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I was trying to think of a series of fun, creative blog posts, and while I do have *some* ideas, I also have a few blog posts that I want to add a little extra pizzaz to.

Just a run down on what to expect over the next few weeks:

Fabulous Fall Books

Five Fall Writing Prompts

How to Write Fan Fiction (*SARCASM*)

Honest Show Review

Thrift Store Haul

Room Tour/Reno

I styled Lula Roe for three days

How Disney Made a Mistake

Book Reviews

Fantastic Comfort Recipes

Cheapskate Eating; The OG diet (Not sponsored by Ramen or Rice)

FabFitFun Box Review

Morning Routine (But for Real This Time)

I Tried to Reset my Sleep Schedule

Honest Review; Youtuber Merch (My excuse to buy things I don’t need)

I tried following a writing routine

I ate Vegan for two weeks (and had to cut out/back on foods weeks prior)

Subscription Box Review (Cheaper)

I started my day of with shakes and smoothies for Two Weeks

I like Tea

How to Make a BOMB Sandwich

Chronicles of a Confused Kinda-High School Student

The “I try things that are far beyond my comfort zone, so basically everything” series


Now, if you read that, might I also direct you to an important date in my life:

October 14th

I’m starting my very own fancy-pants youtube channel.

I would also like to note, that when calculating how much I’d have to pull from my upcoming paycheck, I was not expecting to be hit with 30 dollars in sales tax-and in my defense, the most I’ve paid in tax is a little over ten dollars? Of course, I did unintentionally over-calculate just in case (I always try to pay over, I just get annoyed with taxes-important yes, am I happy, no). Rant being said, I’m not getting insurance on it, and I’m spending over 500 dollars on it, so… I better not go through another fire-setting phase (I don’t know if I actually mentioned this, but when I was thirteen I almost caught our house on fire, at least four times).

I digress, big things are coming, so stay on the lookout. Because I’m feeling inspired, a bonus post is going out this week (four total, basically including this mini-rant schedule), and because of my new Sponsor, I will be making three posts instead of two. So, see you tomorrow/today, where I talk about Fall Books.

I’m not dead, and I can finally explain my lack of presence

I have a great deal of things I need to work through, emotions wise. The past two years have really been rough for me, and in response, my creativity has suffered. I’ve lost a lot of interest for things besides lying around sleeping, watching videos, and playing games (being lazy, to be honest, and even those bored me). I had to face a lot of things I’ve bottled up for years, and let beat down on me. It’s taking me a while to build up stamina, and to be honest, I’m having to start a whole new life, if that makes sense. SO, long story short, I have not left, I don’t intend to, it’s just getting back in the saddle, and trying this again. I have big plans for this blog, and definitely want to use it to sharpen my skills, and provide quality content. I’ll see you all next week, stay ginchy, folks!

We’ve Had A Time Week Review Two

IT’S A NEW WEEK FOLKS, THAT MEANS A NEW HAZI, you know, cleaning, waking up early-ish, getting stuff done.
Not that old Hazi who had an anxiety attack.
Let’s just…go over the week…actually…
Sunday-I missed an upload because I messed up my own sleep, and wore myself out. I think we went out and grabbed a bite to eat, and then came home, and did…nothing…
Monday- I volunteered at my mom’s work, wrote a blog post, nothing spectacular, really.

Some towel rolls in the making

Tuesday- I got a smoothie, and tried to work on my schedule. (I got distracted). I also volunteered (and got distracted). I did work on my homework for my college class in self-help. (??)

It’s healthy because it’s green. Ignore the whole chocolate deal.

Wednesday- Wednesday was probably the best day of the week for me. I visited the BEAUTIFULLY HISTORICAL Hollins University, where I learned many, many things, and felt very inspired to get my life on track, however…


Thursday- Because I volunteered Thursday morning (at 12:00 Am-if you aren’t homeschooled to live weird hours, why are you homeschooled), I came home and slept for four hours, before I went into my mom’s work…and just…lived. I also did more homework. I was still feeling inspired.

