Another Overview

Greetings and salutations!

‘Tis I, the great Hazi!

I am SO BEYOND sorry for missing last week, I have no idea what happened with the hours, but they disappeared. That being said, I did record the incredibly interesting life of me (I am so, so, sorry).

And here today:

A Week Overview


Psychology Begins, I am a genius, and then I came home and had a panic attack about not getting my homework done. I also went out to dinner with my mom and brother.


A force to be reckoned with, I spent the ENTIRE day at my mom’s job, and if you want to know the description of batty, that was me at the end of it all. I did get a decent amount of writing done, and did a little volunteering there, but really, because I lacked WiFi connection, it shot a majority of my homework.


Class again, and really just hung out a home with my family.


I went in with my mom to work, mainly because I had to interview a co-worker of hers for a school project, but also because I like the idea of feeling busy. I did a reasonable amount of studying that day, and enjoyed getting to talk with such a ginchtastic lady.


My mom had a series of personal appointments (The Doctors, the Hair Dressers), and then we went grocery shopping, Nothing too exciting happened, other then I took my mom and brother out to lunch for “Valentines Day”.


I worked, I came home and hung out with my family, we ordered pizza and watched movies. Once again, nothing fantastical, except I hit 14,000 WORDS ON A STORY, ONLY TO…


Lose it all. My computer had locked up and I wasn’t able to open or save any documents, so I had to shut off without saving, and lost, 4,000 words-2 chapters, which, doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering how easily distracted I can get, it is. I got up early to volunteer with my mom in her job this morning, then came home and chilled with the rest of my parents. I watched two movies, back to back, and am very proud to say, I didn’t skip a scene I found boring (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Princess Diaries).

And that really concludes the week. Fascinating?

I think not, a blog post?

Probably shouldn’t be, but it is. Make sure to check out tomorrows Writers Square Book Shot!

Thanks for reading! How was your week?

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!



It’s been quiet a week, and to be honest, a weird one.

Monday…I started to feel sick. However, I did do chores, and we visited my grandparents for a decent bit, followed by dinner with them. Writing wise, I did write a post for Writers Square that day, as well as a post for my new Wattpad story, Anonymous.

Tuesday….I was very, very, sick. I was feelings worst, and I was crabby. I also spent that day at my moms work. However, I did do a voice over for a Minecraft roleplay I’m in (Ally Marie Does Gaming), where I BOMBED, because somebody was VERY, VERY tired. I also finished up the first part of my school work.

Wednesday… I don’t actually have a great recall for Wednesday, other then I was VERY, VERY, VERY sick, and ended up hanging out at my moms work (I do that a lot, it gives me a chance to volunteer, and if not that, just hang out with her). It really wasn’t a great day, because I decided the world itself was against me, and I was a boring person.

Thursday…Was just boring, nothing interesting happened, except I finished the Book Shots posts.

Friday…We went out shopping, grabbed a bite to eat, and attended a meeting for my moms work. We also ordered food, and hung out at home. I did have to go in with my mom that night to her work, because she had to go straight from their to MY work Saturday. Thankfully, they had a place for me to catch some ZZZss.

Saturday… I worked, and then went with my dad to the gun range. (I didn’t realize that the muscles in my hands could hurt the way they did). On the work note, I’m learning how to open up and close, and on the gun range note…well I have terrible aim when I’m sick. My dad and I also went shopping, and brought home dinner, and really my family and I spent the rest of the night hanging out.

Today/Sunday… Well, Today was a little bit more, chill. We went to church this morning, and to the grocery store. Other then that, we also came home, and rather then watch the Super Bowl (Didn’t care for this years game), we ended up spending the evening eating junk food watching the Hallmark Mystery channel. And now, here I am, in bed, writing the week overview.

In retrospect, I’m still a bit out of myself, I think because my mom’s going under a work change, and I’m ambitious, but also scared of the future. However, no matter how out of myself I am, we shall continue to make connections (and strengthen mine with God), and make this week the most productive that we’ve had (“we” because I’ve been watching too many Youtubers this week).

How was your week? Was it a productive week? What did ya’ll think about the links in todays posts, should I continue to do that, and on another note, did I do it right? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Remember to live your life like the ginchy story that it is!