-let’s make a list.

For me, and I’ve probably said this a gajillion times, I really don’t want to wait to do things. I want to make a difference in the world-I want to do something crazy.  So, if you’re entering your senior year/final year of being a legal child, what are some of things you want to do? If you’ve pasted your final year of being a legal child-what did you do in your final year? Let me know!



Mothers Day To-Do Ideas

To kick start a series of mother’s day posts (because I admire mom’s, and don’t think they get nearly all the respect they deserve), I’ve decided I’m going to give ya’ll some tips and ideas on how to spend mother’s day-and these ideas aren’t original, they’re just ideas in general, so let’s just get into helping you have a Misfit Style Mother’s Day (My brother and I are in the process of launching a channel, so be stoked for video games and stories).

1. Have a Dance Party, with just you, your mom, and any intermediate family.

I know, I know a wacked idea, but when I was younger, back when we had a TV, we would either play music on Pandora, or play it on our Xbox (not to be mistaken with the 360, we have the legit original Xbox), and just dance around the living room, have a dance party, that sort of jazz-and that was our Saturday/Sunday afternoon, acting like fools in our living room.

And hey, if your a dude (or even if your a duddete and your into the idea), maybe try a slow dance with your mom. Not a gross-up close one, but you’re going to have to get your practice for a formal event somehow. (Also cite the three-week long course my mom and I gave my brother before his first dance, on the box-step/waltz).

Bonus Tip- Amazon sells party/disco lights that work with music for only twelve dollars. Grab some of her favorite snacks and tunes, grab a speaker (Amazon has a Portable Blue Tooth Speaker for 12 dollars-not a bad deal).

2. Tea for a Few

You can’t seriously tell me that once you turn a certain age, you suddenly hate pinkies sticking out and Koolaide/Chocolate milk tea parties. Throw a tea party, get goofy, or go serious, but either way have fun. I think the best part of this idea is you don’t actually have to spend to much on this idea (much like the dance-party), because let’s face it, you don’t have to drink from fancy tea-cups, but the dollar store does have some nice glasses, and try to find a way to pick out your mom’s favorite drinks and snacks to have-set it up where you please, and just enjoy spending time together.

*Bonus idea-Buy some tiaras and some lovely boas, embrace the younger you-and/or-your-mom.

3. Volunteer Work

Why not? Granted mother’s day is suppose to celebrate mom’s, but what’s two hours where you can drop by a local women’s shelter or place that helps women/single ladies (homeless shelter or not, that’s up to you). Another idea would be to spoil a less fortunate mother. Not only are you an your mom doing something good (which is a therapy in itself), but it helps others, and theirs nothing better than showing love all around on mothers day.

4. Movie Day

I think this is a pretty common idea, but seriously, either hit the theatre, or just chill out at home and binge watch all your mom’s favorites, simple, easy, and pajama worthy.

Bonus Tip: Snacks, and cozy blankets are must, and the best part is you can usually pick up great snacks at the local grocery market, or even hit the dollar store, so while your there you can spice things up by grabbing some movie-themed stuff, or cute bowls/platters for the snacks.

5. Restaruant Rave

Dude, no need to go out in the crowds on mothers day, wait for a seat and then be rushed out. Really, the simple is to make a Restaruant at home, it’s fun, takes a little elebow grease, but that’s the point (hey, get take out from your mom’s favorite place if your not digging slaving in the kitchen, or even grab foods from various restaruants she loves), create a menu (Either break out your fancy handwriting, or opt for some computer work), grab some lovely candles, play some music, set the table, and there, a fancy dinner, all for mom.

Bonus Tip: Not all mom’s are the same, some might like something a little wild, while others like it sedated. Some fun styles might be to go 50’s themed, or do a lovely boho/twinklie light garden feel.

And you know, in my family, we just chill on the couch, eat the food, and watch movies, so maybe she’s casual, like we are, and that works too.

6. Laser Tag

I’d suggest rollerblading, but not to many mom’s I know have climbed back into their skates after their kids got older, so that limits wacky ideas, however…

Laser Tag should never be out the option. Granted it seems childish, and a little strange, but when my parents talk about laser tag, it has a taste of nostalgia, and maybe it’s something your mom’s into, either way, how to have a corky mother’s day.

7. Take a Mini trip.

To a hotel, near by if you want.

A nice one, five stars, all the gizmos and gadgets, bells and whistles. Breakfast, with a hot tub, and just let her chill.

Hey, I never said giving mom a mother’s day to remember would be cheap.

Bonus Tip: When booking hotels don’t just book directly from the website. It’s actually suggested you check with other websites like Trivago Trip Advisor, because it’s known for having cheaper prices for rooms (not my words, just some research I’ve found).

8. Have a mini-trip in your house.

Anyone remember in Gilmore Girls when Rory couldn’t go to Asia, so Lorelia brought it to her?

Why not do that for your mom?

Pick cultural items (food, movies, music, drink), from the place she wants to visit, and get to work, turning the place into the vacation she never had to leave home for (thus limiting packing problems).

And that’s all I have for Mother’s Day To-Do. Now remember, I’m a noob at this, and I can’t totally take credit for these, because you could totally find them floating around online. What are your plans for mother’s day? What did you think of my ideas?

Be on the look out for gift ideas!

Stay Ginchy!