Working on a review…

Friday-My sleep schedule was a little weird so I slept in a little, and laid around for a majority of the day. I did work on organizing my room some, and my mom got into an argument with a pizza lady about having to wait two hours (after waiting two hours the first time) to get the SECOND PART of our order.

I was having a good time, even if I ate the pasta straight from the pan.

Saturday- I worked, and was okay for the most part? I struggled somewhat, and was feeling really stressed for no apparent reason. I felt like I was upsetting everybody (I wasn’t). I went to my mom’s work for an EMERGENCY volunteer, and was doing okay, until two hours after getting there, I made a (minor) mistake, and convinced myself I was the worst person in the world (I actually have no idea how I did that), and I ended up in a bit of a panic attack. Something else happened that night, that was bigger, and while I can’t go over it, it just really made the day one of the TOP WORST DAYS of my life. But also, the best day, because the person who was usually very short to me, was very happy that I helped her out, and this definitely helped my anxiety out.

I didn’t actually take a picture of anything but my schedule…so a MEME I sent to my friend.

Sunday (Now)- I was exhausted, HOWEVER, we got to go to church, and that was something I really, really needed! I was feeling a little less stressed. I spent most of today just relaxing with my family, washing some laundry, and now, I’m going to post this, plan out tomorrow, wind down, and get some sleep, because we’re going to make tomorrow GINCHTASTIC.

Church was great, but I was also feeling Craftsy, so a multi-tasker I was today!
The blue is actually a silver-y color, from the dye, that is permanently stuck under my fingernails.

How was your week? Did anything eventful happen for you? Are you excited for the new week? I’d love to hear!
Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!

I’m a Pro Schedule Maker

At this point, I just make schedules. However, I am also working to drop out of College, Blogging and YouTube to become a biker gang leader, and drive across the West Coast stealing Hershey Bars from unsuspecting human beings.
I’m just one six thousand dollar bullet-proof leather jacket away from my dream.

Seriously though, be on the lookout for some videos including yours truely, she’s growing up and making her way in the world-that’s right. My dog Sadie is becoming a pro-youtuber.

All dramatics aside, let’s jump into January’s schedule.

I realized that I couldn’t keep up with the last schedule, and while this one isn’t much better, I know that I’m working on my schedule, and being more responsible, so here’s to dramatic, good New year’s!

(I want everybody to know that I made that cheers with my mom, and then we heard gun shots at our house. That’s not what I meant, I meant a GOOD year, with something enjoyable, like winning the lottery).

Remember to live your life like the Ginchy story that it is, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Skin Care Update; Week 2

Right, remember when I came up with this idea? I genuinely regret it. For two reasons:

One-I don’t like taking pictures

Two- It genuinely doesn’t make since.


Just to talk about skin condition, let’s discuss it’s current state.

My face has developed more unpaying tennants, one right on the edge of my nose, and one right at the bottom of my lip.

I don’t get it.

Well, actually I do.

It’s been hard to keep up with the “no dairy” thing when I live in the South, and work at a cáfe where Cookies are our best sellers.

Giant, chocolate chip, sometimes lemon, cookies.


Not to mention it’s been a wild and wacky week consisting of yours truely stepping outside of her comfort zone.

Ice Skating, socializing out side of personal obligations, going to a gun range. All kind of a world wind, really, and it’s loaded stress.

Specifically socializing. I haven’t really out effort into meeting people since I was bullied in Second grade, so I think I might be developing alot of stress acne.

That being said, let’s take a look at this week’s routine.

We’re going to the basics until I can order some bare mineral items.

Take a moment to notice the face masks.

This week’s lifestyle post is going to be wild. I’m reviewing some face face masks, two of which are from a more “all natural” brand, and the other being one usually meant for acne.

How will it affect my skin? Let’s find out.

That aside, it’s going to be one of those weeks, so let’s hope and pray it all dies down, and my skin figures out how to kick the extras out.

Do you struggle with acne? If so, what do you use? Have you used these face masks before, did they work? I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading, and make sure to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!