When your a Writer

The second part to my totally ginchtastic post is, well, when your a writer. So let’s just jump into this.

1. The talk.

As a writer, your destined to get a talk, specifically the talk. You know, the one where people inform you that writing can’t be your sole career, and you need a back up. It happens soooo many times.


This one is flat out self explanatory-it’s the pressuring every writer loathes, but deep down inside longs for, in hopes of some great writer asking to read your work.


You kinda wish this, I should say.

3. Between the Lines

Now, for me, personally, I’m a between the lines kinda gal.

If I let you review my work-and you give me a vague over view, but I’ve also read about six different sub-texts-heck, I’ve translated it through the scraps of varying languages I know (I pick up words from conversations and TV shows). It’s a problem, and from what I’ve heard, its an all-around-writer deal. So note: When Reviewing a Writers Piece, don’t leave room for subtext parcing.

4. We’re never here.

Legit, I’m almost positive every single writer has a tendency to get a little…daydreamy, and when we do, good luck bringing us back-because we’re never really here.

5. We’re late

Because we came up with an idea, not because we overslept.

In fact….

6. We never Really Sleep

Sleep is over rated, finishing this chapter, this, this is important.

I can get my nine hours when I’m retired-or dead. Most likely when I’m dead.

7. We’re exhausted, and hungry, All.The.Time.

Really, the entire reason is we’ve become one with writing our characters, so really, we’re living as someone else (but not in a creepy way).

8. Ships for All

As a writer, you’ve gotta be clever, specifically, you’ve gotta be able to make a ship-name, and pull up ten different fan-fic ideas for anyone-at the drop off the hat.


Because we’re writers, and you’re there for our romance fix.

9. We pull from life

If you ever get the blessing of reading our pre-edited/published work, and you notice pieces of our life in our work-thats because it is. Don’t freak out if you find yourself in the story; go with it, because nine times out of ten, it’s not half bad for the story.

10. We aren’t Confident

Don’t get us wrong, we believe our stories can make it, we believe these stories are world changers, we just aren’t confident in ourselves yet. I’m seeing that this post is geared to writers in my generatkon, mainly because we’re an emotional generation, and despite societies thoughts, we know when and when we can’t handle things.

So if you think the stories good, support the author, not just the work, because they’re the non-confident ones.

And that’s what happens when I’m a writer. I swear I’m one in a million, but I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and say theirs others.

Anybody find these relatable? If so, which ones? Also, what’s the hardest part for you with writing-I’m editing, and then I have a query letter.

I hate it, so, so much.

Stay Ginchy!


When your Friends a Writer

I feel like I’ve written this before…but I don’t actually remember…

So anyway, I feel totally blessed to have e some awesome friends some of them I only ever talk to online, while others I see on a regular basis, but the point is, their great. Except when they’re the writer ones, because while they to possess a greatness that is incomprehensible, I aslo feel intimated, and somehow, my friends will always and forever make me question if I’m going places with my writing.

So here’s what happens when your friends a writer.

1. They’re grammar police.

It hurts.

It hurts so bad-thats suppose to my job.

But really though, their grammar is just, so impressive-in a terrifying way. As in, her can make Emily Dickerson sound like she’s an inexperienced dork.

2. They have a tendency to make anything sound really interesting.

“Ya’ll, something really crazy happened today.”

*Friend launches unto crazy story about clothes.*

*Friend gets laughs*

*Friend gets applause.*

*Friend gets spot on one-man Broadway show, staring, writing and producing in*

*Friend goes global*

And that, my friends, is how a star is born.

3. They have a tendency to get distracted.

Because they’re writers and daydreamers

They get distracted, very easily, and well, good luck pulling their attention back in.

“Fred? Hey Fred? No seriously, FRED! Oh my gosh, FRED!”

*Throws baseball at friend*

*Throws cantaloupe at friend*

*Throws Lego at friend*

*Throws Lincoln log at friend*

“You know what forget it!”

“What? Sorry, was totally distracted for a second.”

———Really Fred, I was talking to you.——-

4. Reading their stories is a pain…and an honor.

Now as a writer, I get it. You don’t want other people to read your writing

At the same time, I’m still waiting to find out what happened to Carter, Fred. You can’t give me the first three chapters, and then leave me hanging, that’s not how this friendship works.

5. Writing stories with them sucks.

Let’s face it, your part is child’s work, while theirs is like Kerri Maniscalco. You’re doomed.

And yet, you still love it, because you’re secretly crazy about putting yourself in awkward situations, like dancing, and writing stories with the Masters.

Really that’s all I can think of, so stay tuned for more blog posts. Sorry for the delay, guys. I went through a foggy faze, but I’m all good now.

Stay Ginchy!